PerksDoes your website have winning and engaging content? 

Why is it important to have it? These days it is very crucial for website owners and bloggers to publish useful, insightful, and relevant content in the sites that they manage.

There was a time when repetitive, spammy, and immaterial blogs and articles were passed off as “high quality” content. The recent Google algorithm changes allowed the search engine giant to separate good websites from bad ones.

Good websites are those that offer significant and original content for their readers while bad ones are those that rely on illegal or black-hat optimization techniques for traffic.

Why should you strive to produce engaging web content?


Benefits Of Substantial And Winning Web Content
Why should you bother improving or even completely revising your web content? This task is not meant to make your life difficult as a web developer. It is meant to protect you from search engine optimization effects that new algorithms or systems in the future might have. Here are some perks you can get from excellent web content:


1. Opportunity to get a high page rank
Right now, Google and other search engines are giving credit to substantial and engaging web content. This means that the more original posts you publish, the more chances of getting high traffic and eventually high ranking for your sites.


2. Chance to establish your group’s credibility
Engaging and winning posts and articles in a website help owners build their credibility up in their respective niches. Your target audience will deem you as the authority for that particular niche and consider you as a trustworthy reference.


3. Opportunity to set a new trend
Do you have ideas for new web content? Why don’t you go ahead and produce them? They just might be the next hottest trend in search optimization strategies. You’ll never know unless you try. Don’t stop conceptualizing new content forms or improving your old content.


4. Avoid potential penalties from search engines
This is probably the best benefit you can get. Right now the search engines favor original, credible, and high quality content over futile ones, so it is best to produce them unless you want to run the risk of getting penalized or completely banned from the online world. You don’t want to start all over again now do you?

Do you now comprehend why engaging and winning content is a crucial or vital element of a website? You can’t expect to operate without producing regular, noteworthy, and reliable content that will be appreciated by readers. So start brainstorming for new and remarkable ones right away!


Niña Angeli Pilapil, a bookworm by heart, is an expert in promotional products used for both marketing and personal reasons. She is employed by Branders as their official blogger to write about topics like custom office supplies. This dark chocolate fanatic enjoys her spare time reading books, watching movies, and honing her blogging craft. If you want to connect with her, follow her at



Do you know Porter’s 5 forces analysis? It was developed by Michael E. Porter of Harvard Business School in 1979.

Everybody who has read or studying marketing ever since, knows about this analysis and has been reading about it. Most of the marketing people are also using it to determine the competitive intensity and the attractiveness of a market. I have been studying marketing too – so I love it too. But did you know you can use this model to describe the competition of a keyword?

With this model you can get insight into how competitive the current environment is for a keyword? And how strong the rivalry and intensity is for a keyword? And maybe the most important knowledge we will get from this is, that we can’t control everything when we do SEO. So if your boss asks you – When will the “coffee” keyword rank number 1 – you might tell him or her about the uncontrollable forces.

So let us check out Porters’ 5 forces model for the keyword “coffee”. So are you ready for some Porter?


New entrants in the coffee keyword market

A new coffee seller might show up on the internet. They also know about SEO, and they sure want a good ranking on keyword market for coffee. This is really a new entrant. You might also have had a competitor who never really has done anything regarding SEO for many years and suddenly they have hired an SEO guy (maybe me). So this competitor is also new to the keyword market for coffee.

Another company has been selling coffee for years and has done SEO for years but suddenly they have doublet their budget for the SEO. So they also want a ranking (or higher ranking) for the “coffee” keyword. This analysis is about the keyword market for coffee. To start a business on the internet is really simple – also for business selling coffee. So you will have to set up some barriers to make it more difficult for your competitors to outrank you.

So of course you will have to optimize your own content for the word coffee. Another great way is to try to optimize your site for more unique, uncommon and longer tail keywords. It could be “black coffee”, “Arabic coffee” or “hot coffee”. Another way is to own the keyword not only for your website but on the entire internet. If you have a twitter account, Facebook account you might have the rank 1, 2 and 3 for the keyword coffee. And you might have an Pinterest account for your pictures that rank number 4. This way you can make it very difficult for a new competitor to sell its coffee on the internet.

Coffee suppliers

The suppliers for the keyword market for “coffee” are the search engines. So Google, Bing, Yahoo are the big suppliers for the keyword market for  “coffee”. Don’t forget YouTube – this is the second largest search engines today. But also the social media is a supplier. Who brings in most referrals for your keyword on the internet?

Of course is properly is your biggest source for traffic. But don’t forget to check out the other suppliers too. And remember that Google is changing its algorithm maybe 500 times a year. Most of the algorithm changes are really small, but sometimes – like the Panda or Penguin updates – it can really change the ranking of the coffee market.

So if you normally rank as number 1, 2 or 3 and suddenly drops down to number 8 (or worse 11) you have a problem.

The threat from coffee buyers

When Porter talks about the forces, he is talking about the threat of buyers. And the threat these days are growing. Maybe the coffee you are selling has been harvested by some underpaid children. They are almost living like slaves. And suddenly the news is out in the social networks. “Did you hear that this coffee company is using children slaves to harvest its coffee?” So the people will tell their friends on Facebook and Google+ and Twitter. You will see within days that your sale is going down.

The social signals are also factors for the search engines like Google and Bing. Yes. If people start to write bad reviews, making bad press releases the search engines will lower your ranking for the coffee keyword. Positive and negative social signals affect the organic ranking. Buyers can also click on like to local coffee business. This way they will help the local shop. And local searches are getting more and more important these days. So be sure people like your shop too.

Coffee substitutes

This is the threat of substitutions for the coffee keyword. Are there new ways you can use the keyword for coffee? The total market for the keyword “coffee” is not on Google. You might have to do some alternative marketing tactics. Do some Google Adwords? Or other PPC ads. Maybe you should try YouTube or Facebook PPCs? Maybe search retargeting. Build up a large audience in your social networks or start an email club with special offers? Well you should always do this anyway right?

Imagine what happens if Google suddenly changes its algorithm and you were getting 80 percent of your traffic from Google. You have spent years building up backlinks to your site, and suddenly Google thinks the social network is much more important than backlinks. Then you will have a problem right? Like in the real world, it is a thing to have an ongoing check of your competitors. What are they doing regarding backlinks, in the social network? Have they hired some new SEO guys?

Don’t let the competitors take the lead.

Coffee competition rivalry and intensity within the coffee industry

The rivalry and intensity for the coffee keyword is depending on all the above forces and your marketing strategy and your SEO strategy. For most industries the intensity of competitive rivalry is the major determinant for the competitiveness of the industry.

How to check competition in Market Samurai

How much money are the other companies spending on SEO? On Google Adwords? PPC budget? Are they working with video? Social networks? How big are the marketing budgets? The online budget? You can also do a keyword analysis for the keyword, like this from Market Samurai (But you can get analysis like this from many other companies too).

Coffee conclusion

You know the conclusion already. You can’t really say if you are going to rank number 1 for your keyword. You are depending on the entrants, buyers, suppliers, substitute and the rivalry and intensity within the coffee keyword market. The external forces are strong – so if you meet an SEO company telling you they can get you a number one ranking for a keyword you will know now that it really is impossible to promise.

And now it’s time for my coffee.

All the best, Henrik

PS – did you read about how to use AIDA to boost your traffic?



Printing MistakesYou have spent a lot of time with the designers and finally have a great design with matching artwork. Now it’s time for the printing press to finish off the job.

Most of the time, the job will be done perfectly. But sometimes, a few things can go wrong, leading to printing mistakes that you should avoid in small business.


Here are some of the biggest printing mistakes that small businesses do:


Tiny Font with a Dark Background

Beware of tiny fonts when printing on a dark background. Go for a big font if you prefer a dark background. If you prefer a small font, go for a bright background.


Colors That Contrast Poorly

Some colors give disastrous results when used together. Avoid colors that won’t give good contrast such as yellow, magenta and cyan.


Spelling Mistakes

Spelling mistakes can easily get into print if you don’t proofread carefully. If you feel challenged to proofread, get a competent person to proofread the material before printing. Repeat this process whenever changes are made on the material.

It is better to spend time and some money ahead of printing than to have the material printed and then realize that it needs corrections. The loss can be substantial and if you don’t carry it out, the results would be printed materials that don’t work as effectively as they should.


Overcrowded Print

Parts of the design can be chopped off if the design is overcrowded. To avoid parts of the design getting out of the print area, go for quiet borders. This is a design in which borders are not defined by color or lines. Quiet borders are defined by the space left around the printed area. The result is a professional looking print that is inviting to the audience.


Low Resolution Images

Using low resolution images leads to poor printed materials that look cheap and amateurish. Always ensure that the resolution of images meant for printing purposes is at least 300 pixels (ppi).


Not Getting a Hard Copy for Proofing Purposes

When you have proofed the design on the screen, you might assume it will be the same when printed. However, proofing on screen is not adequate for materials meant for printing. Get a hardcopy of the material. The hard copy will give you a good idea of what the final print will look like. Proofing a sample copy helps you to have a complete picture of your product. This includes the overall design and copy.


Poor Quality of Paper

The paper quality used may not be good enough. Insist on proofreading hard copy printed on the exact paper that will be used. This will help you make the best decision about paper quality.


Too Many Font Types

A print can have too many fonts. This can easily be a turn off for your audience. It is best to go for one or two fonts for any print.


Wrong Contact Information

Incorrect contact information can easily get into the final printed material. This can happen when proofreading is not done. The results would be disastrous. Always be keen about the contact information. Remember that the printed material should get customers to contact you.

It helps to look out for these printing mistakes in order to get rid of them. Are there other printing mistakes you should avoid in small business?


Author Bio: Guest post contributed by David Kendall on behalf of – David is a freelance technology writer. He enjoys sharing his insights on various tech blogs.



Modern SEO Practices for Online EntrepreneursKeyword Content for People
If you’re trying to think of keyword content, don’t use keywords that you would think might be the most efficient or well rounded. Use keywords that you could actually see real people using.

Think about when it would be most logical for your website to come up in search results and what the search entry would be. If your website is a large dry cleaning chain, then a search term might be, “Where to get clothes dry cleaned near”.

At the end of that particular term, there would probably be a location indicator such as zip code or city. This example works for service related websites, but if your website offers something else, then the keyword content would be different.

The idea here is that you need to anticipate the search term and incorporate it effectively into your content.


Local SEO
In many different search terms, even ones that don’t necessarily indicate a location, local results will be used. Having an entry on Google Places is one of the best ways to make sure that your business is getting exposure from local searches.

After you are listed on Google Places, you should make sure that your website’s business information is correct on both your webpage and on Google Pages.

This means that you should have consistent information. For example if your business is on 73rd street, but you abbreviated street as St. in your Google Places entry, make sure that you abbreviate the address on your website as well.


Unique Content
It cannot be stated enough how important having unique and original content is for your website.

It is the best way to ensure that after a website has its high page rank it maintains it. Google is smart, if you do manage to achieve a high page by recycling the same content or using an article spinner, Google will find out.

After Google finds out they will penalize your website and make sure that it cannot achieve a high page rank. Google may even remove your website from their results.

It may take longer and may be harder to achieve overall, but the best way to get a high page rank and keep it is with unique high quality content.


Create New Content Frequently
The internet is constantly changing and new things always appear. Having fresh new content frequently added to your site is not only important for increasing your page rank but also maintaining it.

Remember that when you make new content that it is unique and original. Don’t rewrite the same thing over and over again. All of the best SEO practices are geared towards helping users.

So before you publish a new piece of content ask yourself, “Will this content help or serve people in some way?”


Website Monitoring Tools
By using Google Webmaster Tools you are able to view any communications that Google attempts to have with your website.

The tools will allow you to figure out how many links are coming to your website from outside sources and the keywords that are most relevant when searching for your site.

Many people keep their marketing in house while others may utilize tools like the HirePulse directory to find the right agency for the job.


Brendan Mitchell is a contributing writer for Hire Pulse and has an extensive background in Internet marketing.



WaysOfTwitterEvery online marketer out there has heard of Twitter. Twitter is great for marketing but it takes a little while to understand. But if you get the hang of it, Twitter can do miracles for your marketing and help spread the word like no other.

Here are some of the ways you can get more out of Twitter.

1. Tweet Constantly – If you want to people to follow you and you want a larger audience, you want to always stay in their mind. If you stop tweeting people will unfollow you. The trick is to tweet the right amount without over tweeting and annoying your followers into unfollowing. Start with a few tweets a day and make changes accordingly.

2. Tweet Consistently – Make sure that you do not tweet 10 times in the morning and don’t tweet at all for the rest of the day. You want to spread out your tweets and the best way to do that is by using You can tweet whenever you want to and it will save them and tweet them throughout the day.

3. Get Ideas – Use the Twitter to get ideas on what you want to blog about. Let’s be honest, if you are a blogger, one of your biggest problems is that you constantly run out of ideas to blog about. Follow people in your niche and see what these people are having problems with. Chances are if one person has a problem, then other people do as well. Write a blog post that solves that problem.

4. Use Social media Monitoring Tools. Use them. Getting the top social media monitoring tools like Hoot Suite can help save a lot of time and make your Twitter campaigns more efficient. You will be able to gather a lot more data and have a lot more control.

5. Building relationships. Twitter is great for outreach. Tweet at someone and chances are they will respond. Just make sure it isn’t someone who is very famous. They probably don’t have the time to respond to everyone. Go for mid ranged bloggers and you can easily get guest post opportunities , etc.

6. Be unique. There are a lot of Twitter accounts out there and it is generally better if you stand out. You can get a lot more followers if your account is unique. Do not stick to the basic background. Make a custom one or one that sticks out from the rest. The same should apply to your avatar. When people are looking through tweets, the thing that catches their eye the most is your avatar. Try different avatars and see which picture of you is getting the best results.

7. Monitor your brand. Use Twitter to see what people are saying about your blog or business. This is a great way to get an understanding of how people feel about you/your site. You can do this manually or use one of the many tools out there that gather all tweets that have to do with a particular topic.


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Mark Trueman

SecretsList building is the official way of converting all the web traffic in to a profound business. It is just about making the right decision at the right time. It is no doubt today of crucial need for the best internet marketing strategies.

It is an integral part of all the internet marketing strategies set up by experts.

Link building has three main components, namely:

  • Hard word
  • Inventiveness and originality
  • Ingenuity

More than just making a website, no doubt running it is a much harder job. Keeping it updated, interacting with your visitors and looking over broken links and webpages becomes really hectic. Getting fame and popularity for your site also becomes essential and according to the Internet marketing strategies, link building is the easiest and most convenient way of gaining attention.

It is basically your link being displayed on other websites so that by just one click the viewers are directed towards your website’s home page. Your website’s link is mentioned under a specific category or directory, in this way only specific web traffic is directed your way. The audience basically visiting you has interest in the product that you offer and work becomes easier for you.

Below are a few pointers on constructing a successful link-building


The secret of squeeze pages

As your customers are directed towards your website from any other link built on another website, it is thereof your responsibility to cater them. A squeeze page seems the most convenient to showcase a professional sense to the customers. Don’t add in too much in it. Just try to obtain the email address of the customers, other details may be easily acquired later on. At this stage, your scoring point is to get hold of your customer’s email addresses.


The secret of trust building

It may be said that your website was built to expand your business via internet, yet you just can’t let the customers feel that. If you email your customers regularly, make sure you email them about not only about your products, new sales and arrivals, but also fill in some information about your website itself.

It would be nice to let the customer know your boundaries and standards. All the information about what you can get for them and what is available will be delivered to them with time.


The secret of precise talk

Your emailing should not get your customers worried nor should it get them offended. Limit the amount of emails you send weekly or monthly and make sure you abide by it. A few useful emails may be tolerated per month but a numerous futile emails daily may be marked as spam. Make sure you make your email worth reading with links to your products, price range and product details mentioned.


The secret of evaluation

Take yourself as a critic. Make sure you go over each and every aspect of your website as a critic. Examine each feature, representation and interaction of your website with others in other to judge your work better.

Bring changes and modifications with time. Technology keeps on evolving by leaps and bounds. Go for affordable advertisements rather than getting loss out of your website. Get ratings; create a poll to get answers from your visitors.


The secret of customer relationships

As easy as it might seem, when it comes to customers, it is a bit stressful to openly communicate with them or try to get genuine advice out of them. When running a website, it is good to keep a check on customer need and interact with them on a routine base.
This way you would hear exactly what they want. But then again, the only hard part is the interaction. On the internet, true emotions can’t be sought out of words, so it is most likely for people to lie in order to get rid of such a customer relation Performa. So try to have an amiable attitude and get the best out of your customers.


The secret in the social markets

When working officially on your website, you may pass on to the customers, the links of your blog or web page of any social website. This way your customers would know you better through social networking.


The secret of implementation

At the end, it just a general view of the complete situation. Everyone has an idea of all the points listed above, yet only a few become successful. Why? Well the method of implementation differs; hence, quality of work does too.


Author’s bio: My name is Sonia Jackson. Welcome to my website


PopularKeywordToolDo you want to incorporate the most popular SEO strategies into your website? Would you like to transform your new pay-per-click idea into a successful one? If yes, then this could just be the turning point in your online marketing career.

However, getting your website, blogs, videos, and social media posts to the top of the search engines requires ingenious SEO efforts; effective keyword implementation certainly tops the list. Whether you want to check the frequency of industry-friendly keywords you have chosen already or wish to find a set of keywords, you should use keyword suggestion tools.

The keywords and long tail search phrases recommended by the keyword suggestion tool would invariably go a long way in optimizing your website to the standards of major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing. Let’s take a sneak peak at the top 5 keyword suggestion tools available today.


iWebTools Keyword Suggestion

Just type in a keyword and this tool will display a list of the most frequently searched keywords matching it. The keywords are extracted from the most frequently searched terms on Google, Yahoo and MSN. So this tool should give you a fair estimate of the keywords pertaining to your niche.


Hit Tail Keyword Suggestion

To start off with, you need to put a keyword code on your website. This is to track search engine traffic and get a list of the prominent suggestions generated in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.


Overture Keyword Selector Tool

If you want to track keyword footprints on Yahoo then this should be the right tool for you. The best part is that it displays all the search terms and phrases entered by Yahoo users but the worst part is, it doesn’t include the search results of the Big ‘G’ (Google) and MSN. Overture displays the exact number of times a keyword was searched by visitors for a particular month. So, this should be a great tool to track Yahoo users’ activities.


Google AdWords Keyword Tool

This is one of the most descriptive tools you can ever find on the web. It displays custom-made keywords for any country or language. Using this all-encompassing tool, you can also find the keyword search volume, search trends, cost and position estimates and even negative keyword suggestions. However, one minor drawback of this tool is that it doesn’t display the real numbers. It gives you an estimate of the frequency of keyword search.


SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

This tool should be at the top of your list for a number of reasons. It is an all-inclusive keyword suggestion tool that gives you the exact number of times each term has been searched by visitors. It gives you the monthly data from top search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Besides generating monthly data for individual search engines it also gives you the combined data of all three search engines. What’s more, it also includes the features of Google AdWords which any SEO expert would like to check out! There are more features, each intended to save your time. You should check this one out!



The bottom line is, these keyword suggestion tools don’t fetch you money but inevitably help you earn more by listing your website at the top of search engine results and attracting heaps of prospective clients. If you want to take your online marketing campaign to the next level, then you should consider using these keyword suggestion tools.


This article has been brought to you by MyTechHelp – a leader in providing support across various product brands and tech devices for individuals and small businesses in need of instant tech help. click here


UsabilityIf you are building a website, whether it will be used to provide information for a particular audience or advertise and/or sell particular products and/or services, or indeed for both of those purposes, then it is crucial that the website is created in a way that makes it useable for many different people.

This means ensuring that the website can be easily accessed through many different devices and web browsers. The importance of usability to a website can often be underestimated, but will be explained further throughout this article.


There is a need for speed

It is important, for example, that a website can be loaded quickly through many different devices and web browsers. This is because, should someone find that a website does not load quickly, they are likely to lose patience with that website and instead try loading a different one. This can obviously cost the owner of the slow-loading website valuable hits and/or sales, and so can prove a surprisingly crucial factor in the success of that website. You should particularly consider that the average website user will not wait longer than 6-7 seconds for a page to load; hence, there is little point in having a high quality website if it cannot be loaded sufficiently promptly.

For this reason, you should try your best to avoid having any files, like images, on your website which are large in size and therefore may take a long time to load. While you might be tempted, for example, to use elaborate background images which will make your website look prettier, you need to consider that not everyone who attempts to access your website will have a very fast computer or Internet connection which can help them to load such images quickly. Furthermore, many people who have high speed Internet will expect website pages to load almost instantly; hence, you should endeavour to optimise all of your website files to have the smallest possible size without sacrificing their quality.


Keep things simple to make things easy

Furthermore, once visitors do successfully load a website, it is crucial that they are not left confused about what the website has to offer. You should remember that your website’s design should ideally cater equally for both people seeking brief information and people seeking more detailed information, and that any confusion experienced by any of these people could tempt them into abandoning the website to peruse another one. What you actually want to lead these people to do is use your website to quickly find the information that they want and then take a positive action – whether that involves taking up advice detailed on your website or purchasing any products and/or services that your website advertises.

Hence, when developing a website it is crucial to consider how it will be navigated by its visitors. For all visitors, but especially first time visitors, you should endeavour to make navigation straightforward and consistent. Make sure that no part of the website is any further than three clicks away. Though there are many different advanced ways in which you can design a website, there is little point in drawing on many of these if they render the website difficult to use. Ultimately, you would be better off sticking to a simple website design if it makes the website easier to use, as this should also make it more successful.

It is also important to keep the website’s structure simple. The extent to which you achieve this will largely define how easy the website is to navigate, which can make or break its appeal among inexperienced and impatient web surfers. Even if your website has a hundred pages, there are still ways in which you can maintain the simplicity of its structure – for example, through using expandable tree menus that clearly show where in the network of the website’s pages the user currently is and what pages the user has already viewed and clicked through.


The importance of uniformity

You should consider that many Internet users have become accustomed to very particular designs in the websites that they visit. Hence, it would be wise to adhere to one of these designs for your own website in order to discourage confusion in its visitors. Staples of many website designs include the logo of the organisation which owns the website in the top left corner of every page, which often incorporates a link back to the website’s home page; a navigation bar in the same part of each page; links in the footer to pages dedicated to the website’s privacy policy and terms of use; and an ‘About us’ section or page which reveals more about the organisation which owns the website.

Furthermore, whatever design is chosen for the website, it should remain consistent throughout all of that website’s pages. This should help to discourage confusion in the website’s visitors and could also extend even to error pages. These pages are the type which typically appear when a broken or invalid link is clicked, and any error pages you create should include information on what may have led to the error. However, bug prevention is always better than cure concerning the usability of a website. Indeed, if visitors to your website routinely experience a significant number of bugs, this is likely to damage your website’s reputation over time.


The importance of website usability in a nutshell

What you ultimately want to provide with a website is a pleasant experience for visitors which makes it easy for them to promptly find precisely what they are looking for. This is crucial for the success of your website, as it will help it to attract an increasing number of visitors and, if you are using the website to advertise or sell particular products and/or services, encourage higher sales of those products and/or services. As word of mouth spreads about the high quality of your website, the website’s visitor numbers and hence success should further increase.



facebookpicIn a way, Facebook Marketing is just like traditional sales, it’s about building relationships.

But where it differs is where the real sales conversions start – forget everything you know about the competition, forget everything you know about sales and forget everything you know about your market – you need to redefine it all and then watch the sales conversions start pouring in.

Social Media Marketing is about working that virtual room in a collaborative, personal and non-selly way.


Not all Facebook Likes are Created Equal

There are different kinds of likers on every Facebook page. Most are fairly valuable, a few are worth their weight in gold.

Identifying the type of liker and using each liker to further your sales conversions is the best way to create direct sales.


Tip 1: Bums on seats Facebook Likers

These are the likers you get from “like exchanges”, “like ladders”, “Facebook marches”, “promote pages” and other networking pages designed to help startups.

You swap likes with a bunch of other Facebook noobs and 95% of them hide your statuses before you make your first post. They’re good because they make up the numbers a take away that “new page cringe”.

True or not, the perception of a new Facebook page will be that you don’t know what you’re doing, so you’ll post too much, sell too hard, and generally clog news feeds with rubbish. Bums on seats likers remove that fear.


Tip 2: How to Get the Most from Chatty Cathys

A Chatty Cathy won’t buy anything from you. They’re your high school friends, your mom, people in your network, complimentary businesses and Facebook likers who just enjoy hanging out on your page. They are extremely valuable if you play your cards right.

Chatty Cathys make EXCELLENT brand ambassadors – especially those who are just Facebook addicts who sit on Facebook all day chatting on pages – these are worth their weight in gold. How? Well, you need to cultivate the relationship, get them talking about themselves, about Facebook, about their friends – in short, become one of their friends.

While selling on Facebook is not the way to go, you should make these likers aware of why your brand is superior to competitors. When they leave your page, they go chat on other pages, like minded pages, “Find it on Facebook” leads pages, their networks, their mommy groups and their clubs.

They are the ears and mouths of your business and there is no sales pitch like a trusted word of mouth sales pitch. When a sales opportunity arises, your Chatty Cathys start chatting about you – delivering nice, primed, ready-to-buy Money Likers to your page.


Tip 3: How to Treat Money Likers

These are shoppers or buyers that like your page because they are planning to buy or ready to buy your product. These are GOLD – and rare.

This is not the norm for Facebook – if 10% of your likers are Money Likers, you’re doing well! These arrive at the recommendation of Chatty Cathys, via Google, via Facebook searches or via your interaction on other pages in your network.

To be sure you get the very most out of a Money Liker, set your landing tab to your photo tab filled with beautiful, enticing, well labelled photos (if you have a visual product) or a custom landing tab with an incentive to like and a link to your website.

Ensure that your info page is filled with branded messages about why you’re the one to buy from and that they get a nice warm welcome and make it easy-peasy for them to hand over their moola.


Tip 4: Facebook Networking – Where the Money is REALLY at

This is where Social Networking comes in, not social media marketing. Social Networking is where the money actually comes from. Social networking is about being warm and fuzzy, it’s about interacting and chatting and commenting and liking and contributing to complimentary business pages. (If it doesn’t sound like you, don’t do it, hire someone or get the 19 year old on reception to handle it – she’ll probably be great!)

Choose some nice, talented, professional networking candidates, preferably with a more established page than your own and start working the Facebook room.

Everyone wants great Edgerank and a happy, interactive social page – so businesses that offer services or products that are complimentary but not in competition to your own will appreciate your 2 cents on their wall.

They’ll appreciate your comments, your interaction and even “shout outs” from your page. Build a nice strong network, shout out regularly, do joint giveaways and competitions, celebrate their victories on your wall, tell your likers about their new products and watch them reciprocate.

Once you build the friendship up, something amazing will happen, you’ll start to see referral business. This is where the money is really at. Let’s say you are a web designer. You network with graphic designers, copywriters, programmers, shopping cart designers etc.

When your graphic designer’s client needs a website, it’s you who gets the work. When you need a copywriter for a client, you’ve got one ready to go – and when your copywriter needs a web designer for her client, she’s got you.


Tip 5: Make It Easy

  • Make it simple for people to spread the word, interact with you and buy from you.
  • Add your website link to your company information box in the info tab so when your page is shared, there’s a link to your website.
  • Make Facebook part of your Website Marketing plan
  • Add Social Media buttons to your website, email, guest blogs and other internet and real world interactions.
  • Label your products clearly and with individual names or numbers so it’s easy for likers to order.
  • If postage costs apply, label products with domestic and international rates.
  • Have trust building guarantees and a recommendations tab.
  • Watch lead generating pages like Find It pages like a hawk.
  • Run competitions and cross promotions and give valuable prizes
  • Have a contact tab and reply promptly if there are complaints or inquiries

They say that Facebook has low conversion rates but I say,” they” are the ones still using tired old traditional sales methods in a new media environment. Getting great conversions from your Facebook Marketing is about working that virtual room in a collaborative and friendly way. How very pleasant new media can be!


Dana Flannery is the Creative Director at Content Marketing firm, Talk About Creative. She specialises in Social Media Strategy and SEO Copywriting.



TwitterCorporateIn our time of highly Internet technology even a small entrepreneur is committed to representing their business on the internet. The presence of a corporate site is out of the question – which organizations  doesn’t have its own corporate site?

But now we need not just a presence on the Internet ― it is important to have the direct communication with your customers, prompt reaction on all social unrest of your target audience and improving the image of your business in such a broad and multi-faceted Internet environment.

To help in this matter comes social networks that set the pace of modern social life. Proper use of social networks can significantly increase sales, increase brand awareness and monitoring of consumer desires.

About advantages and necessity of representing your brand in social networks there has been said and written many articles and books, but still not many companies know how to use this tool to its full potential.

This article focuses on the use of social marketing tool such as Twitter.

Twitter is a relatively new tool for presenting your brand in the world of social networks, but has already gained its popularity and the number of advantages in comparison with others. It allows you to keep in touch with your followers, quickly inform them about all the new items for your business, respond quickly to their needs and desires.

Briefly speaking, Twitter can be a useful addition to any marketing campaign.

Suppose you convinced the corporate account that the company need a corporate Twitter. What’s next? Consider the major issues that arise in front a businessman and about what you should think about before you make the first steps.


On whose behalf are you tweeting?

In this regard there are two possible solutions.

On the one hand, you can keep your account on behalf of a brand or a company and name it accordingly to them. On the other hand, you can keep your account on behalf of a private person, which is directly related to your company.

Which way to choose depends on the specifics of your business and the goals you want to achieve through the corporate account on Twitter.

If you represent a large international brand than brand’s official account can help solve such problems as the creation of visual contact between logo and brand name. It will also help you to create your “army” of loyal followers, and always refer to them at the right time for the reporting of sales and events.

If you have a local or small business and your company name is not widely known you can create accounts of a private person and contact with your followers on a more informal level, but by the way informing and reminding about your company in the form such as “Today ate sushi. And by the way, in our food delivery store we have new proposition – the second set – for free.”



Choose the right picture is a very important mission because of this picture your account will be recognized in the social network.

If this is the official account of the company or brand – the picture should be recognizable, clear, concise and vivid. Users should immediately recognize you in their news feed.

If you decide to keep your account on behalf of an individual then as an avatar you must use a real photo. Users are much more loyal to the real people and will be more likely comment on and retweet your posts.


Communication Style

The style of your communication with your followers, again, depends on the specifics of your business. But don’t forget that Twitter is a social network so it doesn’t like the official and grave style.

The most important thing – be friendly and interesting, do not post dry information or frank advertising because you can lose your followers.


The frequency of tweets

There is no specific number of tweets per day – it depends on the content. The main thing – they must be regular. Also you must mention that people often visit Twitter in the morning before work and in the evening after work.

Alternate advertising, news and personal tweets. You can create a schematic release schedule, for example: morning – news, day – advertising, in the evening – an interesting story from the life or some observation. The main rule – be interesting.

There are main advices before creating a corporate account in Twitter. All the rest come with experience and practice.



Author bio: Joe Craven is a specialist of context advertising and social marketing of He writes articles on various topics that deal with internet marketing, branding and business promotion in the internet.