CoverDesignThe key to a successful book cover design is knowing what will work, and what won’t.

It is true that the wrapping of a novel or a short story collection helps in its promotion. In simpler words, it acts as an effective promotional tool.

Graphic designers who create amazing covers bewilder audience with their artistic prowess. Designing for a fast paced mystery, an adventure thriller or a romantic novel is not child’s play and requires sound knowledge of commercial art. Colors, graphics, texts and images need to be used with precision and meticulousness.


Focus on The Theme

Be it fiction or non-fiction, it centers around a concept or theme and the binding should aptly describe that concept. Yes, it is the binding that attracts a reader’s attention to a fictional piece or otherwise. Do not make the mistake of cramming the front page with too many components, illustrations and images.

A professional should think of the book like a billboard that tries to attract the attention of the people passing by. Keep in mind the following aspects before you start working:

  • The theme and the subject
  • The genre
  • An idea of the style or tone of the published document. The above pointers would help one to come up with creative ideas. Are you designing for a thriller? Or is it a historical account or biography? The answers to these questions will help a graphic artist in producing quality output.


How Will It Look on Web Sites?

The book should also look equally impressive on web pages. Therefore, consider the design aspects carefully so that it also impresses the online audience.


Photos that Explain

There is no need to be too real while working on the cover. Look for visuals that communicate the overall tone, style and mood of an omnibus. Pictures included should connect well with the context. The type of images you choose also depends on the subject. If it is on a spiritual topic or related to self-help, then visuals of nature would be relevant.

On the other hand, a treatise on history should have historical illustrations and pictures. Author photographs should be avoided if the writer is not a renowned and celebrated personality.


The Title Should be in Large Font

Besides the color, images and graphics, it is the title of the novel that grabs instant attention. Therefore, it should be created using large and noticeable fonts. You can also add some special effects to the letters like like embossing to enhance the visual appeal.


Matching Artwork

The artwork that you create should match with the theme and content of the text. Consider the murder mysteries of Agatha Christie. She was not an author who emphasized on the gory details. Her works are more related to the complexities of the characters and plot. However, several publishers focused more on showing blood oozing out of human mouth or knitting needles protruding from human heads.

Such depictions might create sensation, but will disappoint readers who enjoy reading about intricate plots. They will stay away as the cover creates a wrong impression that the book includes excessive gruesome details.

Do you have more ideas to share? Please comment.


 Author Bio: Swatilekha Kundu is a web content writer who currently working in Graphic Design India. The company provides innovative graphic solutions for its worldwide clients. In order to know more details about Graphic Design India, please click here.


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FollowMeMost new users who sign up for a Twitter account will ask questions about hashtags, @ signs and whom to follow.

These questions are all valid and one can only progress in the Twitter world when in sync with the system. Following people is the first step towards being an active member on this particular platform.

Joining sites such as Twitter and Facebook require a certain level of dedication. These social networking sites are not simplistic when it comes to attracting followers. Getting the account off the ground with your first set of followers is difficult without guidance. At times, not only is it difficult attracting followers, but following people becomes a tough exercise. One does not know whom to follow and whom to avoid.

There are steps to making the process easier for new users. A question one should ask prior to signing up is whether this account is necessary. Will it push the business forward or be a waste of time? Are there enough people on Twitter who will be interested in your product or services? These are all questions that should arise prior to making that account and going down the path of social networking. If you decide to go ahead with making an account, it is pertinent to follow people related to your business. For example, if one is running a technology centric business, it is best to follow people from the same field. This will attract other followers who might hop on over to your account and read what it is all about.

The easiest manner of finding new people to follow on Twitter is through hashtags. Simply, search for people through particular hashtags and begin following them. If they are interested in you, they will follow your account. This is how one can begin to entice followers to their business account. Remember to always focus on the most appropriate hashtags as attracting unnecessary and unhelpful followers is a waste of your time.

In the beginning, it is like an addiction and users begin following everything that moves or breathes. This is not the right way to go about things as it will simply clutter up your account and make it harder to navigate. Learn to pick and choose who you follow and watch the results become more positive in nature.

tshirtTwitterFollow this strict set of instructions and watch things flourish.

1) Do not give leeway to spammers and others who are looking to simply get clicks to external links. They will purely spam all day hoping for someone to click their links. Avoid these individuals like the plague.

2) Follow those who have similar interests as you and your business. These are the type of individuals that deserve your attention and will benefit your business. Due to their similar interests, you will be able to easily engage with them and potentially find new consumers.

Always focus on having this set of requirements in hand when you are looking for followers. Twitter has a lot to offer for businesses, but to only those who use it in an intelligent manner. Do not become flooded by spammers and unhelpful followers.

Always keep your own profile interesting and attractive. The ‘Twitter egg’ is not the image that should be donning your profile page. Put a business logo or something similar in place in order for followers to recognize you from the others.

‘Twitter egg’ profiles also indicate a member who is not as active. Do not follow these individuals as they will simply bog down your account and just be a number. The goal is to find quality followers and not just look for quantity.

When you have determined a criterion for what you are looking for, Twitter becomes much easier to navigate.


This article was provided by Steve at, a marketing agency who aims to help you grow Twitter Followers UK


How to do a PPC Audit

PPC Audit smallMany companies are spending tons of money on their PPC (Pay Per Click) on Google Adwords, Yahoo, Bing or even on social media like Facebook.

So we have to give our PPC budget a review from time to time.

How effective are our campaigns? Are we getting the maximum return of our investment?

Have you identified your metrics and your key performance indicators (KPI) so you can measure the effectiveness of your PPC campaign?
Let me give you a step by step approach to do a PPC audit.

The analyze consist of 4 steps. First you have to “Analyzing Account and Campaign Structure”. Then you will have to “Analyzing Ad Group / Ad Copy”. After that you will have to do an “Analyzing Keyword and Landing Pages”. Finally you will have to “Identify quick opportunities for optimization”.

Okay are you ready? Coffee in your cup?

I will talk about Google Adwords in this article – but you can use the same kind of audit in all your PPC accounts on the Internet.


1 – Analyzing Account and Campaign Structure
First you will have to start looking into your existing PPC account and campaign structure. You can waste a lot of good money if your structure is wrong.

Check whether the account includes categorization for different campaigns. You can start by checking your campaign structure – start checking whether it includes a categorization of different ad groups or not properly.

When do you need to create a new campaign?

Staying organized – you might have to create a new campaign to stay organized. You could be selling shoes in one campaign and footwear in another campaign. This way you will stay organized and not just having one huge campaign folder.

Setting the drive campaign structure – this is the main reason for setting up different campaigns. You are controlling some of the structures at the campaign level. This could be the “search and display network”, “Search Network only” or “display Network only”.

You can also choose the location and language settings. If you are selling shoes in Denmark and in the USA – it will be advisable to create a campaign for each of the two countries.

You can also choose your device targeting options on the campaign level. Here you can text and image ads either to desktop and laptop computer, or to Smartphones devices with an internet browser, or to tablet devices.

So you might create a new campaign specific to a mobile campaign instead of mixing it into your normal campaign. This way you have more control over your different type of campaigns.

If all your ads are collected in one campaign if will be a good idea to start splitting into different campaigns.

Okay – ready for next step in our audit?


2 – Analyzing Ad Group / Ad Copy
Now it’s time to check the ad groups.

First we will check the settings. Is your campaign split into locally ad groups? Let’s say you are selling Shoes – then you might want to make an ad group for your “party shoes” and one for more “Formal shoes”.

The reason for this is that you need parameters like keywords, relevance, landing pages to be focused on party shoes. And it will be different parameters for the formal shoes.

Remember to check into your ad scheduling, the Geo location targeting and the language settings.

When you check your ad copy – remember to check whether you are using your keywords in the copy, prices, special offers, do you copy some unique selling points and do you have some strong call to action?

Depending on how many clicks you have – you should at least have 2 variations of your ad at a time. Read more here about – how you can decide which ad is the winner.

One little trick is to automatically insert the search phrase into your ad copy. You can read more about the dynamic keywords here.

That was step number 2. Take some more coffee before we start again.


3 – Analyzing Keywords and Landing Pages
Now it’s time to check out our keywords and landing pages. In this section we will look into how the keyword is performing, the quality score, keyword match type, bid rate and conversions.

Keywords – start to think you are the customer. If you are looking for shoes how do you want to search? If somebody is looking for shoes – the person might look for “red shoes”, “high heel shoes”, “tennis shoes”, “women shoes”, “cheap shoes”, “casual men shoes”.

Often you will get a much higher CTR for keywords phrases contain more than one word.

Remember to review your keywords periodically and remove non performing keywords which are not providing any revenue for the company.

Keyword Match Type – check out your keyword match type.

There are 5 types of keyword matching. “Broad match”, “phrase match”, “exact match”, “broad match modifier” and “negative”. The most normal thing is to use phrase match, exact match and broad match modifier as the match type.

If you have the word “men’s shoes” as a keyword and uses a broad match – they your ad will be shown if somebody is searching for “men’s” and “shoes” in any order of the search query. Your ad will also be shown for both singular and plural forms, synonyms and other relevant variation. So this way your ad will be shown for “men’s shoes”, “cheap men’s shoes”, “men’s shoe photos”,” running shoes” and more.

If you are using the phrase match – then your ad will only be shown for a keyword search query in the same order of words. It will also show your ad like if you have used exact phrase. Your main benefit is compared to broad match is that the ad will not be shown for searches like “shoes for men”, “men shoe”, “men’s sneakers” and more.

If you pick out the exact match – then your ad will only appear when a user is looking for your specific term “men’s shoes”. The user will have to search for the exact word and with the exact order. Your ad will not be shown for “cheap men’s shoes”, “men’s shoe”, “buy men’s shoes” and more.

Let’s say if you placed +men’s +shoes as a broad match modifier type then your ad will appear only when a user searches for terms like discounted men’s shoes, stylish men’s shoes and so on.

Negative keywords is a great way to get a higher CTR. When you add some negative keywords it will help not to show your ad when it’s really unwanted or irrelevant. If you are selling men’s shoes – then put “women’s” as a negative keyword. If you’re selling expensive shoes – a negative keyword could be “cheap” and more.

Next check out the landing page quality. In a PPC audit it is also important to check out the landing page of your ad. When you are doing landing page analysis – remember to look for factors that could improve your quality. Are you using an appealing tag line, do you have a strong call to action button above the fold, do you use testimonial, videos and demo of your products? Benefits in bullet points?

Get some more ideas here with 13 elements your home page must have.


4 – Identifying Quick Opportunities to Optimize
This is the last step in our do it yourself PPC audit.

First you will need to take a look at your quality score on each keyword.

If your quality score is 7, 8, 9 or 10 it will help you to get a higher position on Google Adwords. So you are doing a great job.
If your quality score is 5, 6 you have a medium level quality score.

If your quality score is 1, 2, 3 or 4 your keyword has a low quality score and you will need to work with it. Import your landing page or delete the keyword. A low quality score will increase your cost and lower your ad position.

You could also split the keywords into different ad groups, with a more specific ad copy relevant to the keyword with lower quality score. Try also to change the title and the Meta description of the landing page and the content of the landing page. This will all help you to increase the quality score of the low ranking quality score keywords.

Check out the conversion rate of your website. Whatever your goal is – email subscribe, purchase, Sign-up – you will have to check it out.

What is your cost per lead? What is your cost per conversion?

And how much money is a conversion worth for you and your company?

Get more ideas how to optimize your conversion rate here.


PPC Audit
































Well time for me to do an audit now.

Have a great day out there – take care.




embedded infographic  logoDo you know what happens every minute on the Internet? 

  • How many YouTube hours of video is uploaded?
  • How many new tweets?
  • How many Facebook logins?

Well click on the picture to the left and check it out. The infograhic is from Intel.

Best regards, Henrik



















Statistics, dates, facts, anecdotes, graphs, charts, imagesthe Internet is saturated with data. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that our time is often called the “Information Age.”

This, of course, has some pros and cons. If you want to know something, chances are you can learn it. If you want to get a message out there, however, this massive amount of information can make it hard to get your voice heard. If you’ve found yourself in this predicament, if you’re struggling to make your message relevant within the sea of online data, then it is high time you gave infographics a shot.

Infographics provide an elegant and attractive way to combine images, text and data in a unified and cohesive way. If you have a piece of information (in just about any format—timeline, pictogram, chart, graph, whatever—then there is a way to include it within an infographic in a visually appealing way.

You might be a little hesitant to try something new with your website so here are five reasons to consider infographics as the perfect option for you.


Aesthetic Appeal

Nobody likes looking at a screen filled with nothing more than black text on a white background. It’s boring and makes everything blend together. Inserting an infographic will break up long stretches of text and give an immediate impression—and we all know what they say about first impressions.

Viewers will be inclined to stay on the page before they even know anything about the content it presents.


Emphasizing the Important Stuff

We live in a fast paced world. Everyone seems to be in a hurry. If you have some especially pertinent data that you want viewers to see then chances are you only have a matter of seconds to grab their attention.

Infographics immediately draw a viewer’s eye so presenting your most important data in this way will ensure that they see that before anything else. Larger, more colorful images tend to hold viewers’ attention more than smaller images so an infographic will be much more effective than the simple boldfaced type.


Clear Comparisons

If you are in a competitive industry (and let’s be honest, in today’s global economy, every industry is a competitive industry) then infographics can be a great way to highlight the benefits you offer in comparison with your competitors.

Presenting side-by-side data and images is a great way to highlight what sets your company or product apart.

Viewers will be more easily persuaded if they can see the differences between products, statistics, or data than they will be if you simply tell them.


Increased Credibility

Utilizing infographics on your website enhances the overall aesthetic appeal, visual quality, and production value of your site, thus reinforcing an enhanced sense of credibility.

It takes more effort and expertise to create an infographic than it does to type a paragraph of text. Viewers pick up on this intuitively and will likely assume that commitment to quality in this specific aspect equates to commitment to quality in all facets of your business.


Presenting Detailed Information Clearly

Viewers don’t want to spend extra time trying to figure out complex data and extremely detailed information if it isn’t presented clearly. An infographic allows you to present detailed figures and data with the clarifying quality of illustration and elegant visual organization that helps viewers understand important concepts. The more complicated the data the more helpful an infographic will become. Infographics are also a great way to help viewers make connections between different sets of data.















Red Pumps And PinterestOne of the fastest growing social networks right now is Pinterest – but do you know why you need red pumps if you are going to use Pinterest?

Pinterest is basically a virtual pinboard. With Pinterest you can organize and share your pictures on the Internet.

People are using Pinboards to share everything from wedding and how they decorate their homes to pictures of their dog and favorite recipes (and yes red pumps).

You can browse all the Pinboards on Pinterest created by other people and get inspired.



ReferralTrafficUse Pinterest as a source for traffic

Pinterest has a huge potential to drive some serious referral traffic to your website.

Take a look here at the percentage of total referral traffic. As you can see the referral from Pinterest is almost just as high as Google and Twitter – and higher than from YouTube, Reddit, Google+ and LinkedIn.

So it’s time to use Pinterest seriously as a source for traffic.


AMarketersGuideToPinterestPinItToWinItInfographicSmallWho are the users?

Maybe the most interesting part is that 87 percent of the users are women. Yes you read correct – 87 percent (I have also seen the percent being 68 – but it’s still a high percent).

And it’s most popular for people between 25 and 54 years old. It has 11,7 million unique monthly users in the USA.

So if most of the users are women between 25 and 54, we need to pin some red pumps to get attention right?

The Infographic to the left is from (click the image to see much more information on the Infographic).

You can also read much more about the users and the user activity on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn right here.


How to get started with Pinteresst

  • Start making a profile on Pinterest – remember to write the www of your website in the description and to use hashtags with your main keywords too. Read more about hashtags here.
  • Now start to pin some of your images to your board.
  • Install a button on your website so can make it easy for people to pin your images. If you have a WordPress website you can install a plugin to make it easy to pin your images. I have installed a plugin here at so when people hover over an image they can pin it right away (try that)
  • Be careful about the titles of your images. You titles will be the default text when somebody is making a pin from your web site.

Now lets us take it to the next level.

  • Start following same interests on Pinterest. You don’t have to follow people (you can do that too), but instead you can follow just a board/interest.
  • Check out who repin your pins. Do you know that you can check out who repins your pins. Type Instead of you just write your domain.


Get more traffic  strategy from Pinterest – community boards
So how can you really rock the boat and get your traffic from Pinterest? One way to get more traffic is to create a community board.

A community board is a place where you can invite people with the same interest (and they have to be Pinterest users too) to pin related posts into your community board.

This way you can build your followers quickly and also building trust among the Pinterest community.

The only problem here is the promotional part. Well I have my awesome email club here at so I will invite you all to become members of a community board.

seouMy community board is “seo4u”. You will find it here

If you get my weekly email I will grant you permission to pin to this board – just email me at then I will add your name to the list.

This way you can also get your promotion out to more people. So this is a win-win situation for all right?

Make a community board for your own website too and invite people to join your community.


Free eBooks for you
Remember to come and grab the 3 free eBooks about SEO, SEM, Social Media Traffic and Link Building here from SeoCustomer. And join our new SeoCustomer group on LinkedIn too.

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social networking users SeoCustomerI found this awesome Infographic about the users activity from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.

How many users, how many visits, the male-female ration, time spend by average social networking user per month and age demographics of social networking users.

Awesome information if you work in marketing and want to target your potential customers.

It’s made by

Read more about how to get traffic from Pinterest here.

Best regards, Henrik



social networking users SeoCustomer

TopAchieving the optimization for your website content by on-page optimization will take you only half way through the battle, to run a successful online business it is very important to get a good ranking for your website on the search engine.

Off-page optimization techniques help you in this process; it increases the visibility of your website over the internet so that you can attract quality visitors towards your site. Digital Media Agency can also provide you the necessary service in the process.

Here is a list of the top 10 off-page optimization techniques that will help your site in getting a good ranking on the search engines:

1. Link building: link building is considered as the heart of the entire off-page optimization process. By building more links you can get a considerable amount of backlinks for your website, which will ultimately increase your PageRank and help you to get higher visibility for your site.

2. Guest posting: you can search for different blogs belonging to your websites category and post different articles related to your site’s content. This will help you to get a great amount of backlinks to your site and always increase the number of readers to your posts.

3. Blog commenting: the best way to interact with the users is through commenting on the blog posts. Post comments on different blogs which belong to your niche, this will include all different kinds of blogging activities for PageRank, backlinks and also increase traffic.

4. Forum posting: search for different forums that belong to your niche and join them. After joining the forum try to initiate conversations, reply to queries and also post advice, but make sure that you include your blog link in the signature.

5. Social bookmarking: to get considerable traffic to your site and increase your links always promote your articles on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

6. Directory submission: search for directories which are popular and have a good PageRank, like the Yahoo directory and submit your blog to it. This will drive good quality traffic to your site and also help you in getting quality backlinks.

7. Article submission: submit your best articles to popular directories such as Go articles or Ezine articles and increase the number of readers for your articles.

8. RSS submission: this is the best way to get backlinks and increase traffic to your site. Search for the top RSS directories and submit your RSS feed to them.

9. Subscribe for Press release: you can also subscribe your site for press releases, so that the latest news is being updated on your blog. This will help you in attracting a good amount of readers to your site.

10. Sharing viral content: you can use different images and videos along with the text in your content; this will make the readers keen to know more and visit your blog regularly.

Instagram RedThere are new social sites coming up every few months, Instagram is one of the newest ones and it has just received its 80 millionth member.

It is also one of the social sites that are quickly becoming popular with companies or public figures who are looking to connect with their fans.

It operates on the same basis as Twitter where people are able to follow any person they are interested in.

Instagram is a marketing method that many individuals and companies are adopting to help create awareness. Here are some tips on what you need to do to increase the number of followers you have.


1. Post newsworthy and interesting content

This is probably obvious to most of the users of Instagram. The truth of the matter is that only interesting content should be posted for viewership. Anything less than that will be a disservice to yourself and your followers.

The aim of being on Instagram is to get noticed and if this is what you are after, then post things that are of interest to other people. Something that will generate a buzz so to speak. Always think about your audience before you post.

Unless you are someone famous who will get hits and comments regardless of what you put up. An approach that works is that one of putting yourself in the shoes of your follower.

Think of yourself as one of your followers and see the picture you are about to post from their point of view. If you saw it and would not like it and quickly skip it to view the next one, that is probably a good enough reason for you not to post your content to begin with.

It is better to put one picture that makes a huge impression that posting a million of them that make no impact.


2. Geo-tag photos and content that you put up

The application allows individuals to put up details of where the picture or pictures were taken. If you want to get more followers in Instagram, ensure that you always post a picture accompanied by details about where the picture was taken.

When you include the location of where the picture was taken, it will grouped together with every other photo available that was taken in that same location and that means other people who uploaded their geo mapped photos will be able to view yours as well.

There is a high chance that they will follow you since you visit the same places they do. If you have not been doing this already, then start now. It is never too late to start.


3. Like and Comment

You can’t expect to get noticed if you yourself do not notice the work of others. If you want to increase the number of your followers on Instagram, ensure that you like other people’s photos.

Do this especially for pictures that are most popular with the rest of the users. Narrow down your liking to pictures that are relevant to you though. Liking every picture that is posted will give people the impression that you are a serial liker so to speak. You don’t want to seem that way.

That’s the reason why you should like and comment with caution. Pick the ones that resonate with you and your interests. Much as liking every picture you see will lead to some people following you, be careful and pick followers that rank high on the Instagram platform.

If you like such posts, you are likely to get followed by serious individuals.


4. Use Hash Tags

Just like the Twitter platform, you can attach hash tags to every picture that you put up.

Many people who are prowling the Instagram platform often search for content they are looking for by looking for a particular hash tag. Kind of like how people type in particular keywords on a search engine to find what they are looking for.

It may seem like a tedious affair attaching tags to every post you put but it is well worth the effort when all is said and done. It is by far the most effective tool for getting noticed on Instagram.

More so when you are not very familiar with how Instagram works. Ensure that every hash tag you use has a relation to what the image on the picture is trying to portray. It doesn’t hurt to be creative when using this very effective tool.

If you set a trend then you are obviously going to get more followers.


5. Promote Yourself On All Platforms

Use other social network platforms to market yourself. If you already have a large following there, let them know that you are now using Instagram and urge or coerce them to follow you there. Make yourself known by putting yourself out there.


Steve writes for Buy Instagram Followers – a website designed to help boost your Instagram likes and Instagram profile artificially.