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babyWell the new baby on the internet is Social Media right?

So if you think of the SEO as a stand-a-lone industry – you have to redefine your thinking. The baby Social Media is here to stay – or at least for a very very long time.

Beside Social Media – we also have to take care of the more and more use of Local Searches. If you are in Manhattan you will get a completely other search results – than if you did the same search in Copenhagen in Denmark.

So both Local Searches and Social Media – wow – I think the good old fashion SEO is as good as dead.

Ranking is the search engines way to compare your websites to your competitor’s website for a specific keyword right? But living in the age of the social and personalize web. Google and other search engines will know you more and more. And it will give you a very personalize and local result for you.

If you are searching for coffee – Google already know you have a good friend who you talk with on the net 4 times a week and his best friend has a coffee shop half a mile from you. So of course Google will show you that shop at the top of the ranking.

Here in the picture I have searched for SEO. And to the right you see that Google is showing me people and pages from Google+. And it is also showing me some personal social ranking in the main ranking. (I promise you my website will not show up among the first top 10 on Google for the word SEO normally).

















But before you get to negative – think of Social Media optimization as a form of SEO. You have to face it – the real-time search is here. We will have to reborn our SEO. Maybe we should call the baby for Local Social Media Optimization – LSMO. Or maybe some cleaver guy before me already has taken that word – lol. Maybe its better to call him Joe hmm.

Let me tell show you an example of how you can make it work.

  • You set op a website or blog
  • Next you set up your social networks – like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.
  • Local search setup – remember to use the local setup on Google, Yelp, Urban Spoon, CitySearch etc.
  • Build up likes on Facebook, followers on Twitter, connections on Linkedin
  • Stil create some great content
  • Get social – start to join groups, commenting on blogs, get backlinks.

We still have to make sure you end up with the right keywords, use the right keywords in your profile and local set up. We have to work much more on getting you a lot of followers, likes and connections from your social network. So yes – I think we (the SEO guys) have to work much more then before.

So guys – SEO is not dead – but we have to rethink the industry – rethink how we are working. OMG – I have to get social 🙂
What do you think guys? Am I wrong about this? Give me your comment…


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Coffee1Coffee can tell a lot about people.

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SteveJobsDummestThings10Steve Jobs was a great guy and I am a big admirer of him.

But not everything he did was a success and he did make some big mistakes too. So take a look and see some of the big mistakes Steve Jobs did.

Can you think of any more mistakes?

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us-ranking-factors-2013Now check out this infographic about the different ranking factors – both onpage and offpage. 

Can you see you now have to take Google+ seriously?

This infographics is made by Searchmetrics.

Click the picture to see it larger.

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SEO Rank factors 2013All your SEO loving guys out there will love this infographics from searchmetrics.

It will show you the latest correlation for the ranking factors 2013. So no more talk – here it is – enjoy.

Click on the picture a couple of times and you will see it larger.










panda-penguin-link-buildingGoogle has been consistently working hard to maintain its reputation as the world’s leading search engine.

First it was the Panda and now it is the Penguin update. The Google Penguin sets more stringent rules for any page that wishes to be ranked. The launch of the original Penguin resulted in tremendous confusion among SEO experts because the adjustments resulted in drastic falls in rankings.

With its latest update released earlier this year, Google Penguin 2.0 aims to track down websites that employ black-hat SEO techniques and eventually penalize them for it. So far, most SEO experts feel that the easiest way to survive these changes is by making your website more compelling and worth visiting over and over.


How to Survive Penguin 2.0

1.      Focusing on Integrating Natural or Real Links

With the latest update in Google’s search algorithms, you must focus all your attention on integrating natural or real links. It is also important that you set real link parameters. Avoid buying and creating links from websites that are not related to yours.

Also, avoid building links that lead to your target page but are “spammy” in nature or come with little integrity. Also, it is best to keep your link optimization exercise under control by being conservative about the use of anchor texts and unnatural link-baiting. We will discuss this in more detail below.


2.      Acquiring a Deeper Understanding of the Nature and Profile of your Website

If you are having a tough time accomplishing this on your own, make use of applications which help you in achieving brand integration. There are applications which help identify external pages which can be legitimately linked to your website. This can help you save time and assist in performing a quick analysis of the pages and domains that link back to your website.

You can also find applications that help detect low-quality links that have a negative impact on your page rankings. It is important that you perform regular clean-ups to get rid of all bad links.


3.      Creating Valuable Relationships Online

No amount of link-buying can help you with creating meaningful relationships online. If you wish to survive Penguin 2.0, it is important that you develop partnerships with relevant sites that are known to offer quality content. One meaningful back-link is always more effective than ten that are irrelevant. Strategic online partnerships are a great way to fight all kinds of algorithmic changes. Even if more Penguins are introduced on the search engine, your valuable relationships are here to stay.


4.      Removing the Spammy Pages from your Website

In addition to getting rid of external links that take you to spammy content, it is also important that you maintain a certain amount of vigilance with respect to internal cleaning of your own pages on a regular basis.


5.      Implementing a New Campaign for Inbound Link-Building

Consider starting from scratch with respect to your link-building campaign. Associate with only those pages that have won Google’s trust. This can prove to be quite helpful in improving your search ranking.

In spite of all the confusion and chaos around Google’s Penguin 2.0, it is a fact that these updates come in good faith. It is the aim of Google to make sure that Internet users are able to gain access to high-quality content every time they log on. It is thus important that, as an online marketer, you play by the rules and focus on quality.
Webmarketing123 is a California based seo company that offers global internet marketing services such as SEO, PPC and SMM.

imageI am very happy to show you all this infographic. It shows how 36 key Internet behaviours play out across mulitple devices.

Its all broken down into four key categories: Social, Publishing, Content and Services/App.

And yes Tablets now driving the online content consumption.

It’s made by the guys at GlobalWebIndex. Click on the picture to see it larger.

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GetLeadsFromGoogleAnalyticLet me show you step by step how you can increase your online marketing ROI by over 30 percent just by using this free technique.

Do you know that you can get a very deep insight about who visits your website? And they don’t even have to sign up for a newsletter or fill out a form. That is possible. And the best part is that it’s absolutely free.

In fact B2B companies can find the names of the companies who are just browsing your site. And you can get a list telling you which pages they are looking at?

Well I am sure some of you already know that. But let me show you have to set up your Google Analytic step by step.

Normally B2B companies don’t have as many visitors on their site as B2C companies. And the traffic volumes are very often much too low to extract any useable data for the company.

On the other hand – typically a B2B visitor will spend more time on a website than a B2C visitor.

A lot of the B2B companies are using the Google Adwords to drive traffic to their site – but the prices for these online ads are getting higher and higher. Most of the traffic to B2B have an interest in the company’s product or service, but most of them are leaving the website again without buying anything.


Step by Step

Okay let me show you the trick step by step.

First you need to open your Google Analytic and choose the “custom reporting”, and choose “+new custom report”.

Now you should be ready to build your report.

First write a title for your report, and a name for the content.

Choose the “explorer” box.

Now to the fun part. From the blue metrics box you select

  • Visits
  • Pageviews
  • New visits
  • Unique visitors
  • Pages/visits

Just choose one at the time. Now in the green dimension drilldowns box you you will select:

  • Country/territory
  • Service provider
  • Page

Remember to pick them in that order.


















Now we are almost done. Just click the save button.


Now try and run the report

First you get a view with the countries.
















Click on one of the countries. Now you will see a list of all the service providers for each one of your visitors.
















Some of your visitors are from Internet service providers or universities but if you scroll down the list you will start to see visitors who are accessing you from identifiable corporate networks.

Now click on a company name and you will see which pages they have been looking at.













You can’t see which person who has been looking at your site, but maybe the sales team  has been working on a customer, so they probably know a person from the company. Or you can go to your LinkedIn account and see if you can find the names of the persons working in that company..

Now you can go back to edit your report. You will see the word Filters.

You will need to add some filters so you can read rid of the some of the internet service providers or universities. So you will get a list with the company names.

Another great feature is that you can send this report automatically to your mail or your sales departments mail every day or every week.

This report is an excellent tool for detecting early interest from a larger organization. Now be sure you use your knowledge and contact the company. And as I wrote in the beginning – some companies have increased their online marketing ROI by over 30 percent using this technique.

Good luck



slideshareSocial networks are the major contributors of huge referral traffic to a certain website.

The idea behind social media marketing has fascinated the perception of many internet marketers and application developers to consider this technique to be more profitable.

These days, many people have been integrating such procedure for their business.

Since social networking sites are definitely here to continue, we will discuss a new website on the line – the Slide Share, and why integrating it to existing social media helps produce leads to your business.

To give you a bit of a background regarding Slide Share, it is a platform that lets users to upload documents, presentations, PDF files, etc., which other users can share, download and comment on.

To date, it has more than nine million uploads and more than 29 million regular visitors, which make it the biggest database of videos, PDFs, and presentation in the internet.

With those details alone, it is fairly clear why your company must use this exceptional social media offering to interact with clients and be known within your business.





Slide Share and Its Functionality

1. SEO Optimizer

The same with the concept of YouTube in appearing in the search results in many search engines, the results of Slide Share such that their keywords are optimized, often appear on page one of search engine results.

2. Lead Generator

Slide Share will not just let you share contents to other social networking sites, which ultimately allows you reach other users, but also its premium users can particularly trace downloads and views to exactly know who viewed or downloaded files.

3. Social Media Integrator

You can simply line Slide Share with your other tools by placing its share button on the website of your company and share the latest uploads to other sites like Facebook and Twitter. Also, the acquisition of Slide Share by LinkedIn permits a distinctive incorporation of the two networks, which makes LinkedIn unique distribution medium for Slide share content.

4. Competitive Edge

By considering Slide share, you will place your business ahead of the other in terms of lead generation game. Also, thanks to the huge database of this social media tool, you can already inspect how other businesses with your field worldwide are utilizing the posting contents and other features of Slide Share.


How to Use Slide Share to Gain More Traffic and Exposure?

Here are some ideas to drive traffic to your business by the use of Slide Share:

1. Convert presentations into electronic book (eBook)

By adding a story and a bit configuration, you can already convert your presentation into an interesting eBook. Smartphones and tablets have been making eBook a lot easier to read while on the run and Slide Share can help with that as well.

2. Make sure to place a call to action in your presentation

Take advantage of each chance to solicit Twitter follower, or an email subscription. Consider your presentations are a front-end advertisement that has to make a change.

3. Upload Regularly

As regards content marketing, the more you will have to give, then the more you will receive. Add a Slide Share eBook or presentation to your publishing calendar monthly.

4. Optimize

Slide Share includes a search engine that makes searching for a particular topic much easier. Keep in mind that when there is a search engine, there is a need to optimize. Consider placing one or two targeted keywords as your presentation tags.

5. Promote your content

The Slide Share also has sharing buttons to share your contents. Requesting for a sharing within your content may influence a reader to click the retweet button. Make sure also that your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter followers and friends knows that you have new contents available.


Author Bio: Mason Brown is marketing lead at, which provides quality app development using advanced technologies. It is my passion to write on technology subjects, because this is the age of technology revolution.