PromoteYourBrandIn the past, protecting the reputation of your business simply meant keeping the customer happy.

Unfortunately, those days are long gone. Today we live in an increasingly “virtual” world. We rely on our Smartphones and mobile devices to direct us towards reliable companies before we make a purchase.

This means that a single negative review can do serious damage to your business.

It’s important to stay a few steps ahead when it comes to protecting your image and the image of your company. Ben Franklin was once quoted as saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

When it comes to managing your online reputation, it’s far easier to prevent negative press than to undo it.

Read on for three ways to pro-actively protect the online reputation of your business – you’d be wise to put in the effort!


1.  Buy your brand’s domain name and several variations

The first step to ensuring a flawless online image is to make sure you’re in control of your own brand. If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to buy and several modifications of the original. For example: and

This prevents anyone with sinister intentions from taking those sites and using it to drive traffic away from your business; or, even worse, to bash your product or services.

While this might sound unthinkable, you’d be surprised how nasty competitors or dissatisfied clients can be. Additionally, you can use these “sister sites” to create more content that links back to your main brand homepage.

When it comes to increasing search traffic on Google, owning the variations of the original domain name can be a valuable SEO tool.


2.  Monitor Yelp and local review sites for customer feedback

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on what customers have to say about your business on Yelp.

Not only for reputation management purposes but also because it can help you improve your offerings and appeal to your customers better down the line.

Some SEO-savvy organizations use Yelp as a way to communicate with customers and gain valuable insights into their own services.

Without formally surveying customers, you can essentially look for any commonalities among Yelp reviews, and make adjustments to your product accordingly.


3.  Look out for negative reviews

No matter how hard you try, there’s always someone out there who wants to drag your name through the mud. Whether they attack you on a more personal level, or bash your brand, it’s unpleasant either way.

Keep an eye out for negative press by searching your company on Ripoff Report,, and other complaints sites. If you happen to stumble across a negative review, don’t panic. Contact the dissatisfied client and see if you can help.

This just comes back to basic customer service. If you feel like the issue has been addressed, you can ask them to take down the review.

The less time negative comments related to your brand spend on the Internet, the better it is for your online reputation as a whole.

Of course, you can’t expect to silence every naysayer, but with these three tips in mind, you can effectively monitor your brand’s online reputation and pro-actively promote business.


About the Author – Brian Patterson is a Marketing Analyst with Online Trading Academy, a day trading education firm with 33 locations spread internationally.



Red Green Blue2Colors can alter the mood of a person, dictate feelings or even influence a person to purchase a product. One can say that color is a powerful tool when it comes to design.

With the emergence of new technologies and the impact of websites, the power of color can be applied even to web design. Choosing the right color scheme for your website can help in driving traffic and even to influence your readers to take action, especially for profit-oriented websites.

Here are some insights on color and its usage in web design:


Light versus dark

A light color scheme is often used by females with personal blogs because it evokes a feeling of lightness and a touch of femininity, especially when pastels are thrown into the mix.

A dark color scheme is not so popular when it comes to blogs because it makes text harder to read, but it has its uses in mainstream websites.

Some official websites by individuals make use of such, usually following the scheme in cover and album art for musicians, or movie posters for films.


White or black backgrounds

White backgrounds are generally used all throughout the Internet. It serves as a great base for e-commerce websites because items are easier to view as opposed to choosing such with a dark background.

On the other hand, black backgrounds are often used for websites and forums that are masculine in nature. Most videogame-related websites make use of black backgrounds.


Gender generalizations

With regard to gender, it is hard to generalize which color would appeal to each. There is a common notion that women love pink, but there are actually a number of them who hate the color with a passion.

A good way to determine which colors are a hit with each gender are the fashion trends of the season.

What people are wearing can translate to what the colors actually appeal to them.


Let’s talk business

For corporate sites, it is best to choose a color or two from the company logo. Some companies even have official color schemes, and that should be used in the company website as well. It adds a touch of professionalism to the website.

In the same way, portfolio sites should choose colors that reflect the personal style of the owner’s projects so that prospective clients can decide early on whether the kind of work would be what he can expect from the designer.

Those with businesses should be very careful with the use of colors, since some people have negative connotations with some shades and they might turn people off. Neutral colors with hints of accents are your best bets.

The color choices that you employ for your website can make or break the purpose of having one.

Make sure that the hues and shades that you choose are in line with the content you want to have on your website, in order to achieve what you want.

Also keep in mind that colors can have so many meanings, not just in social conventions but even psychology-wise, so be careful in adding splashes of colors on your website.


Erik Gaandt is a freelance tech writer and SEO enthusiast. He understands the importance of SEO good practices and he enjoys sharing his insights on various marketing blogs. WhoIsHostingThis is a review service that focuses on the performance of various webhosts.



Reputation Management


The internet can help you share useful information and at the same time this same medium can be used to spread negative publicity.

When you start your company, there will come a time when you will have to face an aggrieved customer. This particular customer can spread vile information about your company online.

Various management consultants refuse to accept the full potential of social media, but this attitude is wrong. The sooner you stop these negative talks, the better it is for you.

Here are four tips that your company’s reputation management service should keep in mind.

  1. Keep A Check On Negative and Positive publicity

You should keep a look out for the kind of reputation that your company is getting. When you notice conversation about your company on forums and others, follow it closely. Be prepared to respond and appease the customer if you find that they are dissatisfied.

Enter the conversation at the correct time and offer a solution to repair and curb the damage c. Apologize publicly and offer terms to appease the customer. Publish an apology on all your web pages regarding the issue so that everybody knows what the company’s stand is.

  1. Make Your Company’s Statement Clear

When you see that there is a negative conversation about your company instead of staying aloof and seeing how things unfold, step in. Explain to the customer what went wrong. Get involved in the thread and try to explain clearly. Avoid becoming aggressive. Update all your online channels, like the official website and blogs and clearly define what had happened. Make sure that your official statement on the issue can be clearly found on the internet.

  1. Avoid Being Defensive

When you are interacting with your customers online, do not become defensive. Do not ever deny what has happened. This will further irritate the customer. It is alright if the customer has a different opinion, and it doesn’t mean that they are wrong. When you are defensive on the internet you place your company in a bad position. This will end up showing that you do not care about your aggrieved customers and further damage your reputation. Admit your mistake and try to amend it.

  1. Compensate

When something hasn’t gone well with the customer, accept your fault, apologize for it and compensate. It is not possible to be in the good books of the customer always, but it always easy to take responsibility for the mistake and compensate the customer for the hassle. If you readily compensate a customer, you will see that the customer will become a loyal customer of your brand and will remember the compensation more than the trouble he had to go through.

You never have any control over how your company will be perceived. However, if you know how to manage your company’s reputation online, the search engine marketing company will ensure your company a good ranking.


Author – this article is written by Brenda Lyttle




Java PrintingMost of the present-day SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professionals agree to the fact that the sole aim of optimizing any given website is simply not just accomplishing top search engine rankings, but something more than that.


Don’t Start Worrying About Improving SERP Directly

In fact, it is not recommended to focus on this particular aspect when you really don’t comprehend what you should do at a time when your website gets substantial flow of traffic.

Before employing SEO tactics, it is advisable to first recognize the fundamental targets of the website, and the main purpose it has to provide to the targeted consumers. And, then pounce upon setting any SEO targets and achieve them in a timely manner.


Set Realistic Targets

Such vital concerns have to be precisely handled while framing realistic SEO targets. In case you fail to accomplish the targets, then your Search Engine Optimization strategy could fall apart, and result in a big letdown.

It is essential to remain up-to-date with latest SEO trends, and set feasible targets than to be in a state of confusion, having only half of the information, and setting up very high goals that are not practical achievable.

So, any SEO professional should clearly comprehend the target audience well in advance, and identify what they need to accomplish once the target traffic starts flowing on to the website.



Fix the Aim and Zero-in on Target Audience

In case, you are purchasing, or selling any product, then certainly you may want your target visitors to get through the general offerings you are providing, or in case it is an informative site then you may wish your visitors to register so that emails or newsletters could be delivered to them on regular basis.

As a matter of fact, there are many sites that are simply targeted at the audience inspecting the ads publicized on the sidebar of the websites, and obtain a new subscriber to their newsletter. It’s possible to monetize an informative website through CPA (cost per action) ads, and contextual ads such as Google AdSense, but the basic requirement is to drive a good amount of targeted traffic.

If all the above mentioned aspects are not taken into consideration, you might probably end up in simply wasting your valuable time, money, and resources, and clearly not obtain the anticipated search engine ranking, and eventually lose all the previously available traffic to your site as well.

SEO professionals need to prepare a perfect strategy in order to drive consumers to their targeted websites, and should have well-defined goals on what their visitors should ideally do after they arrive on their website.

On the whole, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will be regarded as a success only if it works out well as expected, provided that the optimizers know how they need to channelize, and make full utilization of the audience traffic that they obtain to the respective websites.

The web designers and SEO specialists who dedicate time on conversing about the main objective of your website, and introducing appropriate additional constituents into your website general design, and operation are really worth hiring.

Online Marketing


Haste makes Waste!

Don’t ever try to get hasty in developing a business website without doing your groundwork on website designing, and its operations. Before starting your SEO campaign, you should be certain about the general purpose and its major objectives.

In addition, you also need to be familiar with the common tactics that could probably aid to achieve all those pre-determined goals. All those individuals who are not familiar with the basic SEO concepts could obtain assistance from the SEO professionals in order to formulate realistic SEO targets that could be achieved within a realistic time frame.


Author Bio – Jolie an SEO professional who provides link building services to client across the globe. She often writes handy SEO guides to help new business owners make the most out of their SEO campaigns.



twitterfollowersGetting a whole bunch of new followers in a short space of time is no easy task. If the answer were simply lying around online then the whole world would be using it right now.

So, before you read on you should really temper your expectations as to what you’re going to gain from this article, as we do not promise you the world and all its gold as other articles may do.

This article offers you ways of increasing your Twitter followers by means that are possible to implement instantly. This article does not offer advice that will take you months of work for very little return.


Pay for followers

The shortest way to a destination is a straight line, so consider paying for your followers. It is the most efficient way to increase your followers in a short space of time.



Advertising works and will get you a lot of followers in a short space of time. All you need to do is advertise your profile of things in it. This is a way in which you can increase the number of your follows in the short space of time.

The only downside is that some you will only increase followers to through the duration of the advertising campaign. It is still however of a fast means of getting new followers.


Hire writers

One way of getting more followers is to hire a team of writers and have them write your Twitter posts for you. A better idea however is to have them all make their own twitter profiles and gain followers over a period of time.

All they then need to do is direct them onto your Twitter profile. Your staff needs to simply write about how great your Twitter profile is and how great your most current posts are, and their followers will move over to your Twitter profile and follow you instead.


Tell lots of lies

If you tell lots of lies then you will gain some attention from the people who think you’re being sincere.

If your lies are grandiose enough then they may gain the attention of other people who are interested in finding out if what you’re saying is true or not.  You will also gain the attention of the friends of the people who start following you.

You will gain the attention of your current followers friends, which is especially true if they use some means of sharing the things you say, such as via the Re-Tweet function.


Preview your tweets on other social media and kick up a big fuss about them

You can do this by being controversial. You can claim that your newest Tweet is going to rock the world with its content, and you can preview a bit of it on other social media to show people how ground shaking it is.

Whatever method you choose is up to you, just so long as you kick up a fuss about your Tweet on your other social media sites. It is up to you to gain as much attention for the Twitter posting as possible.

The more fuss you kick up then the more likely that people are going to go and look at it.


Actively promote your efforts

Be shameless if you have to be. Spend a full day promoting your Tweets and Twitter profile.

There is nothing more powerful than simply concentrating your energy on one single task. Spend the entire day on Twitter getting to know people and convincing them to join you.

Go to online forums and brag about your twitter posting and encourage people to go and have a look at it.

Submit comments about your Twitter profile on the comment section of articles and blog posts. Give out your Twitter handle and tell people to come and have a look at you.

Concentrated and ruthless self-promotion online is free and the more you do it then the better you get at it. You will find that you discover the best places to brag about your Twitter profile.

You will find good places to spread your message, where the other users are responsive and supportive (if you are lucky). You will also learn new things to say to people to get them to look at your Twitter profile.


Learn what to say

Taking the reins from the previous paragraph, you will soon discover that the more you self promote yourself, the better you will become at it.

Imagine you are a sales person in a shop and every day you learn something new about how to sell your products, after a few years you would be an expert. The same happens online when you self promote yourself.

You soon discover the things that you can say in forums, and on comment sections, and on other social media–that will get you the attention you crave. You soon learn what signals to look for in others and you come up with replies for questions you have already heard in the past.

You discover that you come up with a whole catalog of potential responses for potential questions and comments; so that you can fire them off as-and-when you need them.


Author bio: Korah Morrison, writer on essay writing services that help students to write essays, course works and . She writes about seo, blogging, social media, internet marketing and other tips.



SEOimageThe technology-driven marketing world is changing rapidly and your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign is definitely inextricable linked with this change. 2013 promises to be a revolutionary year for SEO marketing primarily triggered by Google’s slew of updates during the latter half of 2012.

Given below are the top SEO transformations expected in 2013 along with suggested methods to deal with them.




1) Prepare For A More Competitive Ratings Environment 

2013 is slated to witness harsher competition between entities to wrest the best ratings in search engines, especially in Google’s. Thus it is imperative that you take necessary steps to ensure the best possible SEO ratings for your content, mostly along the ensuing lines:

a)      Conduct a thorough overhaul of your website and online pages; you may – for instance – change the colors and the layout to attract more visibility.

b)      Revamp your basic website and URL frameworks.

c)       Content is king therefore you must feature top-notch content that is engaging, one-of-a-kind, and grammatically flawless.

d)      Have distinctive page headings that catch the eye.

e)      Make better use of description and heading tags.

f)       Offer enhanced navigation and linking mechanism to your visitors.

g)      Ensure that you use robots and crawlers effectively.

h)      Pay closer attention to pictures and videos embedded in your pages.

i)        Give special focus to mobile users – an important user category – by ensuing proper submissions and infrastructure.

j)        Ascertain optimized marketing and publicity through broad-based marketing.

k)      Remember to utilize webmaster resources for heightened effect.


2) Plan For A Surge In Mobile Device Use 

As hinted upon earlier, a remarkable number of users currently use and are expected to use their mobile devices in 2013 to access online resources. So a prudent SEO campaign demands that you gear up for this boost by:

a)      Constituting specialized mobile pages with great care.

b)      Providing complete name, address, and contact data in your mobile pages.

c)       Developing sought-after mobile applications for the users’ benefit.

d)      Hosting social networking links in your mobile pages.

e)      Embellishing your mobile content with videos.

f)       Featuring offers, schemes, and discounts to attract potential buyers.

g)      Featuring advertisements and images pertaining to your e-commerce store for better visibility.


3) Be Ready For Increased Social Networking  

The social networking craze simply refuses to ebb, growing exponentially every day. You can make your SEO campaign successfully ride the crest of this phenomenon in 2013 by:

a)      Fostering a more vibrant social media community.

b)      Inviting sanguine feedback and testimonials from customers and then disseminating this positivity across various online platforms.

c)       Making your customer redressal system more robust and thus boosting your reputation.

d)      Using viral marketing to trigger increased visitor footfalls thereby engendering greater brand recall.


4) Arrange To Provide Comprehensive Local Information  

Search engines and customers, nowadays, are hardwired to prioritize entities who furnish comprehensive local data – and this trend will continue in 2013. Hence you ought to offer detailed information about:

a)      All segments of your enterprise

b)      Pictures and movie clips explaining your products or services

c)       Updated operating policies.

d)      Business hours and locations.

e)      Personnel in your venture and, if possible, management profile.

f)       Updated links, affiliations, and URLs.

g)      Enhanced Local Maps information.

You must ensure that there are no information anomalies for maximum impact. You would also do well to evaluate your business listings from time to time.


5) Prepare For Enhanced Costs 

SEO costs are anticipated to increase dramatically in 2013. This is primarily as a result of providing more professional online content as also greater expenses towards copywriting and linking operations. Moreover, employee and retention costs are also slated to rise. Thus it is essential to practice cost reduction intensively and have a robust internal check system in place to check wastages.


The above tips should see your SEO campaign safely through 2013!


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