Blog2Creating a successful blog requires writing new posts on a consistent basis. On top of that, the posts have to be interesting, unique, and compelling. You can’t just phone it in and expect it to land with your customers.

Yet constantly coming up with ideas for new posts that meet all those criteria can be a challenge. You can fall prey to writer’s block or to simple routine. Finding ways to stay inspired is essential to helping you keep your blog interesting and to make it successful.

When you’re feeling stuck in a rut with your blogging routine, here are a few tips to help you feel inspired to write the best articles you can every day:


Read Blogs You Love

Reading other blogs that we love and admire can be just the trick to remind us why we started blogging in the first place. It can also help us to see issues in a new light and to find inspiration for new content.

Maybe a blogger you like suggests a provocative change of policy. You might write a rebuttal. Or maybe a blogger you like will write a post that teaches you something new. You may now have a whole new area of discussion to explore.

You never know what others may inspire you to write. Make it a habit to read your favorite bloggers — or writers — every day.


Carry a Notebook

You never know when inspiration will strike. Carry a notebook to make sure you’re ready when it does.

Keep a notebook to jot down ideas for posts, bits of information you want to explore, a few lines that you want to include in a post, or any other information that occurs to you that you might be able to use on your blog later.

Whenever you are short on ideas, you can refer to the notebook for inspiration.


Take Breaks

Sometimes even the things you love can start to seem like work when you do them all the time or when you feel pressured to complete them in order to meet a goal.

When you reach this place with your blogging, it might be time to take a break in order to recharge and remind yourself why you love blogging.

Your break does not have to be a long one.

You can take a day off or even a week.

You can put your blog on pause during that time, or you can fill it with guest posts while you are gone.

Taking the time off can help you to get a fresh perspective and to come back to your blogging with new energy and new passion.


Do Other Things You Love

A break doesn’t always have to be a literal one. Sometimes, you just need a mental break.

Step away from your computer and spend some time doing something else you love to do, such as read a book, see a movie, or exercise with a friend.

Doing other things you enjoy will re-energize you and help you to reset your focus.

You may find that the change of mental scenery inspires you, or it may just give you the energy you need to return to you work and to brainstorm new ideas.

Blogging can be hard work.

The daily grind of it can start to be tedious and rob you of your inspiration.

When you are feeling like you just don’t have any new ideas or anymore energy to find them, try a few of these tips to get inspired and to try again.

How do you stay inspired to write the best blog posts every day? Share your tips for success in the comments!


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TopLinkBuildingStrategiesThis article is for new websites on the assumption that new websites will not have any previous web presence and do not yet have an online presence. Organic links come from other people, and are often due to a website’s online reputation, its use, its popularity and its current content.

As a new website you will not be able to leverage any of these factors (at least not in the early stages), which is why all of the tips on this article can be actioned straight away.


Article sites

These are sites that allow you to upload articles and link from them. They do not have a massive page rank, but do still offer links that Google and the others will pay attention to. Many of them do not have very strict rules about content. Some of them do not even check your content for accuracy. There are a lot of them, so try to find ones that are popular.


Guest blogging

You can post a guest blog post on someone else’s blog/website. They get free content for their blog and you get a link. The only problem is that the more popular the blog is then the less likely they are to allow you to guest post on their blog. However, there are so many of these sites that you can upload a fair amount of content if you do not mind a fair amount of rejection before getting what you want.


Asking your friends to link to you

If your friends have blogs and websites then ask them to link to you every now and again. You can swap links with them for a mutual SEO benefit. Your friends are less likely to ask for things in return for links, and are less likely to tell you to go away when you ask for a link. This could work to your benefit if your friends have high-ranking websites or blogs.


Cross website linking

If you have more than one website or blog then you have no excuse for not cross-linking them up. You can link them as many times as you like, but be aware that Google may not like it if you link from too many pages (it may be seen as over optimization).



Setting up your own blog, adding to it, maintaining it and growing it is a hard task. However, you can add some very targeted content onto your blog and link it to your website for an SEO boost. If your plan is to set up and run a blog anyway, then you have little excuse for not linking from it. You do not have to link from every post. But do try to link from the pages that are related to your websites content.


Social media begging

Go on social media and whine, beg or coerce. People will tell you that this method is ineffective and will get you a bad name, but so many people are doing it, that there has to be something in it.



Linking from Google-followed forums is not a bad idea if you go about it the right way. Firstly, you can fail if the forum is not followed by Google, because no amount of links will make a difference. The second way you can fail is if you tick-off the forum master and have week’s worth of posts removed.


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7SocialBookmarkingMistakesSocial Bookmarking is a method website owners use to promote their site. It sounds rather simple at first, but you would be surprised when there are people who make mistakes as they are doing this.

This article will talk about the mistakes people make in social bookmarking. Hopefully it will teach others to avoid them.


1) Not using the right title

A lot of webmasters use SEO companies to carry out their social bookmarking campaigns for their website. However, some webmasters make the mistake of choosing the less experienced SEO companies; these providers end up adding in titles that have little or nothing to do with the content. The proper solution here would be to hire SEO providers with experience and skill in creating the right titles for search engines.


2) Using irrelevant keywords

In social bookmarking sites, usage of tags and keywords will help get your website attention. The mistake here is that people use keywords that are too general, probably keywords that others are already using. Avoid this by using keywords and tags that relate to your site.


3) Spamming

Spamming sites is bad. As you are trying to build up links to your site through social bookmarking, it is a very bad idea to sell products in your messages. Doing so would only serve to ruin your website’s name, also ruining your chances of getting views.


4) Bookmarking only the main page

Another common mistake webmasters make is that they only bookmark the URL of the main page. Avoid this by bookmarking other pages in your site. You need to show that you have plenty of content, and bookmarking the other pages in your site can save potential followers the trouble of having to search for content themselves.


5) Bookmarking pages with low quality content

In your website, you might have a page that doesn’t show much except for pictures and maybe prices of what you are selling. The content on these kinds of pages are considered low quality. Avoid bookmarking these kinds of pages. People that browse social bookmarking sites will want to see sites that are relevant to their interests; showing people low quality pages will have them think negatively of your site.


6) Using software

Yet another mistake webmasters use in social bookmarking. Using software to automatically submit your pages for bookmarking can net you some problems, like search engine and approval issues. Doing it manually can help you to ensure that your pages will be search engine friend. And will help you get past a whole bunch of other issues. It’s not even that hard to do, either.


7) Choosing irrelevant categories

The last top mistake many people do in social bookmarking. Not choosing a category that is related to the site’s content can lead to problems. For example, people might see your social bookmarks in sites that aren’t really linked to your site. This will cause people to distrust you and what you are promoting. To avoid this, pick a category that is relevant to your content; do not submit your sites on a random basis.


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SocialLeadsAre you still depending on the traditional, outdated and old fashioned marketing methods to generate business leads? It is time to change your marketing approach towards increasing leads.

No matter what type of business you are running, utilising internet is an excellent way to reach target customers, especially social media is helping business owners to achieve their dream.

According to a tech report almost 70% of web users have their accounts in at least one of the social networking sites; you can imagine the business potential.

Social media is an excellent medium to reach your target customers and market your products without spending lot of money unlike traditional marketing methods. It is a cost effective way to generate leads and profits without taking much risk unlike old fashioned marketing techniques.

According to another report nearly 80 % of business owners are using social media to promote their brands and products and 90% of business owners have social media presence. Following are the some of the tips to convert social media traffic into business leads.


Social media bookmarking

With the help of social media you can spread your content beyond your limits. Social media bookmarking is an easy way to generate leads. Make use of social networking sites like Facebook, Digg, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to spread your content.

If you have unique and fresh content, it will help you to generate business leads without much effort.


Use landing pages

You need to build a landing page which has user-friendly options. If someone clicks on your call for any action, landing page should covert your user into a lead by optimising its page.

If you want to convert your visitors into lead, make use of aligned landing page set up, forms and offers. Make use of landing tabs which are the best way to increase business leads.

Following are some of the landing page tips which may help you to create business leads.

  • Optimise the sub-headline and headlines
  • Tailor the design, text, image for conversion.
  • Create an importance for call-to-action


Optimise your social media profiles

Make sure that your social media profile is fully optimised and you are creating a user-friendly profile that will be easily available to the buyers.  For example you can take help of LinkedIn which will help you generate more business leads than other social networking sites.

Open a business profile in LinkedIn to interact with the business professionals and find out business solutions for your organisation. You can even share your ideas and opinions with other business groups who may help you to give business leads which suit your organisation.


Update your social media profile with latest information

Stay engaged and active on social networking sites to increase the relationship with your customers. Make use of social media marketing to generate business leads.

You have to respond to your customer’s queries without making much delay which may help you to increase the loyalty with customers. It will help you to generate more business leads in the long run.


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I love Google– But do not tell my girlfriend – please !!!

Google is any SEO man’s dream.

I hope you do not mind I say her about Google? But it makes things a little easier.

First of all she makes me very happy when she brings traffic to my website. I just need to try to please her – then she will makes me happy.

I know, I know – she changes the rules all the time about what will make her happy. In the past she was happy just with a few keywords on the page and some juice from backlinks.

Nowadays, she becomes more and more social. She wants me to go out and talk to friends and acquaintances. So I’ve obviously created a Facebook page and a Twitter account. So now she’s happy again.

In the past I could sit in the basement and drinking cola and get lots of love from her – but these days she wants much more from me.

I think her mother and father were engineers, because her body language is actually pretty easy to read.

Yes yes I know – she likes to tease me and change her preferences up to 500 times each year. But again girls do that right guys?

But I still like her.

With all the traffic coming in and the conversions I get she makes me some good money. So now I can adfort to buy things for her. No, no she does not like diamonds and gold rings. She likes to sell me Adwords – but that’s OK. She’s cute.

I’ve actually be in love with her since 2000. Yes that’s right – I’ve known her for 12 years now. Amazing right?

Oh no – now she calls again. I’d better see if I can make her happy.

Time for some… SEO…

All the best to you all, Henrik


PS –  I’m glad that she doesn’t have a mother!

PS PS – Don’t tell my girlfriend about this … please




I just came across this awesome Infographic about the billion dollar startups. Not many companies made it to a billion dollar valuation right?

This Infographic from Straff includes companies started in 2004 and onwards (2004 is the year Facebook started).








































































































TwitterTextAs social media engagement increasingly becomes an important metric for small business marketing, many entrepreneurs and business owners feel overwhelmed by the available options.

These days, Facebook is usually the go-to platform, but Twitter can play a valuable role in a strategic marketing approach.

It can be hard to find the right balance between playful and professional, relevant and current, and pithy and informative when it comes to 140-character tweets. Read on for five ways companies can boost interactivity on Twitter and improve their bottom line.


Tweet relevant content

As you grow your community, you want to fill a specific niche for your followers. Make sure your content is generally tied to the company’s industry. There is, of course, some wiggle room for “tweeting outside the box”, but it’s a good idea to offer up content that is relevant to your business to keep things consistent.


Optimize message times

Take advantage of programs like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck to prep tweets first thing in the morning (or at the start of each week) to avoid any lulls in messaging.

While you certainly don’t want to rely completely on auto messaging, it can make it easier to stay consistent with tweets throughout the day.

Another timing trick – write unique, interesting tweets in the afternoon when other tweeters are tired after lunch. Your tweets are more likely to be retweeted when followers don’t feel like putting in the effort to make up their own content.


Use hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to expose your brand to those who wouldn’t normally stumble across your tweets.

Look on the homepage for the trending hashtags of the moment and include the most relevant one to the end of your tweet. Hashtags are easily searchable and, depending on your industry, they can make a “boring” company seem fun and worthy of engagement.


Mention others

Twitter is a great place to get the attention of people who could be major brand influencers down the line.

Interact with people with large followings on twitter and mention them whenever possible to ensure that they see your tweets.

When important tweeters engage with your brand, you increase the odds of gaining free publicity from them.

Just include @username to the end of a tweet when you want to direct someone’s attention to your message.


Ask questions

Asking questions is a great way to get followers engaged and interacting with your brand.

Questions also serve as a valuable, informal survey tool. The merchant account provider, found that posing questions about convenient payment solutions for small businesses was one way to determine what services were most valuable to customers.

The process of asking questions via twitter is not as scientific as conducting official market research, but in this case, it provided the company with information about their business model and made it easier to appeal to customers down the line. All thanks to inquiring tweets.

Twitter might not be considered the most professional of social networks but it’s a valuable tool for any company looking to promote a brand and gain visibility on the web. Not only is twitter a way to interact with users around the world, it’s also a way to share industry news and build a community of potential customers.


About the Author – Brian Patterson is a Marketing Analyst with Online Trading Academy, a day trading education firm with 33 locations spread internationally.



CokeSocialMediaSEOKnowingly or unknowingly, you would have liked Coke in social media portal like Facebook (FB) or followed on twitter. Coca-cola is the biggest brand in social media and ruling dominantly the vast magnitude of social media.

It is the matter of high surprise and inspiration that how Coke has expanded its brand to multi-million Facebook users.

In an interview, Wendy Clark, SVP of Integrated Marketing Communications and Capabilities at Coca-Cola (KO) has shared her insights about making of a giant social brand in social media world.


Share Something Sharable
In a world, where people come to seek something new and interesting, it is a brand’s responsibility to come up with interesting contents, which can suffice the thrust of reading or watching interesting stuffs over social media.

In this way, coke prefers to develop its social media contents while keeping two kind of audience in its mind.

The first kind relates to existing 59 million Facebook Fans and 672827 Twitter fans. For Coca-Cola, its fans are not in just confines of these numbers.

It takes responsibility of developing share-worthy contents to enable our fans to share further.


Listen Your Consumers
Gone are the days, when it was enough to say, “We will get back to you on this issue”. Now, social brands are focusing on listening customer’s voice.

Coca-Cola has taken a step forward to give human interaction to this large number of fans.

When a coke’s fans raise a question, post something on its pages, and share their first coke experience, Coke people comes out to interact actively.

It is probably the groundbreaking reason that backed this soft-drink provider in its social media campaign.


Be Consistently Frequent Player
Coke is probably the biggest consumer brand over Facebook.

It has been following a special strategy to become the number one. This multinational conglomerate believes in visualizing a big dream, taking a little step, and walking fast towards the goal.

You as social media brand need to be frequent in your posts. However, your posts should be of high-standards.

The initiation can be sort of small one but the speed of progress should certainly be high.

The high-speed projection of customer driven activities at Facebook has helped Coke in registering a feat in social media branding industry.


Social Media Is Not Everything but Comes Right before Everything Else
Coke has created history in social media. However, social media is not everything but it comes before everything.

Coke creates the every bit of its content be it the bottle covers, TV advertisement, and social media presentations, and sponsored campaigns with keeping the social element in the core of promotional content.


Content Is the New Currency, Spend Carefully
Since people have stepped their feet in publisher’s shoes, the content value has went in deflation mode.

Social media users are posting millions of bytes over web with every passing second of time.

Therefore, you should create and post your content carefully. Coca-Cola has embodied the fact word-by-word and emphasize on creation of highly interesting & shareable content for its social media profiles.


Let Your Fans Create Contents
It is relatively a new trend in social media wires.

Coca-Cola prefers to let its so-called fans and followers to share their love for coke at our social media pages.

The company fan page appreciates social media users to share their experiences with Coca-Cola.

However, it still keeps a lenient eye on the quality of the content. Technically, Coca-Cola creates 10-20% of contents and 80% of total social media content comes from its social media fans & followers.


Channelize Your Stories & Find the Orators
Considering the impact of storytelling, Coca-Cola is introducing a new trend in social media branding.

It conveys updates like winter nights stories and appreciates the orators to channelize its stories further.

It is a newest trend in social media. Social media fans love to share the shareable contents within their peer circles, especially when it comes from a page like Coca-Cola.

Therefore, it has helped the soft-drink giant in registering a remarkable sign in social media universe.

You can also take insights after reading the golden strategy that turned Coca-cola in a biggest consumer brand over social media to increase the ladders of social media success.
Author bio – Nick Carter is a freelance writer who is associated with wordpress development company. This is the most prominent IT hub & also provide the service for hire wordpress developers for open source solutions.


Author bio – Nick Carter is a freelance writer who is associated with wordpress development company. This is the most prominent IT hub & also provide the service for hire wordpress developers for open source solutions.



facebookpicAre you looking to increase the number of likes and fans you have on your company’s Facebook page? Running a Facebook contest is the perfect way to spread the word about your business and attract new customers.

However, as with any new marketing tactic you might want to try, it takes a good bit of thought and strategy to run an effective contest or promotion.

Below are a few tips and suggestions for you to follow to make running a Facebook contest as easy and as successful as possible:


1.     Know the Rules

Facebook has set aside a few very strict guidelines and rules when it comes to running any type of promotion or contest. The most important thing to remember is that ALL Facebook contests or promotions MUST be run through a third party application.

There are many third-party applications available to build and administer your promotion, such as Woobox or Shortstack. Facebook requires any business running a contest to identify to your audience that your contest is not sponsored, endorsed or administered or associated with Facebook.

What this means is that Facebook wants it to be clear to entrants that they are not a part of your contest. Another thing to keep in mind is how the winner is contacted once the contest is over.

The safest way to contact the winner of your contest is through the personal email address they provide when they enter the contest. Announcing the winner of the contest on your Facebook wall is prohibited.

For more information and a full detailed list of the rules, be sure to look through Facebook’s official contest rules.


2.     Set Goals

Every good Facebook contest requires a good deal of planning and thinking. A successful contest should be entertaining but also relevant to your business.

Remember that you are competing against other businesses on Facebook for the attention of Facebook users. You will need to select a contest and prize that sets you apart from your competitors.

Be sure that you select a prize that is related to your business offering and appeals to your target audience. The goal isn’t to get as many random likes as you can, it’s to increase likes from those who could be potential customers.

When you offer a prize that isn’t relevant to your business, users are more likely to enter the contest and then unlike your page once it’s over. If you sell a certain product, you could give away what you sell on a day to day basis.

If you are a service based company, such as landscaper, you might want to give away a free winter landscape cleanup or a free bed of flowers.


3.     Promote Your Contest

Now that you have set up your contest and picked the perfect prize, be sure to promote it. Just because you can’t run the contest on your Facebook wall doesn’t mean you can’t promote it there.

Be sure to offer instructions on how to get to the contest and what they will need to do to enter. Be sure to leave your contest up long enough so that people can start talking about it.

Be sure to promote it on any other social media channels, such as Twitter or Google+.


4.     Follow Up After the Contest

Once the contest is over and you have contacted the winner, take some time to look at how you did. Did you meet your goals? How many new likes did you get? When you run a contest, often times you collect email addresses.

Now you can use those email addresses for email marketing. Be sure to continue to communicate with Facebook users and thank them for participating in the contest.

Remember to continue to provide insight and information so that they can continue to interact and learn more about your brand.

Now you have a few tips and suggestions to help you get started. While the rules and steps to setting up a Facebook contest seem strict and a little bit overwhelming, the overall benefit of gathering new fans and potential customers is priceless.


This guest blog post was written by Full Media, an Atlanta SEO firm. Specializing in internet marketing and website design in Atlanta, we offer a high level of expertise and service to organizations of all kinds, regardless of size or industry.


WebDesigningSEO2Gone are the days when you just had to create a pretty looking functional website and your work was done. In present times, these things don’t draw in people to your site. You have to ensure that your client’s website is SEO friendly and gives them the much needed online presence.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization improves a website’s visibility on search engines through organic or unpaid search results. It is used as a successful marketing tool as well.

There are many things you could do to improve your website’s SEO and its visibility. It is an efficient way to ensure that the hard work you have put in pays off. The following points would be helpful in making a website SEO friendly:


1.      Use The Right Keywords – In an SEO campaign, keywords are the most important thing. If you use the wrong keyword, you would never be found by the market you hope to reach. Keep the business objectives in your mind and your website’s reach when you sit down to design the website.

Keywords should be important and not overused. Sit down and make a list of such words relevant to your website and put them in a keyword research tool. This tool will help you finalize the final list of keywords that are targeted. Go for not more than 3 to 4 keywords per page and launch it.


2.      Place The Keywords Properly – Simply using the right keywords doesn’t ensure maximum visibility on search engines. You have to place them properly and make sure you don’t overdo it. The following places are ideal –

  • Title;
  • Keywords and description (meta);
  • Slogan of your website;
  • Bullet points;
  • Internal and footer links; and
  • URLs


3.      Ensure that Navigation Is Friendly For Search Engines – The structure of your website should be such that search engines can easily follow it and navigate through it. The biggest and the most common problem is image based URLs. Always ensure that your links are text based. Also, try to avoid JavaScript which is known to cause issues because it is difficult for search engines to understand. Same goes for advanced languages that can’t be accessed on a mobile device.


4.      SEO friendly Filenames And URLs – If your URL has the keyword, then it would boost your website visibility further and make search engines list them immediately. This is why it’s important that you are careful with the URL you use. For example –

  • Not Friendly URL –
  • Friendly URL –

Also, you should always be careful when you name the images. It is better to use descriptive names instead of codes and numbers.


It is noticed that people don’t take notice of images while they design an SEO friendly website. You should not commit that mistake.

SEO is an important tool that you should use to your benefit. It is an important support that a good product or service needs. Visit to find more about how to create a great website.


Author – this article is written by Brenda Lyttle