DigitalStrategyLong long time ago – well 5 or 10 years ago – companies tried to make a difference based on the products they made for their customers. The old fashion value chain model was great. It would give us the ability to find ways to cut the costs of producing a product.

But now you can go online and check the prices for a product within seconds. And if you have a physical shop or even a web shop I will bet that somewhere on the web there is a shop who will sell your product cheaper than you.

There are a lot of websites where you are checking prices and you can find the cheapest one in 5 seconds right? Maybe you are setting up the prices based on your costs. But what if a web shop is setting their prices based on the lifetime value of a customer. In this case they can push their sales prices back maybe 5 or 10 percent.

So you might find that you can go to your local store and get an item for 25 dollars and you can go online see buy the precise same product for 10 dollars. So why should you get 15 dollars more in the local shop. Well this is all old news – I know.

So how do you make a different? How do you show the customer that they will have to buy the product in your shop? What kind of value are you giving to your customers? Companies these days need to find new ways to make a different.


Connecting devices

The shift from producing and selling your products locally to the role of delivering the best value for the customer is driving – among other things – by the connecting devices.

The computer power of a Smartphone these days are bigger than the computer power used by NASA to put a man on the moon.

So as a company we will have to use these new devices to boost our business.

And it’s not just the mobile phones. It’s also tablet computers and notebooks. The devices are all making it easier for the customers to find products and services online. To compare the products. We don’t go online once a week to check out a shop or products, we are always online. We are getting hints from our friends. We check the reviews.

And this amazing new approach really opens up a brand new world for us marketing people right? We will have to create the right Digital Strategy – to show our customers that they have to put the product on our website. Even though we might not be the cheapest one, we could bring the highest value.

So instead of having your focus on the costs of producing a product, we should now have the focus on delivering the best value to the customers. We need to pay attention to people using multiple social networks, multiple devices, always online.

We need to develop a “Digital Customer Strategy”


4 step Digital Customer Strategy

So let me show you this 4 step guide for starting this digital customer strategy.


1) Mission and value of your company and brand

You need to be in compliance with your mission and value. You can’t have a luxury brand offline and a cheap product online right?

A digital online customer should have the same feel of the company online and offline. And the value should be showed in every marketing channel.

2) The Intended digital experience

Describe how you want to interact with your customers need. Don’t talk about IT or HTML.

In plain text write down, how you want to help the customer gathering information about the same kind of product as yours?

What kind of information should be provided to the customer before buying your product? What about after sale information?

How do you want to engage your customers? Remember your customers are online 24/7.


3) Activities and processes that support the intended digital experience

Now you will have to talk about IT and HTML. How can you deliver the intended digital experience and give your customers more value?

Do you your customer to get a white paper about the topic or product? Do you want the customer to be able to compare products? Do you want the customer to get links to product reviews? Do you have an email club? What about the social media?

How do you want to keep touch with your customer 24/7?


4) Digital channel investments

Now you know your mission and brand value, you know what kind of digital experience you want to give your customers to give them extra value right?

And you also know which activities and processes you need to support the digital experience. So now you have to invest in your activities and processes.

With your clear strategy in place, your company can now make the decisions about the website, so they will have the most impact on their businesses instead of just following a me-too strategy.


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PromodoInfographocsSmallI want to show you this awesome Infographics about how you can do your keyword research.

Click on the image to see it larger 🙂

It’s made by the folks at Promodo. You will get a better understanding that every one of your pages has its owns keyword to target.

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FacebookAddictThe most remarkable development through the last decade is considered to be different social media networking platforms as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Google+1.

Among the list of concerns in the life of modern man are how to get Twitter followers or get Facebook fans. These are vital issues today.

These platforms meant for individuals, groups and communities with common interests to stay more “connected” and share mutual interests.

Actually, social media platforms have entered lives of all people and hardly anyone can imagine their life without them. And, yes, the thing is that social media very often appear to be quite useful.

They help us to stay connected; they help to get and spread new information more easily, faster and usefully, stay in touch with people we like, and so on. There are many pluses and it is difficult to innumerate all of them. But along with so many advantages there also exist a series of disadvantages which all the users should be aware of and try to avoid.


Today I want to focus my attention on the most “important” minus of social media and it is “addiction”.

Let us see. Internet addiction and particularly social media addiction are recognized by psychologists as psychological disorders. There have been and still are being carried out a number of studies referring to the expansion of Internet addiction. It is mainly observed among the users of social media networking platforms, especially Facebook. The reason for addiction is that users do not want to miss anything on their account or page, be it a status update, post, tweet, a photo or video. According to survey more than 350 users are suffering from Facebook addiction and this number is increasing. Here are some signs of social media addiction.

  • If you continually check your Facebook or Twitter updates regardless of time and place. You do not enjoy your time and spend it upgrading your statuses and tweeting about every little thing happening to you and around you. Be sure you are addicted.
  • If you feel anxious and discomfort when you are not online, it also signals out that you are addicted. Many addicted people have a feeling of loneliness and depression. If you feel the same you had better find an Internet rehab center.
  • Another symptom of addiction is the list of your friends. If you do not know most of your friends but add them to create an impression that you are well connected and have many acquaintances, then you are addicted.


Roman Sahakov is the founder and CEO of Frozzo, marketer, father, husband and great personality. Being an enthusiast and explorer in Social Media Marketing he lives and runs his company in London. He explores the world of Social Media Marketing and shares his new ideas and knowledge with the world.





TwitterTextIn recent years, online tools such as Twitter and Facebook have made social media marketing more progressive and popular.

Twitter has allowed businesses to create a professional presence online and the ability to interact with potential/existing customers through much more immediate means. Businesses are now afforded the luxury of knowing what their followers (customers) are doing at any given moment, and vice versa. This real time data sharing creates not only up-to-date business profiles but also immediate and current sharing of ideas and products.


Twitter is all about relationships

Twitter is all about relationships, and in this respect the same can be true for marketing. The simple fact when it comes to marketing is that relationships are vital. Connections drive marketing – the more connections you have the more marketing potential you have. Twitter has thus become one of the leading social media marketing choices as it allows for the creation of literally thousands of followers (25 million and counting if you are Lady Gaga!).

Twitter’s unique aspect of being able to follow people and being followed in turn means that very quickly a business can amass a giant list of potential customers and professional relationships. A user does not have to request in most cases who to follow and whereas Facebook  limits the amount of connections you can have, twitter only limits the amount you can follow, not who can follow you, so essentially the sphere of influence/networks is endless.

Twitter allows businesses to promote and market their products or themselves, at an individual level. One commentator likened Twitter to that of a giant dinner party, wherein lots of conversations are occurring. One can easily join in or start a new one where in turn others can join in. This is different to Blogs, which were likened more to crowd talking, and Facebook, which was simply viewed as no more than private conversations. Twitters’ benefit is its ability to share information amongst a lot of people easily and openly.


Twitter and B2B

Twitter is one of the leading social media marketing choices for B2B due to viral marketing benefits. Viral marketing is a core B2B social media application for a product or service recognition and development of leads. According to Irbtrax SEO Social Media Marketing Optimization founder Scott Moir – “It can’t be emphasized enough. When used effectively the viral marketing benefits of Twitter make it an extremely valuable platform for any business that depends on the Internet for its prosperity.”

Well written, newsworthy, enticing tweets can take on the characteristics of a successful online press release. News and information can be spread almost instantaneously; far quicker than emails or blog. Information can spread from New York to London to Tokyo in a matter of seconds. Ultimately viral marketing can lead to brand enhancement, content sharing and traffic generation for your company.


Research tool

As a market research tool, Twitter is also excellent. With many built in features, as well as external systems such as Buffer and Tweetdeck, which can efficiently monitor information related to their industry specific trends.  Through careful research, one can gain an insight into the people who use Twitter, more specifically your followers at an individual level. Who are they as people? What is their likes and dislike? Etc. The information gathered through this research is invaluable when it comes to putting together pitches and building industry relationships.

Elsewhere, one can monitor your competitor’s twitter accounts to research their online strategy – What are they doing differently to you? What are you doing different to them? Much of this research is conducted through analyzing what can only be described as ‘peripheral connections’. What this means is if you want to market your company you find someone on twitter that is doing the same thing as you with a similar message or item and look to their followers. They are following this person for a reason. Find the reason, exploit and entice these followers to follow you.


Boost your traffic

Twitter can also be used as a mean to boost and promote a business’s other site also. One can use Twitter to promote your social bookmarking submissions or get your followers to vote up submissions through Digg, Delicious etc. In this respect, this reciprocal aspect of twitter is unique. By helping one another, you are able to get a feel for who uses these sites i.e. Digg, and this serves in turn as a fantastic promotional tool. What is more, this sharing of help and ideas provides an invaluable source pool of ideas for blogs. One can pick up other posts and expand on them or garner ideas from conservation or new authors.

Trust and value is often the core principle behind following one another on Twitter, and this has to be achieved most of the time through the personal approach. Businesses should not be afraid to conduct small talk with their followers and indeed competitors (of course remaining professional when doing so) . The problem however is often trying to be too corporate which creates a boring twitter account. To have tens of thousands of followers on Twitter is impressive but often these are simply the results of popularity (in the case of a celebrity), long established brands or harvesting software. It is very unlikely that these are honest relationships with which you can market too. Honest relationships more than nominal ones which are critical to long term marketing and business.


Simplicity of use

Much of twitter’s success stems ultimately from its simplicity of use. Users of Twitter do not have to look after and manage a wealth of information or details unlike other social media sites, and so their ability to use Twitter is much more organized. In turn, Twitter users have related that this has made their Twitter account ‘more fun’ to use than say on Facebook or Myspace. But there is also a flexibility to Twitter which is lacking elsewhere. Twitter in terms of a communication/marketing tool is one that can essentially be accessed anywhere and by a wide ranging audience. Twitter also requires minimal resources meaning it can be accessed from any device which has the internet or a viable ISP. This is significant for businesses that have a technologically diverse target audience.

In short, the benefits Twitter Marketing can bring a business are:

  • Real-time content
  • Immediate data share
  • Brand enhancement
  • Traffic generation
  • Customer demographic improvements
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Alternative Market Research


About the Author – Ian Garstang works at Kingsland Linassi, an award winning, Top 100 UK creative design agency and property marketing company, working on such projects as Zemi Beach luxury Caribbean condos. Ian enjoys luxury travel, good design and writing.


SeoFriendlyGraficGraphics consume almost 50% space on a web page and Google reads them carefully to gather important information about your website.

From the resolution and format to image alt tags, everything plays an important role in the ranking of a website.

Now, while it is known that small resolution graphics load faster and that keyword-rich alt tags are easily readable, there is some dispute between “popular on web” and “SEO-friendly” graphics. Most browsers and OSes will support most graphic formats; however, not all formats will be conducive to your website’s bandwidth allocation, loading time, or suit your business objective.

There are mainly 5 types of graphic formats that are highly popular on the web, and all of them have their benefits and disadvantages as far as SEO is concerned:


JPEG– It’s the most widely used image format and is supported by all popular operating systems, which is highly beneficial from the SEO perspective. However, unlike GIF, JPEG cannot be animated and its excellent resolution may make graphics heavier.

If your requirement is cross-OS compatible graphics to use in small numbers on your website, JPEG is the best choice for SEO-friendly images.


GIF– It’s the ideal image format for logos and animations, the latter of which can be done without any coding so viewers can watch it directly from a browser without any third party plug-in. However, GIF supports only 256 colors and lacks the high-quality appeal of JPEG.

So, if your site requires high-gloss quality images, their purpose being to retain attention, do not use GIF. However, if you want animation effects without the burden of a heavy Flash file, use GIF.


BMP– It’s a popular image format for Windows users, but is not SEO-friendly. Also Bitmap images use up lots of bandwidth that make a site slower.


TIFF– It offers excellent resolution and clarity but is extremely heavy, eat server space and more importantly, can reduce the page loading time. Mac users prefer this format for its richness, but if SERP ranking is more important to you, then avoid it.


PNG– The best quality of PNG is that it’s loss-less. Even compressed, an image remains high-quality despite becoming lightweight. However, PNG is not advisable for graphic design because it is not supported by all web browsers.


Generally, most designers will use JPEG and JIF formats because of their attractiveness, support from multiple-OS and browsers and faster load time.


Author BioHema Gupta a content analyst and marketer at WebGuru Infosystems provides information about image formats to help designers to design SEO-friendly graphics.

FreeTrafficAll the webmasters are putting their efforts only for one simple thing: traffic. Building traffic is the most challenging task for a website owner.

At the same time, this is the most precious wealth for an online business.

More traffic means more conversion and this leads to generation of more revenues. Traffic building strategies may be divided into paid and free strategies respectively.

According to online marketing SEO experts, free traffic building strategies can be classified into three phases: bringing traffic to a new website, enhancing traffic funnel and maintaining the influx of traffic to an old website and continuous generation of revenues. Here, you’ll learn the effective strategies into these separate categories.


# Bringing traffic to a brand new website: primary strategies

* Optimizing the contents:

Today, keyword optimization concept has become different. Older concepts don’t work anymore. Nowadays, you have to produce high quality content based on the topic, not the keyword. You have to optimize the title and metadata for better search engine responses. This step refers to a term: on page optimization.


* Directory submission, press release, article marketing:

Once the website is ready and optimized for search engine listings, you have to submit the website URLs, site maps in different search engines and directories. Submission of press releases, articles will definitely help your website rank in the search engines against certain keywords. Finally, your brand new website will start getting some organic visitors gradually.


# Increasing the amount of traffic gradually

* Forum posting, blog commenting and connecting with your visitors:

You have to concentrate on building relationships with your visitors and potential clients through your website. You must ensure the quality and credibility of the information published on your website. You have to leave URLs and links on the related forums and discussion threads. You can also interchange the links with blogs and website in the relevant category. This will create a funnel of visitors within the strong network. Be responsive to your readers; encourage them about commenting and leaving feedback.


* Adapting popular social media platforms for your website:

Nowadays, social media websites, bookmarking sites and community-sharing sites have become the most credible source of traffic. These websites don’t only get you instant traffic, but they also help your website to increase credibility and authority rank. You have to prepare your site for these social websites and platforms. Fortunately, there are many plug-ins and software to make things easier for the webmasters. You should also maintain the relationship with your visitors on these platforms.


# Maintaining the influx of traffic: keeping the volume constant

* Viral marketing, video marketing, regular submission of articles and press releases:

Maintaining the amount of traffic to your site is the biggest challenge faced by the webmasters. This requires long-term marketing strategies. Viral social marketing, video marketing in the leading platforms like, and regular press release and article submission help the sites to retain the amount of visitors consistently. The strategy is similar to the primary tactic, but you have to plan your strategy properly. Following these steps also helps you increase the amount of traffic to your website.


* Distribute free stuff and build a subscriber list:

You must make your visitors feel special and enticed with something very useful. Build an email or subscriber list by giving away free reports, eBooks and many other things. This will definitely retain the loyal visitors to your site. At the same time, spontaneous social sharing also helps the number of subscribers grow. Building a list is a very effective way to generate revenue.


* Use offline promotion methods, let people talk on your platform:

Offline methods are always neglected by many webmasters. This is definitely one of the powerful methods of growing local traffic and gets potential customers from local market. You should follow the traditional offline marketing strategies and keep the funnel of visitors intact. Besides, you should create a forum or blogging platform where your visitors can interconnect between each other. This also helps your visitors grow beyond.

Many webmasters often complain that the free-traffic building strategies don’t work effectively. They are always oriented towards paid marketing and advertising strategies. But free techniques can definitely help your visitors grow if used properly. There are numerous other methods, some of which are rarely practiced by the webmasters; learning and implementing them will definitely help you enhance the traffic amazingly.

Author Bio: Rahul Makhija has been in the internet marketing industry for more than 6 years. For more information you can visit DC Web Design. He is an expert on SEO & PPC tactics and in his free times likes to read and understand about human behavior. 


GooglePlacesWith more and more people using the Internet to buy or sell a product or service, Google Places has become the better alternative to the Yellow Pages.

It is also called referred to as Google Maps and is actually an extension of Google Search. Google Places is a very convenient tool for sellers and buyers and it is completely free to use.

If you operate a local business and you want to increase your sales, it is recommended that you get your company listed in it.

The Farmer Update in 2011 gave local businesses the opportunity to get to the top of the Google search page results. That is, if they know how to effectively use Google Places.

What this means is that there are certain things that you must do in order to land at the top spot of Google searches using Google places, and these are:

  • Account Set Up – The first thing you need to do is set up an account in Google Places. It is free and easy to do but it must be complete. An important step in getting to the top of the searches is completing your information and using the right keywords.Supply complete and correct information on your Name, Address, contact details, email and website addresses, and also provide an accurate description of your business. Fill out as many fields as possible. You can also supply videos and photos of your business. This will add style to your business and give readers more information about it.
  • Supply a citation – This is simply a reference of your business from another website. The citation must be identical to the precise match of your Google Places listing.
  • Check the accuracy of all your citations – This includes names, addresses, phone numbers and so forth. Even if your company is listed, incorrect information will affect its ranking adversely.
  • Get your company listed – To get the best citations, you need to get listed on Yahoo, Insiderpages, Angie’s List, Superpages and other search sites. Google will be able to get more information about your company from these sites.
  • Create additional local links – This means building up additional local links that refer to your business name, URL, phone number and business address. Like the usual SEO methods, you can indicate them in social media networks and postings. However, it would be more advantageous if you will source them from other business websites, directories and bloggers since they function as a form of review.
  • Regularly update your Google Places page – This can be accomplished by simply modifying the main areas of your page, as often as possible. It is not necessary to edit the videos or the images but maybe just editing the description. Doing these things can impact your ranking, in a positive way.
  • Get as many reviews as you can – These reviews play a major role in increasing your ranking and driving your listing upward. So get as many reviews as possible, from different websites. You can encourage other sites to do this by also offering to exchange reviews of their business as well.


This article was written by Ricky Joyner – Owner of


DosDontSuccessful and effective blogging does not happen overnight or by luck. In fact, seasoned bloggers work hard and constantly learn more about the craft. These basic Dos and Don’ts are a stepping stone for making a successful business blog.

Do spread the word offline about your blog. If you want a successful blog, you must make it a priority. Don’t be ashamed of what you’re doing online. Spread the word around the office, to customers and to your family.

Don’t have music automatically playing in the background. While this may have been cool in the early days of the Internet, it’s simply a hassle now. Music playing in the background will simply distract, and possibly aggravate, your visitors.

Do post regularly. Make a posting schedule and stick to it. Your blog needs consistent fresh content. When visitors know you post often, they are more likely to visit again and again.

Don’t fill your website with ads. You are a business. The goal of your website is to drive people to your business, not to advertise other products and services. Focus your energy on great content, not generating money from third-party advertisements.

Do create a relationship with other blogs in your niche. As a business blog, connect with other businesses in your area. You can start building this business relationship through commenting on other business blogs. Not only does it help build relationships, but it also helps your blog because it gets you name out there even more.

Don’t post irrelevant, fluffy material. When you spend time creating a blog post, make it count. Posting for the sake of posting does not help your readership, and doesn’t help you either. If you can’t come up with three quality posts a week, that’s okay. Only post once a week. Make every post count.

Do share your blog through your social media websites. It’s okay if you do not have a social media plan for your business. But if nothing else, you should have a personal account. If you do, make sure to share links to your blog through social media. Encourage your family, friends and co-workers to do the same. The more people that share, the greater chances you have of more visitors.

Don’t use spammy, questionable methods to get visitors. There are plenty of black hat marketing methods that you may come across during your study of successful business blogging. However, steer far away from these methods. You may get more visitors at first, but the end result could give your business a bad name and even get you banned from search engines.

Do build a relationship with your readers. Engage with your readers through the comments section. If someone comments with a question, promptly respond. This is all a part of customer service and public relations. Work hard and keep visitors and customers happy.

Don’t get discouraged. You may not see overnight success from your business blog, but keep at it. With a bit of hard work, you can make this tool a huge asset for your business.


Chelsei Henderson enjoys blogging about and helping others with website building when not building websites herself. Check out Webeden to learn how build your own website and become successful online.


TwitterBlueTwitter is being used by many companies for business – to do market research, for brand advocacy and sometimes reputation management. Twitter allows them to expand their brand and generate new opportunities.

Apart from that to enhance your company’s branding on social platform like Twitter, you got to empower all your employees to be a part of company’s brand online.

You mustn’t force your employees; instead you must provide them such tools, which will encourage them to become a part of your brand online.

But to be more innovative, here are 5 useful tips to brand your business on Twitter:


#1: Expand Your Network

Since you are using Twitter, you can learn valuable information from scanning tweets from influencers and fellow members. Also try the advanced Twitter search for related keywords to your products or services and then follow the influential users.

Moreover, your customers will perceive you as an approachable social personality.


#2: Template Background for Employees

Another major branding factor within the Twitter experience is profile background. As profile backgrounds are the largest piece of visual real estate that you have to share with others.

Since many businesses have a custom Twitter background for their business profiles, you can go a step further by offering your employees a custom company template for use on their Twitter backgrounds.

By creating a Twitter background template, you can offer it to all your employees and provide them with simple instruction on customizing the template and uploading them it on their twitter accounts.


#3: Consistent Profile Images

In a twitter stream profile images are major branding opportunity.

At the same time, there are many people who do not like their own pictures. It’s a high time, now you can take this opportunity, and have someone in your company as a freelancer photographer to take the new profile pictures of current and new employees.

When you do this, you got to make sure that the photographs are taken in the same style and position.

In addition to it, you can use some background, as it will represent your company in some ways.

This background will be as simple as the wall of your office as one company color. Your main aim here is creating a consistent profile image across the country.


#4: Use Custom URL Shortener

Twitter is all about sharing great content. Take advantage of this by making your own URL shortener to help brand your company as people share your links.

You can do this pretty simply by purchasing a short domain name and connecting it to Bitly Pro.


#5: Keep The Salesmanship Down

Though networking and community building are the two prime jobs of social media, it is okay to pepper in some relevant service news. You can announce your offers and discounts in a clear concise manner but be tactful in how you do it.

On the whole, if you put these ideas into action, it will definitely benefit you a lot.


Sourav Saha is the Web Consultant at Webaholic. He blogs about latest SEO trends, Social Media Tips and Updates @Blogaholic.


UserFriendlyWebsiteIt is extremely important for contemporary businesses to have a strong online presence.

The sheer volume of prospective customers with access to the web is growing by leaps and bounds over the passage of time, making it practically imperative for companies to build strong and informative websites, to retain contact with clients at all times.

The presence of secure websites is all the more necessary if your firm specializes exclusively in online transactions.

In what follows, you will be provided with a few pointers that can go a long way in making your business website more powerful and effective. Click here to find more informations on this regards.

  • Choose a structured layout – There are several alternative layouts that can be used on web pages. However, it is advisable for you to stick to the most common ones that are seen online. The layout that you select must lend your site an uncluttered, easy-to-navigate feel. A systematically developed website also ensures that visitors can find the information they need quickly and with ease.
  • Selecting the font for web content – While browsing on the web, people tend to be rather impatient in nature. Hence, it is critical for a website to be user-friendly enough to retain the users’ attention for an extended span of time. Choose a font for your site that would be present on the systems of maximum users (Ariel, Times New Roman or Verdana serve fine in this regard). The font size and color should also be chosen appropriately.
  • Presence of animations and flash banners – It is important for your site to have a small loading time. Typically, multimedia flash content takes greater time to load on a server than a plain, text-based web page. Hence, you need to determine the amount and the number of multimedia advertisements that should be present on your site. Always keep in mind that, it is the information content, and not the advertisements, that will drive traffic to your site.
  • Use of pop-up advertisements – Users from all over the world would agree on the fact that websites with many pop-ups are irritating and rather inconvenient. Stay away from the notion that a large number of pop-up ads will actually make your site more interactive in nature. Far from doing so, that can actually drive people away from your site. A single pop-up might work well, along with one pop-under page (if necessary).
  • Putting hyperlinks on your pages – Help your visitors to easily locate the hyperlinks that you place in your webpage content. The conventional practice on this count is to put the text that is to be hyperlinked in blue, and underlining the same. That way, it would stand out from the rest of the content and make people aware of the presence of hyperlinks.
  • Linking to the Home Page – Ideally, each and every page of your website should have a link to return to the home page. This makes your site much easier to navigate (rather than making users use the ‘back’ button far too often).
  • Compressing images –Image files that are too large in size will automatically slow down your site. Thus, you need to compress your pictures to sizes that would be optimal for web users. Fortunately, there are a number of online graphic editors which you can use for this purpose.
  • Content quality – In order to gain in reputation and popularity over the long-run, you need to make sure that the content that is published on your website is of the best quality. The write-ups have to be informative, structured and crisp. Ideally, each of the pages should dwell with discrete topics or issues. Of course, avoiding basic spelling and grammatical errors is of the primary essence.

There are multiple other tips that you should follow while creating your own website. Close adherence to all such web designing guidelines can make your site really popular among users.


Contributed by Kenneth Parkar, the official instruction about how to design or develop your website.