Social Media Explained With Coffee smallI love coffee and Social Media- so this Infographic is just perfect for me – and I hope you will love it too.

In fact it can tell you about all the different kind of social media. I am already inspired to get myself a cup of coffee now. Cheers everybody.

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Social Media Explained With Coffee







































































SocialMediaTwitterFacebookLinkedInThere are lots of speculations about Social Media. Many feel that it might take the place of Search engines. There are people who feel that search engine optimization practices are gradually fading away.

On the other hand, some of them still believe that Search Engine Optimization has a long way to go. Whatever said and done, it has to be agreed that both have their own places in the industry and you can never say that one is better than the other.

When you make your presence felt in the industry, it will definitely have a positive impact on your Search Engine Optimization results.

Let’s take a look at some of the facts related to search engines.

  • Tweets have become an integral part of Google’s search results. For instance, when you search information for a particular topic, Google will pull all the Tweets that are related to the topic
  • Search Engines have started viewing Social Media sites more frequently. If you post any new information on your social networking site such as Facebook, chances are that Google will be viewing the information within an hour
  • Google trusts all the top rated Social Networking Sites and it ranks them accordingly

Here is a list of some of the Social Media sites that improve Search Engine Optimization

Linkedln – It is one of the Social Media that is dedicated to professionals and business owners. If you own a company, your employees can sign up for an account and start networking with people.After registering yourself, you need to select “Account and Settings” option which will be seen at the top of the page.

Select “My Profile” on the page and it will lead you to another option “Websites”. Choose the “Edit” link option.It will lead you to a different page where you can make changes to your Web sites. Now choose the “Other” button and start describing the site that you want to link to. It is also possible to link internal pages to the site.

Facebook – Using this social media you will not only be able to create your own personal profiles but you can also create fan pages. Just make sure that your profile contains all the necessary information such as websites and more.The appropriate keywords have to be inserted as well. Introduce your sites and products to the audience in the form of brief descriptions.

As far as fan pages are concerned, you need to make sure that blog posts are posted frequently. That makes it easier for your contents to get displayed on search engines when viewers look for them.It is better to use Networked Blogs applications which assist you to post the blogs on your Facebook wall. Also keep in mind that your profile needs to be made available to the public.

Twitter – This is one of the sites whose popularity is on the rise. Using this Social Media, you can use information for sharing with people who follow your profile.Irrespective of the type of content, you can share it with umpteen usersaround the globe.

It has a huge reach. Google has recently started to index tweets and it has proved to be beneficial for people who are trying to post their content through Twitter.Make it a point to use URLs that aren’t shortened because actual URLs are considered more relevant.


Andrea Walters, a freelance writer for MyTechHelp – a leader in providing support across various product brands and tech devices for individuals and small businesses in need of instant tech tech support

BrandReputationAnd to get rid of bad customer reviews.

If you check out how you get the most visitors to your website, you will discover that most people are searching for your brand or your company name. And you are properly numbered one when people are searching your name or brand right?

But what will happen if an unsatisfied customer shows up as number 2 in your ranking?

I will tell you what happens. The unsatisfied customer is not the only unsatisfied customer you have – you might have 200 or 500 unsatisfied customers. Let’s say you sell to 100.000 people every year. Then 500 unsatisfied customers are not so many.

This unsatisfied customer has made a blog – telling the world have bad  your company is.

Well the first thing that will happen is that more of unsatisfied customers will discover the blog and they will like the blog, they will link to the blog. And suddenly this unsatisfied customer has a strong number 2 ranking on Google when somebody is searching your brand name.

Even journalists are researching on Google – and they will find this website with bad reviews. Maybe your company will end up in the evening news.

And by the way – this is a true story from a travel agency in Denmark!!

Well – lets stop this from happening.

It’s time for you to own the first page on Google. This way the unsatisfied customer will never rank number 2, he will therefor never get many likes or backlinks and you have saved your business.

So lets take a ride on the brand reputation guide.

Your ultimate goal of this brand reputation is to gain control over the first 7 Google search listings. This way negative reviews from your customer complaints are pushed to the second or even third page of Google.

And why 7?

SeoCustomer on GoogleLook at the image here. I am searching for “SeoCustomer”. Most of the time Google will add some extra links for the first result. So there is only space for 7 websites on the first page. So 7 is your magic number.

I am trying to get rid of SeoMoz because they are ranked number 2 when I search for SeoCustomer.


A website can only have one result in a search

Your website can only have one result in a search on Google. So if your brand is named “Sandberg Delicious” you will properly rank number one with your normal website.

So you will have to sign up for some more websites.

Begin your brand reputation by signing up for a Facebook and a Twitter account – and remember to include your brand or company name. These social media will surely be high ranking in Google listings.

But of course it’s not enough to just sign up for accounts. You will have to generate some great content. The accounts who have fresh content and post regularly will rank much better and this way you will get a high position.

So with your website, Facebook and Twitter you will now own the top 3 positions right? So we are not all done yet.


Video, pictures and blogs

You properly have some videos for your homepage – so of course you will make a YouTube or a Vimeo account for your videos. In fact Vimeo often ranks much better than YouTube – believe it or not (and don’t ask me why). This was number 4.

A lot of the time Google will choose to show pictures on the first page too.

So go to Flickr and make an account too. Be sure you have your brand name in the account name – and write some tags for your pictures including your brand name too.

When Google is showing image results on the first page it shows only one picture from each website. Normally Google will show around 5 pictures. So be sure you are using pictures on your blog, website and Twitter accounts. This was number 5.

Number 6 here is starting a blog.

Starting a blog is a great way to get into Google top 10 but it’s a time consuming one.

But remember you have some content from Facebook and Twitter, so use some of the same content on your blog. Your blog will have a different web name then your website. So it will rank separately. And by the way – Google loves WordPress – so use WordPress for your blog.

And you do have a Google+ account for your company too right?

If not get one now. This can also bring you a top 7 position.


You now own the first page on Google. And you will push all the bad reviews to the second page.


All the best to you, Henrik





LinkBuildingWhen you are building links for your website, it’s extremely important that you utilize some of the features that SEO tools have to provide.

For instance, a lot of SEO tools today allow you to build multiple tiers of links for your link building campaigns.

Today, Google’s algorithm is extremely complex and in order to stay at the top of the search engines, you have to use link building strategies that are going to be effective.

Building multiple tiers of links is a great way to do this. On the top tier, you should have your highest quality links, linking directly to your money site. These links should be high in page rank and they should pack as much value as possible.

You should also be using unique content for these links, since spun content would likely get flagged and possibly removed at the website that you posted it on.

By using spun content that doesn’t read well for first-tier links, your content will probably get noticed on the site eventually and taken down. This would leave your site vulnerable to the unnatural link penalty that Google often penalizes websites for when they have links that continuously go down.

On your second and third tier links, you don’t have to be nearly as careful. On these tiers, you should be building links in volume and the quality of the links does not have to be as high quality as it was with your first tier.

Below you’ll find some things that you can do to build multiple tiers of links in an effective way, so that your search engine optimization campaign will be successful.


Focus on high PR links on tier 1
A good way to focus on building higher-quality links for your tier 1 link building efforts, would be to only build links on high page rank domains.

Pagerank always has been and still is today a good way to determine the value of the website. As a website ages and develops backlinks and search engine rankings, its PR will increase.

Therefore, you can use page rank as a conclusive determinant for the value of that website. Web sites that have a page rank of at least three are considered to be fairly valuable.

They should have a good amount of backlinks, possible search engine rankings and the age of the domain should at least be older than a year. You can experiment with these factors yourself by researching into the backlink count and the age of the domains that you find with high PR.


Quality is still important in tier 2
Tier 2 links don’t have to be an entirely high page rank, but you still need to retain a high level of quality among these links.

Your tier 2 links are directly going to affect your tier 1 links, which will affect your money site. If you build high-quality links on tier 2, you may increase the search engine rankings of your tier 1 links, which will be very beneficial to your money site.


Tier 3
Tier 3 links are where you can build links in mass numbers, without having to really worry about the quality. You can use software like Scrapebox to do blog comments, XRumer for forum profiles or you can even make use of social bookmarks, web 2.0’s, wiki sites and lots of other types of free submission platforms.


Author Bio :– Charles Dodgson writes for WL Marketing Link Building Company that offers affordable SEO services and specializes in strategizing and applying innovative Internet marketing techniques to business websites and online hubs.

SocialMediaAvoidEvery business today, both large and small, uses social media as a marketing tool. However, there are specific ways to use the various social media platforms out there. 

Are you utilizing your social media profiles to your advantage? Make sure you’re steering clear of these common social media mistakes.


Letting People Find Your Blog On Their Own

You put time and effort into devising a blog post – or maybe you paid good money to have a professional write it for you. Either way, it’s a waste if you just let it sit there, waiting to be discovered. Use your social media outlets to boost traffic to your blog. Put Facebook posts and Tweets out every time you have a new post up. You can also link to older blog posts that are still relevant.


Pretending that Negative Comments Don’t Exist

When you open the door for feedback from your client base via social media, it’s pretty much ensured that some of that feedback is going to be negative. Don’t simply delete a negative review and pretend it never existed. Part of customer service is dealing with unhappy consumers. Handle negativity in a professional, kind and accommodating matter, even if it is only on your Facebook page.


Skipping a Strategy

All too often, businesses start marketing via social media without a firm strategy in place. This is like starting a business without a business plan. You may start off strong, but sometime in the very near future you’re going to get overwhelmed. While it’s tempting to jump right in, do yourself a favor and devise a schedule first.


Spreading Yourself Too Thin

Sure, you can set up a free profile on every single social media website out there. Spreading yourself too thin isn’t a good tactic, though. Choose three social media platforms that best suit your company. Is your business image-driven? Make Tumblr or Pinterest one of the three. For the most part, make sure to include at least one or two of the social media dominators: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and YouTube.


Using Social Media Websites the Wrong Way

Be smart about how you post and where you post it. Follow these rules of thumb:

• Facebook posts with photos get a lot of attention. For text-only posts, asking a question or writing a fill-in-the-blank are good tactics to get responses.
• Make Twitter hashtags work for you. This is the best way for people to find your posts even if they’re not connected to you yet.
• In the description field for each “pin” on Pinterest, use keywords so that users can find photos they’re searching for.
• Google Plus is relatively new. Try different tactics to see which works best for you.


About the Author – Rowena Kang is a writer and the Director of Content for the Morgan Law Firm. Please visit the Morgan Law Firm Blog for additional content.

SEOforXmasAll over the world we are spending more and more money buying items from online shops. Did you know that in 2011 shoppers were planning to spend an average of 704 dollars on gift and seasonal items.

And online shoppers will spend about 22 percent more than shoppers in real physical shops. Take a look at this great Infogrphic from the guys at (Click on the image to see it larger)








Commerce of Christmas Infographic finalHow to speed up your Xmas sale

To speed up your Xmas sale you will need to check out last year top selling products from your shop. Write down a list of the top10 in each category.

With this list you can try to get theses products ranking as you can the last couple of months before Xmas. So you will have to work for your Xmas sale maybe 2 to 4 months before Xmas right?

And be sure you have items enough for your Xmas sale – you don’t want to run out of stock in December right? I was just reading about LEGO they can’t produce as much as they can sell right now.


Research your keywords

Now it’s time for a little keyword research. Use the Google Keyword Tool and check out the Xmas keywords for your business. Let’s say you are selling “cameras”. Type in “Xmas camera” and you will see a lot of other keywords that might good to use for your Xmas SEO. Maybe make a page for the keywords “Christmas gift ideas”.

So in the last 2 to 4 months you will have to create special pages, to build links to your new pages with blog posts, press releases, maybe create an Infographic (I hope you like the Infographic in this article). All this takes time so be sure you have enough time to optimize for Xmas.


Some Dos and Don’ts for Xmas SEO

Here are some more ideas you can do to be Xmas ready

  • Send out targeted email campaigns
  • Add products to your shop which will appeal to people as great gifts
  • Be sure you promote the gift items on your homepage. If I was selling an SEO book I would promote it as “a great gift for all SEO people”
  • Remember to use your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts for promotion your offers and campaigns – and remember to interact with your potential customer
  • Increase your Xmas sale with coupons and vouchers
  • You should create new ad groups in your PPC campaigns where you can focus on Xmas gifts (don’t use or change your normal ad groups)
  • Offer something extra for your customers – like a free gift Xmas wrapping or free shipment just in December (this could speed up the sale)
  • Show the customers that they can order a “Shipping to a different address” and that the prices will not be displayed.

But there are also some Don’ts

  • Don’t change your H1 tags (Xmas should not have a negative effect on your ranking)
  • Don’t change all your home page content to one big Xmas homepage (and be careful with your content because of your SEO ranking)
  • Don’t make any major updates or make a new website at Xmas time.
  • No no no… don’t replace all your text with a Xmas banner (because of SEO)


From all of us to all of you – Merry Xmas




Types of Retargeting by ChangoSmallDo you know about  retargeting or better known as remarketing? This marketing tool is getting more and more important in Search Engine Marketing.

With the right remarketing strategy you can retarget the people who might already be interested in your product and therefor get a much higher conversion rate than with your normal Adwords.

In basic it’s a way to tag visitors to your website and target them later on with some kind of advertisement at a later time. Typically you use the Google Adwords Display Network to show your ads on other websites, if the user has already visited your website.

It’s the same marketing principle you might be using already if you have a newsletter for your customers. Your customer has already visited your website, so he or she is interested in your product or service, and with a newsletter you can retarget the potential customer.

When the Remarketing started years ago, the businesses tried to retarget the people who almost bought something from their website. Maybe they left the shopping basket just before buying something.

But now you can use a lot of different Remarketing strategies.


The Seven Types of Effective Retargeting

I found this awesome Infographic at Click the image to see it larger.

Types of Retargeting by ChangoSmall

















The classic remarketing

This is good old fashion classic remarketing strategy. Typically you have had a visitor who started the sales funnel. When the visitor is loading the page, it will place a cookie right on the visitor’s computer.

Your remarketing campaign will check out the visitor’s computer to see, if the little cookie is on the computer. If it finds your cookie, it can show a banner ad.

Your ad is retargeting a person who has already been interested in your product and this will (almost always) guarantee you a high click through rate (CTR) and you will get some high quality web traffic for a low cost.


Remarketing for excluding visitors

If your visitors are very unlikely to convert more than once to your product, it might be a great idea to exclude the visitors from seeing your ad, if they already have bought your product.

Maybe you only have one product (only one book in your web shop), or a very expensive product like a car (and the customer will only buy one car right?) or can only use one iPhone.


Remarketing for profiling and upselling

If somebody has bought a car from you, they might later on be interested in buying some new wheels from you too. So if you have accessories or similar or related products you can use this strategy.

This could increase your CTR, and therefor your quality score will get higher, and your cost per click will get lower.  By the way remember that the quality score from Google Adword is calculated separately for the Google Display Network.


Remarketing for introducing new products

When it’s time to introduce a new product you may want to remind your customers that you have got this new product. Maybe it’s time for a replacement of their old product.

Using this strategy will ensure that you are targeting interested people in your online marketing strategy.


Behavioral remarketing

This remarketing strategy is based on more advanced remarketing strategies.

You can choose between a lot of difference criteria’s

  • You have to visit specific pages on a website
  • Maybe your language setting has to be English (or Danish or Swedish)
  • Other technical details about your computer or browser
  • Your IP-address has to be from a specific country
  • Arriving from a specific homepage or campaign, URL,
  • Maybe have typed a specific keyword in the search engine
  • Or any combinations of all these.

You can use tags from other websites to decide if your banner is going to be shown or not.

Let’s say that somebody has bought an iPhone on a competitor’s website, and then your remarketing strategy is “not to display your banner ad” if you are selling Android phones.

It is unlikely that somebody who has just bought an iPhone will buy an Android a week later (yeah yeah yeah.. I know it is possible but very unlikely right?)

You really have a lot of combinations – so you can target the customers and get only the customers you think will buy your products.


Good luck

I hope this could give you some inspiration for your next remarketing campaign. There are a lot of possibilities using remarketing. And with a little creativity you can try new ways to market your products.

Remember to sign up for our newsletter and join our LinkedIn group.

Good luck with your remarketing campaign.




PinterestPinterest is a huge virtual Pinboard where one can organize and share the beautiful things in your life or what you discover on the web.

This virtual pinboard gets visited by millions today who would like to share everything that they feel strongly about with their loved ones and friends.

They can share ideas about decorating their home, plans for the wedding or talk about a new recipe or a craft. There is a lot one can do on Pinterest.

Browse Pinterest and look for any idea on any subject you are looking for. It could be craft for your child at school or a new design for a cushion in the living room. You will come across some fabulous ideas here.

People are friendly and will be ready to help you out with some more ideas. Have a wedding in the family? Well, there will be no dearth of ideas at Pinterest. For those with an interest in fashion, there is plenty of stuff on the latest styles, shoes, bags and accessories to take ideas from.

Pinterest is a good start for any small business too. Just pin up a little image or an idea about your business. If a couple of users like it or find it useful, the world will spread like fire and this could be very healthy for your business.

The purpose of Pinterest is to connect with everyone else in the world with a common interest and goals. This is an interesting place to be at and share some amazing pictures and ideas.

Any two people can bond immediately because of a favorite book or a movie they both admire. With millions of new pins added every week, there is plenty to explore and share.

The new platform at Pinterest makes it interesting and worth spending time at. There is plenty to go through and look at. The place seems to be brimming with talent and new ideas. The key to success behind the website is to amass followers.

One can be there just to hang around or promote their products: It is also important to engage in meaningful conversation with others, sharing information, news or tips.

What makes Pinterest more lovable is its simplicity and compelling content which is well organized and easily searchable. The matter is easy to use and you can easily follow the pins of others. Join this creative social media marketing campaign and reap the benefits.


Author Bio – This guest post by Tommy Stretton of A site for you to get more Pinterest Followers and get repins now.



socialmediaDo you know how you can cheat on the social media? How you can get hot tips and  avoid pitfalls?

I cam across this awesome InfoGraphic from the guys at, and I wanted to share it with you. Here you can get tips and tricks.

Just click on the image to make it larger.



During the earlier times in the internet era, web designs are pretty much complicated. For this reason, only a few and rich companies are able to get this for their online exposure.
These days, websites are getting easier to create thus, small or even home-based businesses with websites are already a common sight in the online world. This occurrence on the internet can only be credited to the increasing advancements in the internet technology.