UsingAdwordsForSEOGoogle AdWords is the alternative to search engine optimization, using advertising to bring in traffic instead of organic search results.

At first glance, the two methods have very little in common, but they can be used together to create a more informed and effective marketing strategy on both fronts.

From an SEO perspective, AdWords’ main value lies in its potential to find and test keyword phrases with quick results.

Instead of spending half a year optimizing for a promising query only to be disappointed, an AdWords campaign can collect the necessary information in as little as a month.


Performing Keyword Research
Most webmasters limit their AdWords usage to its Keyword Tool, which provides a number of statistics for any given search term.

The tool is free to use and simple to learn, though some terms are not immediately intuitive.

When a phrase is entered, the Keyword Tool returns the competition level for advertiser fees as well as an estimated number of searches per month.

More importantly, it also offers variants on the phrase, which may be more lucrative or at least spawn a few new ideas. It is not fool-proof, but the Keyword Tool is a useful starting point in any SEO strategy.


Collecting Demographic Information
Once you have some keywords in mind, you can choose to either walk away from AdWords or begin a campaign.

It costs money, but the information gathered is generally well worth the initial investment.

AdWords provides extensive reports based on performance, including a rough sketch of the people most likely to click the ad. This may divulge age, gender and location, all of which play a role in conversions.

Knowing your visitors helps shape content to better suit their needs, resulting in a better experience for everyone involved. At the same time, don’t get so focused on one group that other traffic feels alienated.


Determining Click-Through Rates
The click-through rate is the number of times an ad is clicked relative to the number of times it is shown.

A low rate indicates either a lackluster keyword or poor copy. Unless the first run is satisfactory, it may take several tries to get right. How does this help SEO?

Think of the title and description that appear on Google’s results page as an advertisement that runs without any fees.

Those few lines of text are all you have to lure in readers. Knowing what it most likely to get them clicking is a key part of business success.


Studying Conversions
Last but not least, the number of people you reach is only important within the context of conversion rates.

The conversion rate describes how many visitors actually go on to do a profitable activity, whether that is buying a product, signing up for a service or clicking someone else’s advertisement.

The right keywords and copy are essential in this. For example, someone searching for how to potty train a puppy might be interested in buying house pads, but they may just take the information and run.

An AdWords campaign is your first clue whether or not a keyword string is actually commercially viable, making it one of the most important pieces of research in SEO.


Author Bio – Paul Teitelman is a Toronto SEO expert who has been involved with the industry since its earliest days. He currently offers consulting and optimization services through his website at



doneIf you want to slip in SEO for your new site to increase your presence on the web, there are a few things you need to take care of before you can actually take off and start earning some revenue.

What are those things? Let’s take a look:

  • Accessibility: Users and search engines should be able to find you quickly. For this you can make use of Google Webmaster Tools or SEOmoz Crawl. These tools will take care of things like error 404 or 500, thin or replicated content, missing tags and other stuff that could potentially harm your site’s SEO.
  • Keyword Targeting: Make sure that they keywords you select are actually relevant for your site. You can take a look at what words people are searching with, and include them in your list.
  • URL structure: Try to include words in your URL that are relevant to your business. Keep them short so that they can be remembered easily by the visitors.
  • Content is all important: you may have managed to ensure that your site is crawlable, and you start getting decent traffic to your site. But are they going to be happy with what they see when they get there or they going to feel that there’s a lot missing? Make sure your content will satisfy your visitors. Include interesting details, graphics and videos that will answer queries of potential clients. Post great content and Google will rank your site high.
  • Design and User Experience: Ensure your design is not so complicated that users will find navigating or otherwise using it, a tough job. Use tools like Feedback Army or Silverback app to check out the user friendliness of your site. Also ensure to have call to action buttons on ALL your pages. This is very important. Link your internal pages well, and provide catchy titles to each of your pages. You could also include some audio content to make it a little interactive.
  • Tags:  Use of tags is very important for SEO. Meta tags give meta data on your pages and anchor tags are basically links to related pages. Optimizing these tags will make your site more SEO friendly. You could also optimize images and add keywords in the descriptions so that they will turn up in image search results.
  • Google Sitemaps: including the sitemap.xml will enable search engines and visitors to understand your site’s content.
  • Social Media: Google gives a lot of importance to social media shares, likes and comments. So, sites or pages that have been shared on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter receive a higher ranking from search engines. But be sure to understand your target audience, and make use of the social network that they are most likely to use.
  • Back Links: Plan how you will create back links to your site. You could make use of discussion forums, blogs, competitions, newsletters, reviewing articles, commenting on other blogs and a whole lot of other things. You could use a plugin like EZineARticle plugin.


Of course this checklist is just a primer. You could have some more ideas as to how you could gain more visibility for your site!


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Expanding your brand with free blog hosting platsformsThe Emergence Of Blogs

Today is the day and age of blogs. While many people were not used to the idea of blogs a few years back, most people are getting to understand how they are used and can be put to different advantages on the internet.

The best thing about blogs is the ease of creation of them, especially the free ones. If you have an email account at Gmail, you can simply choose the Blogger option and start blogging.

What’s more, you can make use of the blog not only to share thoughts and ideas that you have in your mind, you can even use it as a distinct online marketing tool.


Blogs As Online Marketing Tools

Today everyone is on the lookout for online marketing options.

Most people wish to find ways of promoting their products or services online.

While medium and large sized businesses are making use of the services of many online marketing firms in order to advertise their products and services, those who are about to launch small businesses look for ways to market without going bankrupt.

One easy and free way of advertising online is to make use of blogs. Not only can one start a blog and write about the product or service that one wishes to sell, they can even make use of other blogs in order to spread the word.


Free Blogs Help Each Other

Just as you are opening a new blog with the help of tools like Blogger, many others are doing the same.

While some simply wish to publish the poetry that they have in their mind, others are either trying to promote other brands or trying to sell something of their own.

Free blog owners are more open to publishing content of other blogs or other guests as long as they also get a link in return or get to put in a word or two about the product or service that they are promoting.

Thus, if one is selling a health supplement, they can make use of blogs that are into health and fitness and anything related to such subjects. One can simply drop such blog owners a line requesting them to take up a guest post on their behalf.

Most blog owners have guidelines that need to be followed in composing a guest post. Once that is done, many blog owners will happily publish your content.


Benefits Of High Ranked Blogs

There are blogs which have high page ranks, signifying that they get a lot of online traffic.

When one gets their article published on such sites, they increase the chances of getting more people to read the article and follow the links posted and visit the official site or raise queries.

In such ways, followers are also generated on Facebook or Twitter for products or services. Companies are using social media in such ways to increase awareness and audience for their products.


Author Bio – Matt Anton is a regular contributor to He writes on topics related to online marketing with special reference to small businesses.



Linking up and social media muggingSocial media has become a vital tool in internet marketing and has widely been used in making new marketing strategies. It is not an old way to promote things in social places.

But now internet has provided this facility as well! You can bring your product in public where a lot of people are present and your product or service will come to their sight and will be at a distance of only one click away!

Now a day’s internet marketing is not complete at all when you are avoiding social media marketing.


Methods of promoting over internet

There are many ways of promoting a product over internet, you can use affiliate marketing, PPC and social media marketing.

Out of these social media marketing has emerged and grown at a very fast rate. No one ever imagined that this could actually happen!

Now there is a trend of making online stores more than investing huge amounts in advertising and setting up the business physically.


Emergence of social media

The reason of emergence of Social media marketing at such a great rate was that. It provides facility totally free of cost to some extent and that extent is enough to make and stand a new business in the line of already reputed and running businesses.

That is a great opportunity for the business owners to promote their businesses by making fan pages and groups over Facebook and many other social media networks.

There are many types of social media presents; Facebook allows you to do anything!

YouTube is yet another important social network where you can post video reviews and descriptions about your product and services. Twitter lets you tweet around and that tweet can be spread to a lot of twitter accounts in no time.

The reason for emergence of social media as a marketing tool was that it takes no time and your latest idea or offer about your product or service reaches to thousands and thousands of minds.

This concept is the backbone of social media and in this way you can promote your product or service easily and within no time.


Social media mugging

Social media mugging has no doubt taken the whole world into its grip and has allowed everyone to promote the business over internet in the best way.

It takes no time and your business can touch new heights. Social media marketing strategies have integrated everything.

Now you do not need to apply the old strategies in older way. You can use social media to do anything and in no cost up to a certain level.


Linking up!

Linking up is important is social media as it was important in other strategies.

Back links are important to promote a particular website over internet. When your website will be promoted, your business will be promoted and with the promotion of your business you will get new sales at a better pace.

In order to make things more compact, you can integrate everything to social media. You can add plugins and bookmarking your site will help you a lot in coming up to the social networks and in turn getting more conversions.


Author Bio  –  Haword Roze is a University Lecturer and Editor of Self Test Training. He is researching on University Programs since last three years. You can find his Cisco Certifications and Papers Jobs from Top Universities and Colleges from all over the world




SqueezePagesOnline marketing is a tricky affair. On one hand the selling efforts have to be aggressive, pointed, and relentless; while on the other hand the comfort and privacy of customers have to be considered as well.

Squeeze pages, or opt-in landing pages, are lead capture pages that seek to subtly extract vital visitor information in order to engender leads and eventually trigger revenues. More specifically, Squeeze pages aim at procuring the names and email addresses of potential customers via persuasive advertisements thereby “opting them” into the venture’s sales radar.

A detailed guide on how best to develop, use, and enhance Squeeze pages for overall profit:


Developing Tips

  1. A Squeeze page may be created as a discrete landing page or included as a segment of a venture’s web site or social media platform, which would prove to be more helpful keeping integration in mind.
  2. A Squeeze page should essentially consist of the ensuing elements:
    1. Headline: It should be compelling and catchy headline to draw immediate attention. It should relay a call to action and be prominently displayed with clever use of fonts, color, and layout.
    2. Description: A concise and clear introduction about what the subject matter is all about.
    3. Advantages: This section should succinctly outline the benefits the visitor will obtain from following the venture’s offerings. It is highly advisable to detail the advantages in the form of bullet points for easier assimilation.
    4. Opt-in form: This is similar to a subscription form; its objective is to get visitors to share contact information particularly their names and email addresses.This can either be a straightforward opt-in form or a sophisticated automatic responder form that intuitively manages subsequent emails posted by visitors. One may select from well-liked email auto-responding services like Aweber, iContact, Infusion Soft, Auto Response Plus, and more.
    5. Images: If the offering consists of a definite product, a couple of attractive photographs can be useful.
    6. Other Multimedia: Likewise, sound and video clips can be inserted to hold visitors’ interest.
    7. Confidentiality Assurance: This is an often overlooked constituent of a Squeeze page. A brief sentence reassuring visitors that their information would be kept private can go a long way in generating sales leads and actual revenues.
  3.  One may design squeeze pages internally or take the help of the many complimentary templates available online.
  4. Pop-up squeeze pages ought to be discouraged; these are extremely irksome and dissuade visitors from exploring the inherent sales offerings.


Using Squeeze Pages for Maximum Benefit

  1. Squeeze pages are primarily data-harnessing instruments aimed at converting leads into sales. Thus they can be used for advertising the venture’s newsletter and increasing subscriptions. If the visitors are suitably informed about how they’ll stand to gain from the venture’s products and services, subscriptions will exponentially increase.
  2. Squeeze pages are especially beneficial for fledgling entrepreneurs and startup companies. These entities invariably need to publicize their ventures via online methods such as social media advertising, free dossiers, webinars, and contests. Squeeze pages can be utilized to appraise potential customers about these methods speedily and through a single, uniform source.
  3. It is a good idea to use squeeze pages to assess the response of visitors. If the response is positive, then the squeeze pages may be replaced by pages promoting outright sales. If, however, the response is adverse, more efforts should be directed at honing squeeze page dynamics.
  4. Identification of target audience according to type of product offered is vital. Squeeze pages can then be used to concentrate sales efforts precisely.
  5. Squeeze pages should always offer remedies to issues faced by visitors and customers. Thus calls to action must be subservient to customer benefits. If value addition is emphasized, it will lead to more traffic and engender greater sales potential.

The above are essential recommendations – ventures may alter the same to suit their goals and target customer base.
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LongtailKeywordsGoogle Analytics is perhaps one of the most ideal assessment tools for startups, who wish to make it big in the online marketing realm and appear as a challenging competitor to its rivals.

The records, metrics and the array of valuable information the analytics provide can truly improve the performance of a website.

Apart from the information on the number of page views, traffic, and others, Google Analytics also provides precious information on the Keywords, which when tracked and implemented efficiently can bring about beneficial results.

So before we proceed further, let’s just see briefly about keywords, and what they mean in SEO.


A Quick Introduction to Keywords

In SEO, keywords are of two types – Longtail & Head Terms.


Head Terms

These are non-specific keywords, which the users type in to get generic results. For instance, a user looking for a laptop will reach in his search engine by directly keying in the term ‘laptop’. This is more open and throws in a number of options to the users.



Longtail keywords are search terms that contain a tiny phrase of about 3 to 5 words.

These are specific in nature and help the users to refine their search results and get closer to what they are looking for.

In the same example as above, a user who is specific about his requirements will type ‘Laptops below $500’ in his search engine. The phrase ‘Laptops below $500’ is termed as longtail keywords.


Perks of using longtail keywords

  • ü  They are less competitive, since they are specific
  • ü  They constitute about 70% of the web traffic
  • ü  They produce higher conversion rates, because the user knows what he wants

Now that we know the importance of longtail keywords for our website and content, it’s time to capitalize on them and reap the benefits. So, let’s get started.


Using Google Analytics to Find Longtail Keywords

I. Login to Google Analytics and set the timeline to about 3 months, for a detailed information

II. Reach the ‘Content’ tab , present on the left portion of the page, beneath the dashboard

III. Now select the ‘Top content’ tab. This will display the pages in descending order, or in simple words, based on the number of times they are viewed

IV. Select the page for which you wish to analyze and determine the keywords

V. Notice the option ‘Entrance Keywords’ on the bottom right corner of the page and click on it. This option will display all the keywords that were used by the searchers to reach that particular page you’ve chosen

VI. Now explore through the keyword list and gauge if you have used them already in your articles or web content. If used, ignore them and proceed to the next. In case if you haven’t select a few keywords, which you think have a potential, and set them aside

VII. Now, zero-in from the hand-picked keywords, after carefully analyzing the following factors

a) Choose only the keywords that are relative to your website and/or niche

b) Also factor in the number of page views the keyword managed to convert

c)  Take into consideration, the duration spent on that particular page. This indirectly signifies the relevancy of the keyword and assists you in coming into a conclusion. The longer the duration spent on the page, the relevant the keyword and the information was and vice versa. However, there is a restriction that the amount of time spent may also be due to the length of the article. So, consider even this and zero-in on your keyword


So, that is how we determine new longtail keywords and make the most out of Google Analytics.

Implementing this will surely bring about a commendable change in the derivation of website traffic.

So, make use of Google Analytics to the optimum, try out new longtail keywords in your articles and content and witness the traffic your website soaring high, this 2013!


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SocialMediaHabitsIn today’s highly technological era, entrepreneurs are not only limited to handing out flyers to in order market and advertise their products. Thanks to internet tools we know as social media, businessmen now save a lot of time and effort and still get the company exposure they need without having to leave the office.

But like every marketing strategy, there are rules to follow and habits to cultivate. If you wish to harness the power of social media for your business success, make sure you develop and stick to the following habits:


Build relationships

Unlike print media, social media gives the entrepreneur a chance to talk with his or her customers and hear feedback from them.

One habit you should cultivate is building relationships with your prospects. The goal is to talk with them rather than talk to them.

Be more like a friend than an aggressive salesperson. In no time, you will gain more followers or fans, and eventually turn them into satisfied customers.


Be truthful

No one ever likes to be deceived. In your social media campaigns, grab your readers’ attention by telling the truth.

When you write articles about your product in your business blog, base it on your knowledge and experience with the product.

Don’t exaggerate or write things that are not actually true. Being truthful will build your credibility and will, in turn, invite more interested customers.

Remember, it only takes one dissatisfied customer to bring your business down.



Customers no longer have to go very far when they go shopping.

Use your social media networks to promote huge discounts, special packages, events, bargains or services.

It can help you increase your company’s trustworthiness and generate traffic to your site.

Entrepreneurs can use this especially during holidays or special seasons.



Social media networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest makes communication easy – and fast.

Providing immediate feedback to questions, comments and posts are a huge plus to your audience.

Remember, prospects who ask are those who are interested in your product – a timely reply can hasten the purchase.


Provide assistance

To make your business grow, one thing you should prioritize is customer service.

Harness the power of social media to provide customer assistance.

Instead of asking them to call or visit your establishment, a comment, tweet, or post will be enough to provide them with the information they need to know.

Have you been doing these lately? What other social media habits do you suggest?


About the author: Melissa Page is a passionate writer and social media contributor who works with My Life, a site that helps you manage your social networking profiles and other communications. When she’s not busy writing, she’s playing bowling with friends.




BusinessWebDevelopmentThe scope of web development is gradually improving owing to the surge in newer technologies. With the increasing level of competition, creating a niche in the market has indeed become a tough task.

The internet is indeed a great solution to project the advantages that customers can get by opting for your services. It has been researched that the success and sales of a business depends on its web presence to a great extent.

This is where the services of a web development company can be so instrumental.  Let us reveal some more advantages that you can reap by resorting to the help of a web development company.

User friendly service – The user friendliness of a website plays a pivotal role in boosting the sales of the business.

An experienced and reputed web development company will help in improving the user interface of your website thereby helping your customers to locate things quite easily.

Moreover they can also help you to find a good domain name so that your website gets a good recognition. However, if you have certain names in mind, an expert developer can still help you choose the best.

Effective Web Design – A developer will also help in providing the best design for your website.

They will add new images and videos to make the website look more attractive and interactive. They would also construct proper contents that would help your client to get a fair idea on the products that you deal with.

New business enterprises should focus on improving the quality of their content because customers these days go through the content of a website in details before opting for the services.

Enables accessibility via phone – Besides the computer, people nowadays access the internet with their mobile phones.

Web development professionals use HTML 5 technology that enables a site to be accessed via a cell phone.

Customers won’t spare much of their time to try and access your website, if there is a problem they would simply move on. So you need to make sure that your website is properly optimized to provide an uninterrupted service.

Enables accessibility via slow internet connections – Websites that have heavy files and graphics take a lot of time to load over slow internet connections.

However with the help of a good web developer you will be able construct website that will load easily even with a slow connection.

Moreover they will also construct the website in such way that you will be able to place all your offers and notifications in effective locations.

These are some of the ways in which your website can benefit from the services of the web developers.

However, you need to make a thorough research in order to find a good web developer. Try to find one that has a good amount of experience. In this immensely competitive market you cannot afford to commit mistakes.

That might just mar your online reputation and provide an edge top your rivals.


Author bio – Myke Thomas is an amazing writer and mainly known for his remarkable columns on numerous professional website builder relevant issues.



LinkBuildingFor EcommerceYou probably already know that eCommerce or anything Internet Marketing related is not a static atmosphere. The practice of getting links to your website is as old as the internet itself, but the way in which you acquire those links has changed dramatically. 

Throughout this upcoming year webmasters need to come to the realization that obtaining links in what was fashionable not to long ago is putting their sites, or client sites in major jeopardy when it comes to ranking with Google. The methods are different now than they were before, and below are specific strategies that should help to achieve the desired results of top rankings.

The good news when it comes to effective link building in today’s ultra competitive SEO environment; is that less equals more, and quality beats out quantity. Implementing these specific steps can produce more stable results over the long term.

Here’s how to approach link building in 2013 and how to get the most effective use out of linking to your site, let’s take it point by point.

1. (Primary Keyword Anchor Text) – Number one is big, so we will spend the most time on this. First and foremost one of the most important factors to consider is the amount of exact match keywords that you have linking back to your website. For proactive linking campaigns varying your anchor text is crucial. Obviously you don’t have control of how others will ultimately link back to your site, but that is simply a bonus above and beyond what you are trying to do for yourself.

As with anything back link related there are no exact hard and fast numbers, but a maximum of 5% should be considered for primary keyword anchor text. Post Panda and ongoing Penguin updates makes anything more than this a dangerous exercise. Don’t just assume the max on this, however a strategy of somewhere between 1% and 5% is appropriate.

2. (LSI Anchor Text Keywords) – These also include other qualifier keyword phrases and of course many of the long-tail types of keywords as well. A robust variation of these should be in the range of approximately 30%. The important rule for this is the more you can mix it up the better. Basically, it should be difficult to run out of these variations if you drill deep into your keyword research.

3. (Brand or Domain Name Linking) – This follows the rules for natural linking more than anything else. When someone naturally links to a website they typically link to a URL rather than take the time to make a keyword tagged link. This should be almost half of your inbound links, around 40%. Building links that include just your domain name is the way to approach this. Examples include (, ( , or (

4. (Generic or Universal Keyword Phrases) – Once again this totally follows a natural linking pattern.

Are you starting to see a trend here?

Universal phrases like, “click here” or “click for more information”, are words and phrases that your typical web surfers will use when they find something useful to link to. Using about 25% or so should be a good number as part of an overall approach.

Again these numbers are not static they simply represent a good number as a baseline. Studying your competition in the search engine results will reveal what adjustments should be made to rank highly in the search results.

Now that we’ve talked about what needs to be done as far as keywords and phrases as it pertains to links, the next question is where to put them. The key to knowing what will work best may not always be the simplest.

Essentially, if it’s really easy to get a back link from another website (i.e.) article marketing, blog commenting, link building schemes etc. Then consider your site DOA with Google. I know that sounds harsh but you are playing a dangerous game that you are most likely going to lose. It may take them a while to see what you are up to, but eventually they will, and then say goodbye to your rankings. It’s just a matter of time.

Earning links rather than building links are what the top SEO pros are going to be focusing on in 2013 to achieve and maintain rankings for sites.

5. (Natural Cross Promotion and Partnerships) – The theme of getting natural links is the underlying key to success in 2013. When you are involved in a particular market, developing friendly partnerships with related companies is a natural process. Sharing links in various pieces of content that is exchanged between sites is a natural way of getting links.

This obviously will require that you do some outreach to these types of companies and sites, but the benefits are major. You position your website as a resource that other companies can link to, and become a resource for them. This strategy can take some time but is well worth it.

6. (Offer Original Content to Closely Related Websites) – Getting to know who the other players are in your market can be advantageous to your rankings. Offering them high quality content in exchange for placing a link back to your site is a simple and still effective method. The important key is that it must be a readership destination, not an article directory or mishmash blog of everything under the sun.

7. (Actively Participate in Forums) – Becoming an expert, or great resource for people on forums can motivate them into linking to your site. This is different because rather than say having a signature link that ends up showing up site wide on every post you make, it might be more like a public request asking that people link to your site if they find your postings useful to gain even more information.

Using a natural approach to link building in 2013 should give you the best results for achieving the highest possible rankings. Other factors still play a role in site rankings, but linking to sites is still very much a part of the overall equation and algorithms. “Earning links” should now be the catch phrase, as “Building links” has now become a dirty word in 2013, for now!


Author’s biography – Ben Sawyer is an Internet marketer for more than 5 years. Currently he is a SEO strategist for Paramold eCommerce website. Here Ben shared his tips about link building for eCommerce websites. 



10stepsIn the digital race to the top of the SEO ladder, what are you doing to make sure your blog doesn’t lag behind and become covered in dust?

Today there are almost 40 million bloggers in the U.S. and unfortunately, creativity and genuine writing skill are no longer enough. In order to market and keep your blog ahead of the game, blogger outreach should be one of your biggest focuses.

Blogger outreach is the process of connecting with other bloggers in an effort to establish a collaborative marketing bond, publish a guest post or to push a piece of content on their site.

Before you can even begin your outreach campaign, you have to do the most time consuming part—research who to pitch to. Here is what needs to be determined before launching the campaign:

  • Does the site even take guest posts?
  • What is their domain authority?
  • Do they have a lot of social media followers?
  • What is their email address?
  • What is the voice of the site?

The research can be made easier with blogger outreach tools like GroupHigh. GroupHigh is a custom search engine that filters out dead blogs and puts blog metrics, social media statistics, contact information and other useful categories in a spreadsheet. It shaves hours off any blogger outreach campaign.

Once you’ve filtered out and made a list of who you want to contact you are ready to go through the 10 steps of an epic blogger outreach campaign.

Step 1: Narrow down your topic and content in to one clear and concise mission statement for your campaign. Write it down somewhere where you will see it often throughout your entire blogger outreach process. It’s good to say centered and on track.

Step 2: Craft the body of your pitch. Keep it short and sweet since successful bloggers get a lot of requests for guest posting and content pushing. State what you are offering and why it’s unique and worthy of space on their blog.

Step 3: Craft a custom “lead” and conclusion for each individual contact. Bloggers know a cookie cutter pitch when they see one. Read a few posts on their blog to get a feel for the tone and what they are looking for.

Step 4: Edit your pitch. Nothing turns a blogger off more than typos and an unorganized pitch— it’s supposed to convey your writing style and skills.

Step 5: Come up with something better to write in the subject line than “guest post.” You need to make your email stand out.

Step 6: Create a spreadsheet of everyone that you pitched to making sure to leave categories open for the ones that accept your post so that you can track how well it does.

Step 7: Engage in the social media of the bloggers with whom you are reaching out to. This will make them realize that you can offer collaborative social media efforts and that you are savvy.

Step 8: After you send your pitch follow up with a tweet that you sent them an email. This lessens the chances of your pitch getting lost in the mix.

Step 9: If it’s been a few days and you haven’t heard anything, give it one last attempt. Send a simple follow up email asking if they have any questions about you or the content you want to write or push. If you still don’t hear back, you have to give up.

Step 10: Be patient and wait. Sometimes it takes bloggers a while to respond. But if you’ve crafted a good pitch and you have a good idea, you are going to hear back from a lot of them. The patience will also come in handy when waiting to see the results of your campaign.

Speaking of results, make sure you keep track of every post. It’s good to know which sites bring you the most traffic. You can mimic the type of post for other sites and offer to write for them again.

This should go without saying, but make sure the content is original. Duplicate content will not only anger the blogger but it can also irk Google and harm your page rank.

Author Bio: Kristen Matthews is freelance writer and content marketer based out of Boulder Colorado. She loves to write and enjoy life through travel, good food, creativity and interesting people. Contact her for any writing requests at