FacebookMagnifyingFacebook is now being addressed by a nice and rigid lawsuit regarding privacy.

Law Firm Stewarts Law US stated that it has integrated 21 privacy lawsuits against the social network into one big unit against Facebook. The basic theme of the allegation is that Facebook is violating user privacy by tracking their usage on the website.

The U.S Wiretap Act that gives constitutional compensation of per than $100 violation per day which would accumulate up to $10,000 for every Facebook user. Seeing how this is a way of accumulating, the sum that the law firm asked for is $15 billion.

This isn’t the first time Facebook has met with a lawsuit. A civil lawsuit in California struck the site in 2009 as well. The subject of the lawsuit was the same as this one i.e. the company went against state’s consumer privacy laws. Just in March, Facebook was also charged by 13 persons subsequent to putting up their address books without even asking them. Along with Facebook, this lawsuit also consisted of Path, Twitter, and Apple.

Stewarts is a pretty smart law firm for whom timing really matters. The firm filed the lawsuit merely hours before Facebook was all ready to put up their shares on NASDAQ for $38. In the offering, Facebook would have earned would be somewhere around 14 billion dollars. Facebook will get 14 billion dollars and Stewarts wants 15 billion dollars- pretty interesting coincidence.

David Strait who is a partner at Stewarts stated that the firm is looking for ways in which Facebook users who do not reside in the United States could be added on to the list of victims. Seeing how the list could increase, so could the amount that Facebook is supposed to pay.

That surely isn’t good news for the social networking giant seeing how some of the shareholders have also sued the company, some banks and also the CEO Mark Zuckerburg. The reason behind that is that they are stating that important details were hidden ahead of Face book’s IPO.

Filed in the U.S. District Court in Manhattan, the defendants are convicted because of their failure to give information in the crucial days leading to the initial public offering there was severe and pronounced reduction in forecasts for Face book’s revenue growth.

Facebook better hope it gets its share of profit since Facebook has been criticized by the regulators not only in America but also in Europe and Germany regarding how it protects user information. The basic thing to worry about over here is that Facebook can even still keep tracking the users even after they have logged out. Previous year, a German data-protection agency stated that it may actually charge Menlo Park, the California-based company involved in facial recognition software utilized by Facebook for tagging photos.

Everyone likes to know about each other but things get freaky when people you don’t even know start finding out things about you. Many people even share their personal details on Facebook that they wouldn’t want a third person to find out. Tracking has become an area of concern as many phones can now even be supervised using mobile tracking software. All the activities done or though can be figured out with the help of software like Mobistealth spy software blackberry or Flexispy.

This software however has a known installer and it’s on a much limited scale as compared to the tracking Facebook does.


Author Bio

Alysa Jeff has natural flair of writing and deliver’s her knowledge to news and blogging site on different Marketing niche, these days she is communicating for Blacberry messenger spy. She is creating awareness in masses for these spy App and how people can get benefit by using them for Smartphone.

BingHorisontNow all those SEO users who wanted to go deep into a website linking and know exactly where the links are coming from can use Bing site explorer.

Bing has officially launched the latest update for its webmaster tools which has been named as phoenix (Looks like they are inspired by Google).

This update introduces a lot of new features, a new interface and SEO tools. One of the most interesting and useful tools provided by Bing in this update is Link Explorer.

Remember Yahoo Site Explorer that was made unavailable to all of us in the last year? Yes, the one that we all SEO’s loved so much. The Bing Link Explorer is an upgraded version of it.

It allows users to view links not just for their own website but for any website on the internet by using many new filters as compared to Yahoo Link Explorer.

Users can base their search by choosing any or multiple options from the below list:

  • Site Filter
  • Source Filter
  • Scope Filter
  • Anchor Text Filter
  • Query Filter

However, users are required to have minimum one site in Bing Webmaster Tools that has been verified in order to use the tools. If you don’t own a website then this could be problematic for you.

The tool is still in the beta phase which means that it does not provide all the functionalities. For instance, it won’t tell you the number of incoming links as it used to tell in the Yahoo’s version. There are many more aspects which need improvement but it does not mean that it is not useful.

Businesses, organizations and online marketing companies have to understand one thing very clearly here. Bing accounts for around 10-15% of the overall traffic which might not look threatening in front of Google’s share but still this is a very significant portion and could become the deciding factor in the success or failure of a business.

Ignore it today and you might not be very happy about it in the future. Moreover, you probably have a continuous online marketing and SEO campaign going on for your business therefore it won’t harm you if you include Bing into it.

Bing has made efforts to increase its share in the search engine domain but hasn’t been very successful. However, Businesses should include it in their SEO campaigns to keep themselves safe and a few steps ahead of others.


About the Author: Chris Miller is a blogger and web developer for a leading Offshore Software Development Company. He provides concrete information about PHP web application development, .Net/Java apps development, software development & mobile applications development.

SeoCustomerTagsSocial Media – what is it?

Yes, you have probably heard this question plenty of times. I have too. Nevertheless, I will still provide a quick overview on it.

So, for those readers who have little idea on what it involves, you can obtain basic insight from the following details.

According to Wikipedia, it is the following:

  • It uses mobile and Web-based technologies to communicate through interactive dialogue.
  • It serves as a tool for social interaction.
  • It is enabled by universally accessible communication strategies; thus, changing how many people, organizations, and communities communicate.


What is the use of social media?
It actually has several purposes. But since our main topic is using it for marketing purposes, allow me to point out its functions for entrepreneurs. These usually consist of the following:

  • Networking among industries
  • Knowing the customers’ opinions or feedbacks on your services or products
  • Disseminating company updates and news
  • Providing good customer service by answering inquiries
  • Collaborating with internal members

Now that you are aware of its purposes, I will now share with you my top ten ideas on…


How to use social media for marketing

1. Go for platforms with the most users
Well, some of the leading sites include Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, and Flickr.

Now, you should not just choose any media. You also have to find out which ones are more favorable among your target customers. You would not want to waste your time creating a profile page on a specific site only to realize that most of your prospects prefer another social network.

Therefore, take time to research on the most effective platforms by sending a survey, creating a poll, or using monitoring tools.


2. Look into your competitors’ activities
As you are doing this, take into account important aspects such as the following:

  • The sites they are members on and the amount of followers or views
  • Their published content
  • Their promotional means and techniques


3. Identify your objectives
It will be easier for you to achieve your targets and share information with your prospects if you come up with goals.


4. Create content
And, while you are at it, make sure that you do not forget the following characteristics to attract several readers.

  • Fresh
  • Unique
  • Interesting
  • Engaging


5. Allow social sharing

You can do this by adding buttons, which the users can click to follow or share the content. This way, you can interact and form a good relationship with your customers.


6. Refrain from making it all about YOU
When you tweet and post blogs or comments, ensure the content is relevant. Remember, you are marketing your company’s offers and not yourself.


7. Participate actively
You can be an active member by posting fresh content, commenting on other blogs, and updating your profile page. And, do all these (as well as other social media activities) regularly to increase traffic and boost credibility.


8. Use headlines
Just as many journalists do for their write-ups, you must also create eye-catching and interesting titles, so you can attract the attention of more readers.


9. Publish events
If your company plans to organize product launches and other marketing functions, do not forget to inform your followers about it on your profile page.


10. Create a network
When you are doing this, do not just randomly follow or invite any member you spot. You have to choose individuals from within your target market. Finally, you can offer incentives (e.g. promotional products or free services) to express appreciation and gratitude.


So, there you have it. These are my top ten social media marketing tips.

Before I end this topic, I have one important reminder – explore. You can find several ways on how to make good use of social platforms. Know what these are, so you can reap their benefits.



About the Author: Emma Tomlinson is the Head of Retail at Smart Traffic, a UK SEO company listed at the Top 10 of the Microsoft Tech Track 100 for 2011.

LokalBusinessSEOGoogle has been putting a lot of effort recently into serving localized results so that searchers can find a relevant business close to them.

For example, if you look for a “plumber in Swindon” or a “flower shop in Cirencester”, Google prioritizes the websites of businesses that are in those locations.

Also, Google can use your location settings in the browser to work out where you are, so if you search for just “flower shop” and the search results show your location automatically, chances are that Google will serve businesses automatically relevant to your area.

As a business owner serving a local catchment area, there are several things you can do to ensure that your website appears for searchers in your area – also to ensure you appear above your competitors. Here are some tips for you.


Google Places
Make sure your business is listed on Google Places, which is tied to Google Maps. If you are not listed at all, add yourself and complete as much of the profile information as possible.

Remember to use keywords that describe your products and services so that your company will match when people search for those keywords.

Submitting to Google Places means going through a verification procedure to prove you operate from your given address.


Add your business to other local directories
Ensure you are listed in other directories with your full address – including Yell.com, Free Index, Brownbook, Thomson Local and any other local directories that may be available in your area.


Ensure your website is “localized”
Check the pages of your website to make sure your address and other local information is on there.

If you serve a number of key towns in your area, mention these sensibly, so that Google can read the town names in your pages and hence display these pages in search results.

One thing you could do, if this idea suits your business, is to create a page for each town where you feature local information relative to customers in that town.

Maybe you have multiple branches you can write about.


Use blog and news articles to boost your local authority
Posting articles on your site related to the towns you serve is a great way to increase the relevance of your website to those towns.

The more relevant you are, the more likely you are to appear when someone is looking for your type of company in your area.


Look for local social relationships
Look for Twitter accounts related to your locality and follow these accounts.

Do the same on Facebook, looking for local pages to like. You should then start to interact with these accounts, to build a relationship with them.



By Jon Perkins of Peppermint Solutions – a web design and SEO company based in Cirencester, serving Swindon, Gloucester and Cheltenham.



wordsWe all want to write a good headline – and there are some great tricks that I will share with you.

So when you write a blog, ad, article or maybe a Direct Mail – you will get the attention from the people who read it.

But without a killer headline – people will not read your page, it doesn’t really matter what you have done regarding SEO, your bounce rate will be high – and you will not sell anything.


Start with the headline
Yes of course you will say. But not everybody is doing this. If you start with the content – you will be put tin the position where you might have to reverse-engineer your promise.

Give a promises to the reader in the headline. This way you will force yourself to communicate the benefit that your text will deliver to the reader – in exchange for spending time (valuable time).

The headline is very critical – in just a few words, you will have to attract visitors, reduce bounce and boost your conversion.

I am an SEO guy – so I will tell you to remember to use your keyword in the headline too.

So – hmm – I will have to tell you how to write this killer text right? That’s my promise.


Headlines are not science but art
Well – I hope you agree that a headline is important – and I wish I could give you 10 rules and say – here you are. But you are not so lucky.

To write a great headline is an art, but it’s not a science. But I can give you some good general guidelines.

So grab your cup of coffee – here we go…

  • Catchy – you have to grab the reader’s attention. Remember the AIDA model
  • The main point – your headline should summarize the main point in your article
  • Curiosity – could you make the reader curious about your text – you really made a great headline right? Did I make you curious with the headline – “How to write a killer headline”?
  • Not too long (and not too short) – if it’s too long – the reader has already left your page again. If it’s too short it might be boring
  • Get inspired – read other blogs and magazines
  • How to – this is a great way to grab attention. Just like my headline in this article – well remember not to overuse it – so you will end up with 50 articles all with “How to …”
  • Lists, with numbers – you can make a headline like this “10 tips …”
  • Say it – say your headline out loud. Show it to your girlfriend or boyfriend. Come up with 3 or 4 headlines and ask for their opinion
  • Question headline? Always great to use a question. I could have “Do you know how to write a headline?”
  • Write it first – yes as I told you before – start with the headline not the content of the article


The top 10 most powerful English words
The psychology department at Yale University have made a study – which showed that some words are more powerful than others.

The top 10 most powerful English words according to Yale are theses

  1. You – Listed as the #1 most powerful word in every study reviewed. Because of the personal nature of advertising copy-writing, you should use “you” in your headline, opening line and as often as possible. In fact, many copywriters will throw out a headline if “you” is not in it.
  2. Results – Works in rationalizing a purchase.
  3. Health – Especially powerful when it applies to a product.
  4. Guarantee – Provides sense of safety at the time of purchase.
  5. Discover – Presents a sense of excitement and adventure.
  6. Love — Continues to be an all-time favorite.
  7. Proven – Helps remove the fear of trying something new.
  8. Safety – This could refer to health or long-lasting quality.
  9. Save – We all want to save something.
  10. New – It’s part of basic human makeup to seek novelty.


Other strong words for your text
Words can be very powerful. Use the word carefully – and you will get the attention you deserve. Beside the 10 most powerful English words, there are other words with a lot of power.

  • Announcing
  • Confidence
  • creativity
  • Discount
  • Easy
  • Energy
  • Exclusive
  • Free
  • Hurry
  • Improvement
  • Inspiration
  • How
  • Secret
  • Success

Now I am worried about my headline… Hmm. You think “How to Write a Killer Headline” is okay?


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GamesSocial media gaming is very popular these days and you should embed a game on your Facebook fan page to grab your target audience’s attention.
Games help you build a community and add value to your brand. You should hire a designer cum developer for custom game development and Facebook fan page design.


Embed a Game in Your Facebook Fanpage Design to Make Your Brand Popular

Many companies think that if they have a website and a Facebook fan page, people will notice their brand. However, in reality, brand building is not that easy. Brand building is all about connecting with the audience and adding value to your products/services. There are thousands of websites and fan pages out there, then why should your target consumers notice you?

A brand can’t be successful if it does not establish a loyal fan following, and to do that successfully, you should use social media games. You can always hire a graphic designer for an attractive Facebook fan page design, but only a beautiful fan page won’t grab the social media audience’s attention.

Social media games help you bond with your fans and create brand awareness among the target audience. When people play games, they feel that they are somehow interacting with the page owner.

Social gaming is so popular that companies like Zynga makes millions of dollars from Facebook games. Facebook users invest both financially and emotionally in popular games and visit the fan pages regularly to play games. From competing with Facebook friends to building an empire, game lovers do everything for mental satisfaction.

You should utilize this addiction and develop a customized game for your fan page. Hire a game developer for fan page customization and game installation process. With the help of a game, you can promote your brand and encourage your customers to interact with each other. Here are some of the usages and benefits of Facebook games.


1. Develop a Community – When you offer an interesting game in your fan page, people start visiting your page more often and spend lots of time on your page. This way, they get to know about products/services and start noticing your wall updates. This community building exercise may not give you immediate profit, but it makes your brand popular and valuable.

Web users start recognizing your fan page and ask their friends to join your fan page. After a couple of months, you can easily convert your loyal fans into loyal customers. For instance, if you start selling a t-shirt with your popular game characters’ face on it, most of the gamers would love to buy it.


facebookpic2. Give Them a Reason to Play – You can provide some free items to top gamers or let them unlock some exclusive features of the game. Doing this, you will be able to engage the visitors in the game and create a buzz in the social media network.

3. Give in-game Ads – People don’t like to hear marketing messages, but when you give an in-game ad, web users pay more attention to it. Include your brand in the game and offer either virtual or real products to the players. This way you will be able to increase your profit margin. While real product sales boost your business, virtual products related to the game help you earn money without offering anything in reality.

For instance, you can ask the gamers to unlock the highest levels by paying $1. The amount may seem small, but if one hundred gamers unlock the levels every day, then annually, you can earn $36500.


4. Build Reputation for Philanthropy – You can participate in fund-raising activities through Facebook gaming. Ask visitors to donate some money after playing your game. You can send the donation money to UNESCO or Red Cross and help them build a better future for mankind. This may not make you rich, but it will add immense value to your brand.

Social media gaming is a growing trend and you should take advantage of this trend. Add an interactive game in your Facebook fanpage design to increase your fan base. Following these guidelines you can build goodwill in the industry and grab your target consumers’ attention.


Author Bio: Jayati Bhattacharjee is a social media author of widely-recognized web design company Quality Web Solutions. Follow Quality Web Solutions on Twitter or Facebook.


Maybe you are trying to determine the right KPIs for your social media marketing objectives?

Well I am very happy to show you this Infographic below from Social Media Today.

It can bring you a very comprehensive and informative understanding of your social media KPIs.

Have a great day



SA Infographic


















































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That’s it… Very easy right?

I look forward to hear from you all…


A lot of web designers and marketers totally forget AIDA when they design a shop.

I have seen a lot of company who has a shop in the real world (off-line) who have started an online shop. But suddenly in the online world they forget everything about AIDA.

When we have our off-line retail shop we know we have to make people aware of our shop, we have to put some good ads in the paper and put some signs up in the window. We have to make the people interested in our products. They have to desire the product. And yes – we need the action too – we need to sell the product right.

Let me show you that off-line and on-line shops are not so different regarding to AIDA – we just have different tools we can use.

So what is this AIDA?

The AIDA model is a very famous model, and chances are that you may already know it. And if you don’t know it already then I am very pleased to be the one that introduces it to you.

  • A – Attention (Awareness): This is where you have to attract the attention of your customer
  • I – Interest: Tell your customer about the advantages and benefits of your product or service (not the features)
  • D – Desire: Here you will have to convince the customer that they want and desire your product or service. And tell them that it will satisfy all their needs
  • A – Action: Now we have to lead the customer towards taking action and buy our product or service

We will lose some percent of the customers moving down this ladder. But this system gives a general understanding of how to target our market effectively.

But I just give the AIDA model a little twist. I want you to take the social media serious for every step in the model.

AIDA with social media

Get attention from your customer

Maybe you have the best product in the world, and maybe you have the best prices in the world – BUT (yes there is always a BUT right?). If your customers don’t know about your product, service or your prices you will not sell anything. This is true both online and offline.

You properly want to place your offline shop on a crowded street. So you know you will have a lot of traffic walking in front of your shop. The more people that see you shop, the more people will properly come into your shop too. Yes you will need some signs in the windows. Maybe will put up a yellow sign saying “half price” or “Sale” from time to time?

Now you will have the attention from potential customers.

To get attention to your online shop you will have to use different tools. But in fact it’s all the same. How do you get the traffic? Oh yes – you will have to be visible in the search engines (I love SEO – so I love this part). If you can’t be visible in the organic free search you can buy some Google Adwords or PPC ads on some of the other search engines. Maybe your ads should say the same as your offline shop “half price” or “Sale”.

When somebody is landing on your page you will only have a few seconds to catch her or his attention. First of all choose the right landing page – not the homepage – the user wants the information she or he is looking for. Don’t make the product page to crowded. Too many items distracting items on a page can make it difficult for the user to find what he or she is looking for.

Remember that with social media make a massive attention. Offline people might talk to 1, 2 or 3 people. Or maybe even 10 people if they have a family dinner. But with social media people have 50 or 75 friends. So when somebody is telling their friends “Wow I got a super duper pair of new shoes today for only 10 dollars” 50 people will know where to get cheap great shoes – right?

So this is the modern form of word of mouth.

Get interest from customers

So now you have the attention from some of your customers. The next step is to make them positive interested in your product or service.

Maybe your customer has seen your yellow sign outside your offline shop and walks inside. Yes she is interested – new shoe for only 10 dollars? Hmm interesting right? And yes one of the first things she or he is looking for is properly the price. You might know that if your customer is in your shop – many will buy some candy. So even though you don’t sell the shoes you will sell a lot of candy (I just love chocolate).

So now – what about your online shop.

Yes it’s just the same. You might have a Google Adwords – telling people that you are selling great quality Nike shoes for only 10 dollars. And you will get a lot of clicks. People are really interested in your Nike shoes. But when they in your webshop – you might show them a must better quality shoe for only 5 dollars more or another color. Now this could be interested right? (I could use a new pair of shoes by the way).

The good part is that if people have been clicking on a Google Adword ad, you know they are showing interest in your product. So your task is not so much on this interest step – you better show them why they should act NOW. You need to make them desire your product or service.

The social media help you with the interest too. Maybe you don’t really like theses Nike shoes but now your friends start to talk about them on the social networks. “Do you know you can get them in pink too?” – “They are just awesome” – “And the other day I found out I could put them in the washing-machine too” – “wow so easy to clean”. Well now you are interested right?

Now what about desire

Now how could be make your customer say or think “I really want those shoes”. There’s a big difference between being interested in something and to desire it. You need to convert your customers’ interest into a strong desire for your product or service.

So what happens when my girlfriend sees this pair of shoes? Well she will get very emotional; she thinks that the shoes will change her life, career, relationship. Yes yes yes – she just has to get those shoes. It’s almost a matter of life and death. (I will not show her this article – please don’t tell her I wrote this).

We have to communicate our messages. Make the messages interesting to our potential customer. We will use promotions, writing news and informers encourages the customer to engage in our product or service. With an online shop you will have a lot of opportunities to give a lot of information to the potential customer about your product or service.

So a real desire is when you see a product, you want to touch it or try it and you will start to imagine to get this wonderful product. Desire is really a private moment for the customer. So it’s not so easy to influence. But it’s very easy to destroy the moment. If something is wrong with the display or maybe the wanted sofa is slightly damaged. You will destroy the moment.

But you have several tools you can use to make people desire your product. So make your page readable, great product description. Use high quality multiple images (maybe from different angles). Use video. If it’s possible to show your product or service “inaction” that would great to show the potential customer.

The social media is useful here too. Your customer is aware of your product, she is interested in it – and with the social media she will get more and more information about the product. She will inform about it from friends – she might join a group called “We need shoes” on Facebook (I am sure there is a group called that lol).

With social media you can engage your customers. Make a picture competition. Win something. Give out something free. If they tell their friends about your Facebook page, they might win something. They will start to use the social media telling about your product and page. People will start to talk about your product. You will engage people.

And yes – your customer really wants those shoes. In fact she can’t live without those shoes.

Now we need some action

This is the final stage. We are in the sales business so we need to sell our product or service right. Action is when the customer is paying you. This is the action we want – online or offline.

In an offline shop you want to make sure people know and can see where to and buy it. Make sure people don’t have to wait too long in a line to buy the product.

In an online webshop I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a very clear call to action on your page. It must be very very easy to find your “Buy Now” or maybe your “Add to Cart” button. So make it big and in a different color.

Make sure your “Buy Now” button is not distracted by other elements on your page. It could be different banners. You don’t want your “Buy Now” button to compete with the other elements.

You have to make of your mind what is most important to you. Is it to sell or to get signed up for your email club and Facebook or Twitter accounts? You can always have the other elements on a category page – but your product page should be as free from these distractions as possible.

I want to show you this article about the buying process with social media. . It will show you that you have to think of social media in every part of the buying process.

Don’t forget to use AIDA

So I hope after all this and next time you are designing a webpage you will think of AIDA.

Have a great day out there. Carpe-diem

socialmediaIt is common knowledge in the world of search engine optimization that using social media channels as promotional tools can really make a big difference.

But did you also know that the lack of use of proper and more “sociable” social media techniques may not yield your desired results?

Yes, your social media marketing attempts will be futile if you don’t know the right way to handle a social media campaign? So what should you do then?


Revising Your Social Media Game Plan

Why do you need to make your social media campaigns highly sociable?

There is a need to do so because social media users and subscribers primarily use social media channels to connect with peers and colleagues, build and maintain professional and personal networks, and obtain and share useful and practical information.

Thus, if your social media campaigns don’t cater to these needs, there is a chance that users will ignore you completely.

Here are some suggestions on how you can revise some of your social media strategies and adopt a more effective approach:


  • Use simple, clear words when sharing news, giving announcements, and promoting products and services
    As much as possible, try to veer away from using jargon and technical terms when composing a tweet, wall post, or any other social media message. Always use terms that can be understood by laymen so it will seem more personal and direct rather than formal and intimidating.
  • Do not send bulk messages
    The use of spam social media posts and messages is never a good idea. It will just increase your chances of being banned or penalized by search engines. Send or share a small number of frequent messages instead of blasting them in bulk amounts.
  • Be careful with the use of scheduled posts and shares
    There are times when you can’t help but use automated message sending options like scheduled tweets and messages due to emergency situations. Make sure to limit your use of this message sending alternative. It is still better to send social media posts real time, all the time!
  • Vary your social media posts
    Following a very strict and calculated social media message sending strategy can leave your followers, contacts, and target audiences bored and uninterested. This may prompt them to unsubscribe as your contact. Avoid this by varying your messages so you can keep them excited and intrigued for more.


Getting more sociable on social media can truly do your site a lot of good.

You’ll gain lots of prospective target audiences and clients and get to establish a really good reputation for your group. Are you willing to tweak your strategies a bit? If yes, then good for you! You’re on your way to gaining the best that social media has to offer!


Angel Delos Reyes is a writer whose expertise is in the promotional products industry. Most of her works are centered on writing blogs and articles for Promopeddler.com, an online promotional product seller based in the US that specializes in selling items like custom arm bands. She loves reading, singing, watching movies, and catching up on social media channels.