SEO toolsIn today’s world of ever increasing technological advancement, there has been a wide array of inventive SEO approaches to internet posting. In fact, there are now so many SEO tools for website owners to use that the decision can often be an overwhelming one.

To help narrow down the extensive search, below is a breakdown of the best SEO tools on the internet.



Probably the best SEO tool that’s offered on the internet is provided by duplicate content checker PlagSpotter.

Offering a variety of useful tools to site owners, the diverse SEO provider is one of the leaders in creating completely original web content.

By using PlagSpotter, you will be ensured that duplicate content is not published on your website.

Not only will this great tool check your entire website for double produced content, but it will also provide you with a list of websites that contain the same material as yours.


Link Research Tools

Link Research Tools is probably the most useful and effective SEO resource on the entire internet.

Offering a diverse range of SEO options, Link Research has something to offer all website owners including:


  • Contact Finder
  • Link Detox
  • Quick Backlinks
  • Link Juice Thief
  • Common Backlinks Tool
  • Link Alerts
  • Quick Domain Compare
  • Backlink Profiler
  • Competitive Language Analyzer
  • Missing Links Tool


The Backlink Profiler Tool

The Backlink Profiler that Link Research Tools provides is easily the most in-depth report that offers relative website information such as backlinks and statistical analyst’s that are based on that information.

Some of the most important SEO attributes are reported here are based on the number of outputs from a specific website.

Without question, the most important SEO factor that is detailed on the Backlink Profiler Tool is anchor density.  Anchor density is essential because it allows you to see whether or not a certain website is superior or not.

Other important reported SEO factors include ACRank, Google Author ID, anchor density, Domain Authority, Seomoz and anchor test breakdown.


Audit Specific Websites

The great thing about the extensive Backlink Report is that is provides you with a website’s certain advantages and disadvantages.

This is extremely helpful because it educates website owners on how to increase their sites’ overall rating.

For example: You are able to determine what percentage of a published blog or article contains a specific keyword.

On top of that, the report will tag certain websites as one’s that are commonly penalized for publishing low content, unoriginal material.


Allowing Research – The Competitive Way

To continue the review of a website, further research will need to be done.

A great benefit that any competitive research will provide you with is knowing the exact keyword subjects that are frequently used on any given website.

Whether it’s a keyword containing a lot of sports franchise links, social gathering links or celebrity blogging links, you will be able to determine common trends among any chosen website.

Simply triggering the Backlink Profiler tool will allow you access to examine a websites anchor density and their tagged backlinks.

This proves to be vital in increasing a websites’ industry ranking.


The Juicer – Searching many URL’s

Another great tool that Link Research Tools provides is their Juice Tool.

Processing 2,000 URL’s at once, this beneficial SEO resource will basically provide you with the same information as the Backlink Profiler, but less detailed than the massive report.

This tool allows you to search specific URL’s and all of their adaptations.

Based on this knowledge, additional website tendencies can also be discovered.  The Juice Tool is additionally helpful because it will show you the integrity of any given website.


Link Detox

The Link Detox resource that Link Research Tools provides is great for identifying distrustful links to a specific domain.

In order to determine if a link is suspicious or not the Link Detox tool will assess webpage’s that are not indexed in a Google search, links from a link network or low level link speed.

This tool is essential because it allows you to easily figure out what links to associate yours with.   In addition, each link is reviewed individually to coincide with the Google Webmaster Tools.


Sandra Miller is a SEO tips writer, always uses duplicate content checker PlagSpotter to make sure that her website content is unique.



what how whyIt has become mandatory for every business to have online presence if it wants to get successful in future. Whether it is a local resort or a million dollar Textile Company a search engine optimized website is must for everyone.

The success of business not only depends on the quality of products but also depends on how you reach your target audience effectively.

Having a strong visibility of your website can bring you more traffic and hence success in your business.

Most of you hire a SEO Company to get your site optimized. Here are some of the SEO rules which you must follow before optimizing your site:


1. Avoid too many web pages: The recent Panda updates have targeted those websites which have too many web pages and these sites are basically the e-commerce sites which contain less content.

You can reduce the web pages by categorizing the similar products under one page. Fill up each of the page with product description so that it consists of enough content.


2. Give unique title to your web pages: Invest some time in searching unique titles for your web pages.

The titles you choose must best describe your web pages and your title must consist of those keywords which most of the users search for and expect to see the results for the same.

In short, you must choose a title which is unique and would insist a visitor to read.


3. Use unique content on every page: Copying and pasting of content on all pages with few changes in keywords was an old SEO technique.

Now, Google flags this type of content and eliminate your website from search results.

Therefore, it is necessary to create unique content for each of the web page.

In a nutshell, unique and high quality content is necessary for every website which wants to rank higher on search results.


4. Write meaningful and useful Meta description: It is necessary to tell the online users about your website, if you really want that user click on your website link.

It can be done by using Meta tag, which must include the description about your company or website and this description should be keyword rich.

Keep the useful description so that the visitor would be compelled and pursue to visit your webpage.


A SEO company offers different SEO Packages which involve different techniques or strategies to boost up the website ranking.

A good and a professional SEO company implements updated and white hat techniques as they understands that organic results are mostly clicked by online users.


I am Deepika Garg working from last 4 years with SEO RANK SMART A SEO Company from last 4 years. It offers Best SEO Rank Smart to it’s worldwide client. I am quite ambitious to learn more about SEO and practicing to improve my skills. I also like to write articles on current topics.


Get inspired with a little help from Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

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ContentMarketingSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) and its cousin Search Engine Marketing (SEM) took the business world by storm a few years ago. The importance of a significant social media presence was felt by every brand, big and small.

This, of course, was directly due to the aim of companies the world over to try and capitalize on growing and innovative marketing trends.

In a bid to stay connected with potential targets and existing customers, a host of related digital marketing services became the number one priority.

However, in this constantly changing time of new technology, innovative marketing trends and stiff competition, it was natural for content marketing to emerge.

When it comes to the advantages of one over the other, content marketing offers several greater benefits over stand-alone SEO. For instance:


Content Marketing is for Readers

Content marketing offers relevant information that may help potential and existing clients better understand a product or service.

Unlike SEO marketing, in which keywords are the primary foundation used to create content, content marketing by and large focuses on creating relevant and impactful content for the benefit of users.


It’s about Quality, not Quantity

SEO largely referred to the quantity of ads or short articles a marketer could put up online.

The more the better was the initial norm. On the other hand, Content Marketing is largely focused on offering quality content material to users and interested readers.

If, for instance, a company selling beauty products starts writing regular content based on beauty tips, it would initiate greater interest amongst users, even if the posts are fewer.


SEO, by itself, Cannot Retain Customers in the Long term

The primary goal of any marketer is to increase sales and retain customers.

SEO marketing, by itself, cannot assure that. But a focus on content marketing can help marketers engage clients for a longer period of time.

The key here involves garnering the interest of clients by creating client specific content and not marketing content all the time.


Content Marketing Increases Brand Value

SEO marketing may help brands increase their online presence but it takes effective content marketing to increase the value of a brand and its overall online image.

That’s because effective and customized content as per the actual readership requirement of target audiences is the key to increased brand value.



Written by Webmarketing123 – Webmarketing123 is a California based seo company that offers global internet marketing services such as SEO, PPC and SMM.

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Regardless of the type of website that you own, it is imperative to drive traffic to it. After all, unless you want to be the only person who will ever see it, you will need to take steps to let people know that your site exists.

There are several marketing strategies that are utilized to increase a website’s search engine ranking and daily amount of traffic, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is definitely one of the most popular options. By creating quality PPC ads that run on websites such as Google, you can easily transform an under-performing website into a solid financial resource.


What Exactly is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

PPC advertisements enable you to get a message about your website in front of a large group of people for a discounted rate. Instead of standard banner ads that can cost several hundred dollars for a limited time period, you will only be required to pay when someone actually clicks on your advertisement.

The advantage of this is easy to understand, especially when you consider that anyone who is interested enough to click on your ad is much more likely to actually spend more than a couple of seconds on your website.

The most popular example of PPC advertising is Google AdWords, but the format is also used by a wide variety of other websites, including Facebook. Google’s version enables owners to push their website toward the top of the search engine’s site rankings. These paid advertisements will catch the attention of most Internet users, and this will help you capture a larger percentage of your target audience.


How do I Design a Quality Pay-Per-Click Ad?

You will be given the opportunity to enter a target market and several keywords that are relevant to your website. By properly taking advantage of these options, you will ensure that your ads employ the necessary search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

After all, if people who look for information about your specific company or general industry are unable to easily find either your PPC ad or your website’s search engine listing, you will not be able to capture a large audience.

Everspark Interactive, an SEO firm in Atlanta is one of the many companies that provide SEO services in the United States. Among many other rules, Everspark Interactive teaches its clients that keeping SEO in mind at all times during the construction of your website and your PPC ads is crucial.

The most important thing, besides using the right keywords, is to make sure that you are targeting the right audience. After all, if you have a locally owned comic book store in New York City, it is not going to make sense to target people who live outside of the general area.

You should also consider your key demographic when you are setting up your parameters, and make sure to use common keywords that are associated with your industry. In the comic book store example, that would include keywords such as Spider-Man, Batman and Superman.


How do I know if My Ads are Working?

You should receive a PPC analysis along with your paid advertisement. For example, Google Analytics is a powerful tool that makes it easy to figure out if an ad is attracting a lot of traffic. However, if you are paying for hundreds of clicks a day without getting a lot of additional business, it is important to try a new approach by changing your keywords.

If you take advantage of everything that PPC has to offer, it can help you greatly increase your website traffic. As long as you offer a quality service or product to everyone who clicks on your ad, you should also see a better bottom line.


Felicia Willis is a writer and editor of more than 15 years, and lives in Atlanta. Everspark Interactive is an SEO firm in Atlanta that takes the mystery out of SEO practices, and teaches about the importance of it. Photo credit: altemark.



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Chain LinksSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) has evolved over the past few years along with the demands of people and introduction of new products or services. A few years back, you may have been building a whole directory of links within a short period of time.

Today, things are completely different, and you need to focus on a new set of metrics. Below are a few link-building tips that you should follow in 2013 for a successful SEO campaign.

Reduce the Number of Directory Links

Listing your links in a directory is always a tough task.

Additionally, the directory quality varies from site to site; so you may need to limit the amount of time you spend and prioritize your efforts.

Evaluate directory quality before you make the effort; the good ones will benefit you, but the others may actually harm your backlink portfolio.


Cut Down on Blog Comments

While commenting on blogs with links has proven to work well for some businesses, this year you may need to change your strategy.

Most blogs may not follow back and the links passed are no longer counted in the ranking algorithm.

You may continue this method with a few exclusive blogs and provide interesting comments linking back to your site, but it is best to limit this link-building method.


Rise of Guest Blogging

With last year’s Google algorithm updates, the online link value decreased, dropping the ranks of many sites in a short span of time.

With guest blogging, however, this may be solved.

The aim of guest blogging is to get your content, especially the backlinks, on to an external site, and connect it to your own.

A word of caution: You need to ensure that this guest content is interesting as well as at least 500 words long.


Separating Your Blog from Your Website

When you create a blog for your website, you may opt to go for an external one.

By having a separate blog gives you the opportunity to write unique, in-depth content that links back to your site.

However, it is necessary that you pay attention to the content on the site, too.

Along with these link-building ideas, you need to stick with the basics like applying organic and natural SEO, rather than choosing black-hat techniques.

Keep these in mind and you may rank higher on search engines this year.


Written by Webmarketing123