Types of Retargeting by ChangoSmallDo you know about  retargeting or better known as remarketing? This marketing tool is getting more and more important in Search Engine Marketing.

With the right remarketing strategy you can retarget the people who might already be interested in your product and therefor get a much higher conversion rate than with your normal Adwords.

In basic it’s a way to tag visitors to your website and target them later on with some kind of advertisement at a later time. Typically you use the Google Adwords Display Network to show your ads on other websites, if the user has already visited your website.

It’s the same marketing principle you might be using already if you have a newsletter for your customers. Your customer has already visited your website, so he or she is interested in your product or service, and with a newsletter you can retarget the potential customer.

When the Remarketing started years ago, the businesses tried to retarget the people who almost bought something from their website. Maybe they left the shopping basket just before buying something.

But now you can use a lot of different Remarketing strategies.


The Seven Types of Effective Retargeting

I found this awesome Infographic at Chango.com. Click the image to see it larger.

Types of Retargeting by ChangoSmall

















The classic remarketing

This is good old fashion classic remarketing strategy. Typically you have had a visitor who started the sales funnel. When the visitor is loading the page, it will place a cookie right on the visitor’s computer.

Your remarketing campaign will check out the visitor’s computer to see, if the little cookie is on the computer. If it finds your cookie, it can show a banner ad.

Your ad is retargeting a person who has already been interested in your product and this will (almost always) guarantee you a high click through rate (CTR) and you will get some high quality web traffic for a low cost.


Remarketing for excluding visitors

If your visitors are very unlikely to convert more than once to your product, it might be a great idea to exclude the visitors from seeing your ad, if they already have bought your product.

Maybe you only have one product (only one book in your web shop), or a very expensive product like a car (and the customer will only buy one car right?) or can only use one iPhone.


Remarketing for profiling and upselling

If somebody has bought a car from you, they might later on be interested in buying some new wheels from you too. So if you have accessories or similar or related products you can use this strategy.

This could increase your CTR, and therefor your quality score will get higher, and your cost per click will get lower.  By the way remember that the quality score from Google Adword is calculated separately for the Google Display Network.


Remarketing for introducing new products

When it’s time to introduce a new product you may want to remind your customers that you have got this new product. Maybe it’s time for a replacement of their old product.

Using this strategy will ensure that you are targeting interested people in your online marketing strategy.


Behavioral remarketing

This remarketing strategy is based on more advanced remarketing strategies.

You can choose between a lot of difference criteria’s

  • You have to visit specific pages on a website
  • Maybe your language setting has to be English (or Danish or Swedish)
  • Other technical details about your computer or browser
  • Your IP-address has to be from a specific country
  • Arriving from a specific homepage or campaign, URL,
  • Maybe have typed a specific keyword in the search engine
  • Or any combinations of all these.

You can use tags from other websites to decide if your banner is going to be shown or not.

Let’s say that somebody has bought an iPhone on a competitor’s website, and then your remarketing strategy is “not to display your banner ad” if you are selling Android phones.

It is unlikely that somebody who has just bought an iPhone will buy an Android a week later (yeah yeah yeah.. I know it is possible but very unlikely right?)

You really have a lot of combinations – so you can target the customers and get only the customers you think will buy your products.


Good luck

I hope this could give you some inspiration for your next remarketing campaign. There are a lot of possibilities using remarketing. And with a little creativity you can try new ways to market your products.

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Good luck with your remarketing campaign.




PinterestPinterest is a huge virtual Pinboard where one can organize and share the beautiful things in your life or what you discover on the web.

This virtual pinboard gets visited by millions today who would like to share everything that they feel strongly about with their loved ones and friends.

They can share ideas about decorating their home, plans for the wedding or talk about a new recipe or a craft. There is a lot one can do on Pinterest.

Browse Pinterest and look for any idea on any subject you are looking for. It could be craft for your child at school or a new design for a cushion in the living room. You will come across some fabulous ideas here.

People are friendly and will be ready to help you out with some more ideas. Have a wedding in the family? Well, there will be no dearth of ideas at Pinterest. For those with an interest in fashion, there is plenty of stuff on the latest styles, shoes, bags and accessories to take ideas from.

Pinterest is a good start for any small business too. Just pin up a little image or an idea about your business. If a couple of users like it or find it useful, the world will spread like fire and this could be very healthy for your business.

The purpose of Pinterest is to connect with everyone else in the world with a common interest and goals. This is an interesting place to be at and share some amazing pictures and ideas.

Any two people can bond immediately because of a favorite book or a movie they both admire. With millions of new pins added every week, there is plenty to explore and share.

The new platform at Pinterest makes it interesting and worth spending time at. There is plenty to go through and look at. The place seems to be brimming with talent and new ideas. The key to success behind the website is to amass followers.

One can be there just to hang around or promote their products: It is also important to engage in meaningful conversation with others, sharing information, news or tips.

What makes Pinterest more lovable is its simplicity and compelling content which is well organized and easily searchable. The matter is easy to use and you can easily follow the pins of others. Join this creative social media marketing campaign and reap the benefits.


Author Bio – This guest post by Tommy Stretton of buyfollowerspinterest.com. A site for you to get more Pinterest Followers and get repins now.



socialmediaDo you know how you can cheat on the social media? How you can get hot tips and  avoid pitfalls?

I cam across this awesome InfoGraphic from the guys at sdlsm2.com, and I wanted to share it with you. Here you can get tips and tricks.

Just click on the image to make it larger.



During the earlier times in the internet era, web designs are pretty much complicated. For this reason, only a few and rich companies are able to get this for their online exposure.
These days, websites are getting easier to create thus, small or even home-based businesses with websites are already a common sight in the online world. This occurrence on the internet can only be credited to the increasing advancements in the internet technology.

DisavowLinksGoogle ramped up its fight against spam by releasing its new Disavow Links tool.

Announced at the Las Vegas Pubcon convention, this new tool allows webmasters – those that have a Google Webmasters Account – to report and possibly get rid of bad or spammy links to their website, links that could be hurting their SEO rankings.

These links are reviewed by Google and, if found to be spam, could face removal from Google search results.

While Google recommends the use of Disavow Links only in last-resort situations, it could do a lot to improve the web as a whole, cutting down on bad SEO practices, improving search results for users and helping webmasters improve their own organic search rankings.


What it is

The Disavow Links tool is essentially a reporting system for bad URLs and links. Essentially, webmasters are able to submit a list of links to their site that they believe are spam, unnatural, disreputable or otherwise bad, and Google will consider removing  them from search results. Typically, removing bad links will take at least a few weeks.

The tool is intended to be the final straw in a webmasters’ attempt to have a bad link removed. Google recommends contacting the webmaster of the spam link’s domain to request removal before using the Disavow Links tool.

Disavow Links was likely created in response to Google’s latest Penguin algorithm update which, instead of turning its head to bad or spammy links when determining a site’s search ranking, actually uses those links as a strike against the site.


Why to use it

Many websites have been hurt by the Penguin update. Past link building campaigns may have resulted in a number of URLs and links that now hurt, rather than help, the site’s ranking in Google. The Disavow Links tool offers a road to a clean slate for those websites.

Whether the links were the result of a bad SEO practitioner on behalf of the site itself, or if they were paid links, the Disavow Links tool can help remove those is webmasters are unable to leverage the removal themselves.

The tool can also help if webmasters believe someone may be creating negative SEO against them, either to hurt a business or to direct traffic away to another site.

Additionally, Disavow Links can help clean up a site’s image in search results. Users will no longer see confusing or spam-related links when searching, links that could affect their view of the site or its reputation.


How to use it

To use the Disavow Links tool, you first must have a Google Webmasters account.

From there, you’ll need to select your website and upload a text file. The file should list each individual URL you’d like to see removed or investigated on a separate line – no commas, or semicolons.

If you’d like to have a whole domain removed, you simply need to use “domain:XX.com,” instead of a direct URL.

According to Google, it could be a number of weeks before links are removed and, even then, there’s no guarantee they will be. Google reserves the right to use its own judgment in removing links from search results.

Google representatives say it’s important to be careful when using the Disavow Links tool. Accidentally disavowing an important link to your site could severely affect site health and, while the links can be reinstated upon request, it could take another few weeks for the process to be complete.


About the Author: Eric Stauffer is an internet marketer and small business advocate. He currently works with CardPaymentOptions.com, where they review payment processors like WePay and iZettle. They also help small businesses manage their payment solutions.


StumbleUponLogoStumbleUpon is a social media bookmarking site, and as such it does not respond to SEO or other techniques of social marketing to generate traffic.

It is a closed system where user participation determines outcomes. Heavy users of StumbleUpon thumb up or down a lot of content, and that allows the system to understand their demographic better and associate users within a certain niche.


Be an Active User

1. Participate in the community and spend time thumbing up or down websites you discover while there. StumbleUpon uses your thumbs up to help find your niche.

2. Make friends with those who share similar tastes since StumbleUpon shares content with your friends within a niche. This will encourage people to follow you and that will increase the chance they will stumble upon your own content.

3. Contribute content to the website. Eventually, those who are in your niche and follow you will discover your content. This leads to traffic generation.


Buy Traffic

StumbleUpon lets you influence their recommendation system with advertising sold at five cents for every stumble.

There is a lot of advertising on the site, so it is not considered spam, but Stumbleupon users may thumb down your content if it seems too blatant an attempt to influence them.

The more users thumb up content, the more it appears to other users, thereby generating traffic to the site, but the reverse is true for content that receives a lot of thumbs down.

Wait until an especially poignant piece of content is in your posssession then use advertising to help more people stumble it.


Be a Follower

User ratings and their friends’ ratings help StumbleUpon form a collaborative view of the websites in their system. Users will only see content approved by people in their niche.

1. Follow those who seem like they might like your content, since the more StumbleUpon associates you with them, the greater the chance they will see your content.

2. Follow those who said they liked your content by giving it a thumbs up.

3. Follow those the system suggests for you since they are showing similar demographics to you.

4. Follow those who follow you. This is a bit of courtesy, but also a good way to build followers. If they follow you, then there is something that interests them.


About the Author – Jo Harris is a writer and the Director of Content for the Morgan Law Firm, an Austin, Texas divorce firm. Please visit the Morgan Law Firm Blog for additional content.


WebDesigningSEOA number of people consider SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to be connected only to just content, however the most effective internet sites incorporate SEO into just about every aspect from content, to their code, and even down to the graphics better known as SEO web design.

In graphics designing, you must recognize and use some basic website development for SEO guidelines when constructing a website. If carried out well, SEO and presentation design will harmonize with each other.

The driving force here is marketing, increased sales and a lot of traffic to your site, since every website owner wants their site to be Google’s numerouno.


Planning Strategically

As with other websites, incorporating a wireframe for the site is where we can include the correct SEO.

Know what kind of site it will be (how-to support, publishing news, e-commerce, etc.) should be mapped out and well placed. The website should be user-friendly for the clients, and for the web designer having the flexibility to change or update the site should be implemented.

Editing on the fly and ease of content insertion must be kept in mind in the construction. And after which, SEO tactics will come to play, such as placing keywords and content material.


SEO Content and Image

SEO is all about making sure that the majority of people will find your site. It will heavily rely on the keywords you are placing. Spider crawlers that most search engines use, will look for relevant content material and it will be indexed, so that it is served to its target audience.

Obviously, critical keywords should be on every page. Putting it on the title tag, URL, and on the headings will reveal your site to those search engines. As proposed above, even images can also be given a dash of the SEO magic, although images are invisible to search engines, by putting text on the caption it will be searchable as an image result and will help your visitors to navigate your site easily.


Continuing SEO

When everything is solid and off the ground for your site, it should not stop there. SEO is a cycle that must continue, and improvement of the hits and miss should be observed. In this ongoing phase there are other initiatives that can be considered to increase more traffic to the site.

  • Social Media Traffic – an integration of social media to help build the community on your brand. This the best way to market and sell your content.
  • Link Building – a technique like reciprocal linking to other sites is yet a sure fire method to get more traffic to your site. By sharing high quality content to another website. Acquiring the optimum quantity of inbound links directing to the site boosts its search results on Google’s ranks. Just make sure that it contains relevant keywords or any combination of keywords.
  • Tracking visitors – it helps to ensure that analytics is set up on the site to track your progress
  • Site Upkeep – Fine tuning the layout or tweaking the design is required to keep the system on track.

Keep in mind these few simple things to increase visibility of your website. Web designing with SEO in mind doesn’t mean you have to let go of those pent up creative juices.You can still have an electric and dynamic site that can engage the user.

In the end, combination of SEO and graphic design must be about delivering great content and design that supports a sensible venture for the readers.


Author Bio: Jaskirat S Talwar is the owner of Impinge Solution. Impinge Solutions is a web design company which offers full-cycle services in areas of custom web design, web development, mobile application development, offshore Web development, SEO, hosting & support in all over the Globe.


QRHave you ever noticed those little black modules that are positioned in a square pattern on a white background on some pages of the magazine and even at the back of your favorite beauty product?

Well, it’s called the QR code which is short for Quick Response Code, what exactly is a QR code? It is a popular two dimensional barcode that was invented by Denso Wave in 1994 to scan parts at high speed, but now QR codes are widely used in social media, advertising, businesses and many more.

Below are some of the examples how QR code can be effective in promoting your local business.


QR codes on business cards
Business cards are one of the easiest ways to advertise your business by integrating and utilizing your own QR code.

There are plenty of examples of varied styles that manage to take advantage of the code as a style factor as well.


QR codes in your website:
QR codes can make your own website more accessible on mobile devices.

With smart phones overtaking online functions, it is critical that you are making your website as user-friendly or mobile friendly as you can.

QR codes used in websites enable your trusty mobile phone to easily get in touch with websites without experiencing the complicated approach of getting the URL into that small framed mobile web browser.

With the use of QR codes, it is possible to provide your prospective customers access to the right information easily on their mobile device by simply scanning the QR Code from a print out media or on the display screen.

With different competitors in e-commerce, producing the product or service information accessible to the customers through these little codes will be very useful. Consumers are likely to pursue products that provide them more descriptive facts in an easily accessible way.


QR code for twitter:
Twitter is one of the best ways to promote a local business. Putting QR code on your Twitter will definitely boost your followers and your business.
Having a Twitter QR code, you may also make use of twitters text update service.

For those who have not heard about this Twitter enables individuals to subscribe to your updates via text message so whenever you put a brand new Twitter update everyone who subscribed to text changes will get a text alert.

This is an effective service that could be frequently incurred for from other text message advertising businesses.



QR codes in print ads:

Print ads are one of the most influential ways of promoting your business. Putting QR Codes in magazines, newspapers, brochures or flyers can provide quick access to your website so customers will have quick access to your website.

QR codes can be considered as one of the most intelligent inventions in terms of advertising, people who would like to promote their business can take advantage of integrating QR codes in whatever way they would like to promote their business with, the inbound marketing firm can provide us a lot of ideas on disseminating information about our business using QR codes.

QR codes can definitely call a customer’s attention by just simply scanning your code.



Author Bio:- Sunny Popali is SEO Director at tempocreative.com. Tempo Creative is an Arizona Inbound Marketing firm that has served over 700 clients since 2001. Tempo’s team specializes in digital and internet marketing services including web design, SEO, social media and strategy.



WordArtA Needle in a Haystack?

In the modern world, marketing yourself online is vital. Research shows that when someone who has access to the internet needs something, they search for it on the web. The percentage that does so depends on the product, but it is roughly between 70 per cent and 95 per cent.

Sadly, if you are a company or sole trader with an online presence, you are one of hundreds or, in some cases, thousands of firms trying to be found online. The only way to ensure you are the one people find is to get your SEO strategy right. Given that over 66 per cent of all searches in the English language are carried out using Google, your SEO strategy needs to be Google friendly.


Beating the Google Algorithm 

The problem is that Google is constantly moving the goal posts. They are continuously tweaking the algorithms they use to determine which website has the information searchers are looking for. This means that an SEO strategy that is Google friendly today may stop working tomorrow.

The best tip is to seek professional help. A Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) specialist has a much better understanding of what works now than you could ever have.

However, if you are on a tight budget, you may not have any choice but to do your own SEO. Luckily, there are still strategies you can use that have worked for years and are not likely to stop working in the future. There have always been certain things Google have rewarded.

Content is King

Google really does reward good content. Make sure that your website contains information that will really help your customers.

Try to turn your website into an authority site. Sites with plenty of pages relating to a subject automatically look important to Google.

However, be careful not to duplicate pages on your site. Google penalizes sites which have duplicated content on them.


Keep Your Site Fresh

Refresh your information regularly. Doing this ensures your site is up to date and gives Google’s bots new information to find.

Add video and images to your site. Google likes to see a balance between text and other information on websites. Make sure you label videos and images using relevant keywords to get the most out of them.


The Role of Keywords

The phrases you use on your website are what tell Google’s bots what your site is about. You need to sprinkle each page of your website with relevant phrases known as keywords.

However, use them carefully – too many on one page and Google will penalize you. Put your main keyword in your page title, first paragraph and last paragraph. That is enough for a 300-400 word page. For every additional 125-150 words, add another occurrence of that keyword.

The more pages you have on your website, the more keywords or phrases you can target without Google slapping your site down.


Linking Internally & Externally

Last, but not least, are links. Link the pages on your site to each other properly. Google likes it and people will stay on your site longer if it is easy to navigate. Get other people to link to your website.

However, when it comes to backlink quality is far, far more important than quantity. The likes from Facebook, Google+ links and other social links are very powerful, so target them.


About The Author – Amy Harris is a writer for Expert Market- which offers a free service to businesses, providing a sourcing tool for finding office equipment and business services (such as cheap post in the UK). She enjoys helping assist businesses in sourcing products and services at an affordable rate.