How toAlthough millions of blogs exist online, only a small handful of them ever attract a wide audience, earn significant amounts of money, make their own success, or sell for a lot of money.

What do you think the difference is between these successful blogs and all the other blogs that flop or dry up?

There are probably several factors including motivation, prior knowledge of search engine optimization, and posting schedule, but one of the most important is that these blogs are engaging and compelling. Here’s how you can transform your blog into a bigger, better blog like them.


Ask what you can improve on

If you have a responsive readership, you’re at a significant advantage at this point. You can ask what your readers want to see you do better or what they want to see more of in the future.

If readers frequently interact with you, however, you’re probably already doing something right so you don’t need to transform your blog completely – just improve and refine it.

This stage will come later if you don’t already have an audience, so keep in mind the value of asking what people want to see.


Look at your last few posts and see if you would bookmark them

Many people bookmark the best posts on their favorite sites. Look at your last few posts and see how many of them are worthy of a bookmark.

If you wouldn’t bookmark your own work and see it as a valuable reference, inspiration piece, or review, why would you expect others to do so?

Going forward, try to make sure each post has something important or wise enough that you would bookmark it if you were a reader.


Mix up the types of posts you make.
When you’re on the go, you might not have the time to write a comprehensive and detailed text post, so why not shoot a video and upload it, take a few pictures, or open your blog up to discussion by others?

Using an ISP like can help you get online even when you’re on the go and not at home.

This goes hand-in-hand with frequent updates – when you have an on-the-go Internet service, your blog will never be idle.


Improve your writing style

Many people don’t discuss the importance of being a good writer and focus on the “equal opportunity” of blogging as a way to overcome poor writing skills. This couldn’t be further from the truth! If you aren’t a good writer, you will suffer.

Do you know how to use commas, which words should be capitalized, or whether a sentence is a complete sentence? If not, review basic books like “The Elements of Style” to get a grip on grammar and style, use a spell checker, and actively improve your writing skills at every opportunity.

Nobody wants to read dry, boring posts, so if your blog is not engaging, you will not attract repeat visitors – who can go on to become fans and “Superfans” (the best group of fans for anyone building a tribe).

These core fans will spread the news about your blog to a wider audience and make you popular, but you have to speak directly to them and cut the dry stuff out of your posts.


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Java PrintingThere are a lot of social media marketing tools out there for you to try. They have come about because social media is the big “thing” at the moment, and so people are trying to capitalize on it.

Their motivations for creating social media tools are varied. Some do it because they simply want to affiliate advertise on their websites. Others have produced them so that people buy them or so that they act as a subscription tool.

Others have created them as open-source in the hope that somebody will improve the code so that they have their own personalized social media marketing tool. Some people have created them for more nefarious reasons. Whatever their reasons were for creating them, here are a few you should try.


Crowd Factory

This gives you a bunch of tools that you can use for your social media campaign, and it allows new marketers to gain new customers through things such as social gestures. The customized social marketing function will also allow you to track the ROI of your campaign.



This is actually a good branding tool. You can manage your workflow, you can customize and there is a very nice approval process you can try. You can create videos and text for your social media campaign and you can add photos into the mix too.

You are able to publish manually with a single source and spread it across different platforms. You may also do the same with their scheduling function so that you may post in a routine manner or at the most optimal times.

You also gain access to its aggregated analytics dashboard so that you may measure your content strategy as well as the results of your posting schedule.


Objective Marketer

This tool offers you the ability to social media market and measure. It has an analytic program that allows you to measure the success of your social media marketing campaign.

The tool platform will work with blogs, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. There are engagements and analytic reports, a user management option and multi-channel execution functions too.



This helps you to manage your social media marketing and your social media communications from just one platform. You can build an engaging campaign with this tool, and you can measure social media too. There is a platform that allows you to manage multiple accounts on multiple networks.

It has social CRM and a very crude Facebook ecommerce tool (which is not recommended). There are mobile features for you to try and an email marketing system too.


Wildfire Interactive

This is a tool you can use to create interactive campaigns on social media.

The tool makes their creation very straight forwards. You can create contests, give-aways, and sweepstakes on the platform, all with very little thought at your end.



This tool does as it says in its title. If you want to get a message out onto social media fast, then this tool will help you to spread it quickly.

You can manage and monitor your social media campaign through this app, and you may measure a limited amount of the social chatter that your social media marketing produces.

There are options that all you to enterprise your social media management over a wide number of useful social media channels.


Direct Message Lab

With this platform tool you are able to manage your social media campaign and set up contents and promotions.

You are able to advertise and measure your efforts to achieve your goals.

The name of the tool is misleading, because if you look at their marketing you will see that their message is less than direct. However, if you can cut through their marketing jargon, you can use the tool to great effect yourself.


StrongMail Social Studio

This is a social media marketing tool that is fairly comprehensive. It has a number of tools that you can use to both share content and manage your social media campaign at the same time.

It has lots of little functions that you may play with and benefit from if you put them to proper use.



This is a visual authoring tool. It is basically a cool way of creating and building interactive Engage apps and Engage ads.

You may deliver very rich and interactive social media content. You may do it across the web or across mobile device social media platforms.

It is a good tool to add to your collection in order to make the occasional interactive Engage ad, and some people have found it to be a very good (if seldom used) tool to aid their social media campaign.



Author’s bio:  The guest post is written by Sonia Jackson from

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