SEO mom frontYou might tell me that your mother knows absolutely nothing about SEO. But you are wrong. You can learn a lot about SEO from your mother.

So let me give some mother rules – ready?

No no – you don’t have to drink milk while reading this article – coffee is okay.


Play nice

These days everybody is talking about social media – yeah yeah I know I do that too. But link building is still very important to get higher ranking in the search engines.

But with all the animals update from Google (why do I always get scared when Google is talking about animals?) A link is no longer a link.

If you link to bad sites – spammy site, porn sites – you might get punished by Google. The best best backlinks to your site is from sites relevant to your own site.

It’s like hanging around in a good neighborhood. Your mother wants you to play with the good guys in the best neighborhood. So link to the good guys and get links from the good guys.

Listen to your mother.

So I would like SEOMOZ to link to my site (so dear reader if you are working at SEOMOZ please link to my site).

A mother will not use the black hat link strategy right? So play it nice out there – and think of your mother.

Your mother would do everything within the guidelines for best practices right? Don’t do any sneaky, underhanded or illegal business practices on the internet.

Your mother will do anything legal.


Network the motherly way

Maybe your mother has never had a Facebook account or a Google+ account (she has never been a Google employee) but you can still learn a lot about Social Media from her.

When I think about my mother – she is always talking on the phone (not mobile) to her friends, talking to the neighbors, going to the shops and talk to other customers in the shop. In fact she only stops talking when she sleeps (hmm I hope she will not read this article).

So the lesson is that we have to engage in Social Media, we have to talk to our followers. It’s not enough just to make an account and start to do some marketing.

Ask some questions to your followers. Get to know them. Start to love them and they will love you back – and you can’t get love without any talk.


Be good at school

Your mother will tell you to do your homework and check your spelling right?

If you do your homework you will be great writing content for your website. And if you have great content, people would love to link to your content. And backlinks to your website will give you higher ranking.

And after all the animal updates (grrr) it is more and more important with great content.

Your mother wants you to come in first place by playing fair, and the more interesting, compelling and relevant your website is, the higher it will get in the search ranking. Concentrate writing great content and no black hats.

So you will ask me – article spinning – is that something my mother would like? No, your mother doesn’t like article spinning. Article spinning is trying to play games with Google right?

Yes yes yes – I know – check the spelling. English is not my first language for me – so it’s not always so easy  (so sorry to all you English speaking guys reading this).


Remember Mother’s Day

And why does your mother want you to do better in your business? Because she wants a great present on Mother’s Day.

So if you are running a successful SEO marketing campaign, your business will do well. And if your business is doing well you can afford to buy her some flowers or chocolate right?


No more mother talk – I want my coffee now – no more milk here.




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TheLastestSEOTipsSEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about making your website or your blog more search engine friendly. It is about helping to make the search engines see how great your blog is, so that they rank it higher in the search engine results pages.

On-page SEO is something you have direct control over, as you are able to adapt SEO factors on the pages themselves. Off-page SEO involves factors that you cannot control fully, but that you can influence. Here are a few details about those factors.


1 – Backlinks are good for your SEO

They help the search engines figure out if your website is worth anything or if it is useful. It stands to reason that people are going to link to a website that is of use. So Google uses backlinks a little bit like votes, and the more votes you have then the more value your blog is perceived to have.


2 – The strength of your backlinks matters

A lot of votes is a good thing, but Google is rather discerning. Some of these “votes” are considered stronger than others. One factor involves the strength of a backlink, which is based on things such as relevancy. Another factor is the website that links to yours. If the website is one of high esteem, that is well respected and has a high traffic number, then a backlink from there is going to be worth more than hundreds of backlinks from websites that have just been set up.


3 – Social media integration is important

This involves doing things such as putting Facebook and Twitter widgets into your blog. But, do not stop there, as you should also add “share” widgets, and “like” widgets from the likes of Facebook and Google+. You may also add comment sections to your blog that allows people to link from social media and to comment with their social media profile. This may allow them to copy their comment onto their social media profile.

4 – An RSS feed will help your off-page SEO

This is a function that is going to help turn your causal viewers into dedicated viewers. It makes it so that people are reminded of your existence, and allows them to see when you have posted on your blog. It also allows them to gain direct access to your blog via the RSS feed link. This is all going to go towards making your blog more popular, which is going to encourage people to link to you or to talk about your blog on social media networks.


5 – Anchor text on links is very important

This is because it tells the search engines what you blog or blog post is all about. The search engines may only guess as to the content of your blog and blog posts. Anchor text on links and backlinks will help the search engines guess what your blog is all about. The better they guess, then that more targeted (and useful) your blog traffic will be.


6 – A consistent backlink building campaign is important

Do not run out and get as many backlinks as you can. If you get a lot all of a sudden, then the search engines will look upon your blog with suspicion. Build up a varied and strong backlink profile over time and consistently. Do not go on a backlink building spree, as it will do your SEO no good.


7 – Avoid links from black-hat SEO websites

This is something you should do with great care. If you are building your backlink profile, you need to make sure you get backlinks from websites that are legitimate, honest, and that do not use black-hat SEO, or that are not involved in any sort of black-hat SEO.


8 – Set up a Google+ Page and Facebook Fan Page

This is a no brainer, as it is a great way of promoting your blog for free. It helps to raise awareness about you blog, helps you get backlinks, and helps you get social media mentions.


9 – Avoid any links from black-Hat social media profiles

Social media may be manipulated with black-hat methods, such as by buying links for your profile, or by buying followers. Getting links and mentions from sites that employ these sorts of techniques is going to damage your SEO.


10 – Being written about online is a good thing

Any sort of online chatter that involves your blog name or the blog author name is going to have a positive effect on your SEO. Just how closely the search engines listen for mentions of this nature is unclear, but anything that can improve your blog popularity is going to help. If your blog popularity if being bolstered, then more people are going to visit your blog and comment on it, and link to it.


Author’s bio: The guest post is written by Sonia Jackson. She helps you in writing essays and research papers on different topics. Feel free to approach.


YouTubeBigIf you wish to create a successful personal brand on YouTube, you will have to first decide how you intend to position yourself. If you already have an established brand offline, or on other online platforms, you can simply carry it over to your channel, with an aim to showcase consistency. 

With over 1.2 million YouTube users that you have the potential to attract, it is important that your profile branding is accurate, relatable and relevant to your content and the messages you intend to convey.

Most digital marketing companies will implement the following tasks to make sure your brand is well represented on its YouTube profile page.


• Choosing a Channel Name:

After having a sit-down with your social media marketing company to help define your branding strategy, you can select an appropriate name for your channel. This can be your company’s full name, brand name or a unique “show name”. Even if you wish to position yourself as an industry expert, you may select a relevant name that allows you to do so.

• Setting up the Profile:
Just like your social media marketing company filled out your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, doing so for your YouTube channel will help users locate you on a portal that also houses millions of competitors. You could also upload an avatar of your logo or a screenshot of your latest video. This page even allows you to add a single URL to link users to your website, blog or Facebook page.

• Selecting the Right Account:
You could choose among several different types of accounts. If you wish to exhibit yourself as an industry expert, consider opting for the ‘Guru’ account type, in which you could upload a customized logo and include links.

• Customizing your Channel:
When you log into your account, you will be able to make a selection on the top right corner of your screen that says ‘Switch to Player Mode’. Choosing this enables you to enjoy a newer layout in which your users may view your latest video uploads and also select older ones from a user-friendly sidebar.


In addition to this, with the ‘themes and colors’ feature, you can make sure that your YouTube channel is satisfactorily aligned with your website, blog, brochures, business cards and other marketing collateral. By exploring the myriad features that this video sharing website offers, you can add an interactive dimension to your digital marketing initiatives.


Written by Webmarketing123– Webmarketing123 is a California based seo company that offers global digital marketing services such as SEO, PPC and SMM.

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