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seooptI just came across this Infographic about the conversion rate optimization – and wanted to share it with you guys.

All our efforts getting traffic to our site really doesn’t matter if we can make the visitors do what we want them to do right?

So choose “The Good Path” in the Infographic.

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FacebookDLightsmallVisitors have a lot of expectations from Facebook Fanpage design. Businesses can pamper fans with more interactive features, great deals, special offers, and mini sites on the page.

A Facebook Fanpage can be created by a designer having knowledge of web technologies. Then, have you ever pondered what it has to offer to its fans? And what are their expectations from it? These are the questions that you should ask before creating a Facebook Fanpage design. It should be not be designed for the sake of it. There should be a purpose.

In this article, we will have a look at the expectations of users from your Fanpage. Let’s have a read…


More Interactive Features

You have designed it for attracting the attention of your visitors, and therefore it should not be passive. It is great to look at a big welcome message, but modern users want some activity. They are more keen on doing something interesting when they land up on your business Fanpage.

It is all about sharing content intelligently. Consider yourself as an online toy seller. You can make use of a splash image having the link to your photo album page where users can upload pictures of their kid’s favorite toys. Also provide a link on the splash image that directs visitors to your products page.

This is a smart marketing campaign that allows fans to do some activity, as well as make them acquainted with your products, i.e. the toys.


Offer Interesting Deals !

The success of it depends on how smartly you can push engaging content. Yes, fans like viewing content that rouses their interest. This is one reason many businesses as part of their Facebook page customization strategy keep users informed by offering lucrative deals or discounts. You might be asking how they go about it. Through their status updates !

Fans also like to be pampered with new visuals and engaging content. The best way to do it is by offering unique offers on your custom-made tab. It is not that difficult as you perceive it to be. You can include an appropriate splash image that will boast of your exclusive offers. This form of promotion should be included in your updates.

You simply have to tweak the photo on the fan page so that visitor’s attention is diverted towards your products or services. Every time a user lands on your page, he will get to know of your products or offers. In other words, it will make the page look new if regularly updated with new and exciting deals.


Mini Sites in Fan Pages

Yes, there are some companies that walks the extra mile as far as Fanpage design is concerned. An ideal way to attract more user attention is by including mini-sites into your Fanpage. This point can be explained with an example. You can add rich multimedia related content under a tab ‘Fan’s Zone’. It can allure visitors with videos, photos or events related to your company.

You can make use of Flash to make such mini-sites more interactive. However, make sure that you adhere to Facebook guidelines. How effective your Fanpage will be depends on the ability of the developer offering customized web development services.

What are your views on this topic? Comment please…


Author bio: Jayati is a technical author and loves to write innovative article for various sites. To see more articles you can visit here.



iphoneOne of the mayor trends in marketing 2012 is mobile marketing. According to the research company ComScore there are over 100 million Smartphone subscribers in the US (January 2012).

So the question is – how can your local business use mobile marketing to make more sales. I will show you 3 easy ways to get in contact with theses 100 million people.

To make a great mobile marketing strategy we have to know how people are using their Smartphones.

  • Text Messaging 92%
  • Taking Photos 92%
  • Internet Browsing 84%
  • Emailing 76%
  • Downloading Apps 69%
  • Gaming 64%
  • Social Networking 60%
  • Navigating 55%
  • Watching Video 54%
  • Tweeting 15%
  • Checking-In 12%


Social Media Mobile
59 percent of all users of Smartphones use it for their social media like Facebook. 15 percent use it to tweeting. So your business has to get a business page on Facebook and make some tweets on twitter.

Most of the social networks are offering ads connected to the geographical location. So you can promote your hairdresser salon to the people in a specific zip code. You can also target all females from 20 – 30 years old, in a specific zip code. So be sure who your audience is.

This could be a great idea for local shops or restaurant.

You can also make a Friday special with half price.

Are you in the food industry you may have to sell your products before the expiration date. Then use mobile marketing to get rid of your stock.

Make a Facebook update about your sale to get more sale on your website. Use the mobile ad for Geo targeting your audience. This will help you to drive more traffic to your physical shop.


Use Coupons
A very simple but effective way using mobile marking is to create mobile coupons.

In a  survey from 2012, the Smartphone owners were asked, how they were  receiving different types of mobile advertising. The results were very interesting for local businesses. The Smartphone owners were most interested in receiving grocery coupons (36%), 29% would like scanable barcode, 26% would like offers to save and pursue at leisure, 26%  movie theater offers and finally 21% would like ads via SMS from a retailer with a promotion or coupon (published by

Yes you read correct! 21% would like to get a SMS from a retailer with a promotion/coupon. That’s 1 in 5 Smartphone owners. Amazing. So it’s not really surprising that retail-oriented mobile marketing technologies like coupons and barcodes are the first technologies to reach the consumer.

Use your social networks like Facebook and Twitter to drive your audience to your mobile landing page, where they can get a mobile coupon. An old fashion SMS can drive people to your mobile site too.

Let them show you the coupon in your physical shop.


Do You Have a Mobile Site?
When more and more people using their Smartphones to access the internet, you might have to consider creating a specific mobile site. IDC reports show that the Smartphone market in the 4th quarter of 2012 – up 87% from the year before – was beating the PC sales for the first time. People can do business with your from their Smartphones.

Most of the “normal” websites are very difficult to use with a Smartphone. Some websites will not even upload correct on a Smartphone. You will have to make the mobile browsing a good experience for your potential customers. Because the screen on a Smartphone is much smaller than on your laptop – you will have to create a special mobile site. So go and check out your website – how does it look on a mobile browser?

Check out this Infographic from Hybris about Mobile Marketing Commerce to get more ideas about the trends – and get more ideas.






















































Mobile marketing is growing fast these days. So you better start to think about how you can use this in your marketing strategy.

And even small local shops or business can use mobile marketing. 


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BenefitsDigital marketing is essential to bring your website in front of your targeted audience.

When you understand what Pay Per Click Search Engines are and what the advantage is of using the right ones for you and using them wisely, you’ll see why they are now a crucial part of any successful digital marketing plan.

As a business owner, you want more business. Digital marketing has a number of different categories, each with their own strategies, and they all work together to meet similar goals.

Regarding people using the search engines to find products and services, what is most important to you is that the right type of potential customers, and lots of them, see the link to your website and want to click on it.

You want a targeted, focused customer base, who spot your link easily, click on it quickly, and stay on your web pages for a long time.


Every business needs to make pay per click part of their digital marketing campaign.

The more you are in a hurry to skyrocket your business on the fast track as soon as possible, the more you need to look at pay per click options. Why?

It takes time, at least a few months, before most major search engines can index a new site and then you can move up in the search engine rankings for major keyword terms in your field. (Of course the more you use search engine optimization techniques the quicker this will happen but there are many factors involved.)

In the meantime, pay per click search engines have multiple benefits including that they can jump start you right way, attracting searches to your new website before it’s fully indexed and optimized completed for the major web search engines.


Take me to the top, Baby
In this day and age, when nobody looks past the first pages and often people only look at the first six or seven listings, every listing you go up can mean more customers, and more reoccurring dollars in your pocket.

So you need to do everything in your power to take your listing up to the top. Pay per click strategies will help you do well in the organic searches as well when used as part of a well thought out, strategic marketing plan. Which is why it is an essential part of your “see you at the top” goal.

Besides the fact that pay per click search engines are fast, easy, and help you rise in the search engines, some other benefits are that:

  1.  You only pay when someone clicks your site
  2. They are extremely cost-effective because you can decide on the rate that you are willing to pay for each click for the keywords that you chose. Some rates can be as low as a penny per word.
  3. You are going to get a huge return on investment. You will be able to visibly track your progress and see your returns.

Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, MSN/BING PPC, and Facebook PPC are the biggest Pay Per Click Search Engines.

They are going to be more costly but worth the expense. Less well-known pay per click search engines generally offers a much lower cost.


Author Bio:- Sunny Popali is SEO Director at, TempoCreative servicing Inbound Marketing in Arizona.  For more than 10 years many big brands have benefited from Tempo & Team for digital & internet marketing needs.


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What is your Facebook strategy?

When creating our marketing campaigns we are always saying we have to use Facebook. But the question is how?

  •  How will we engage our fans?
  • Do we need some events?
  • What about a contest?

I want to show you this awesome infographic from SocialMedia OnlineClasses – it can give you some ideas about what to do.

Best regards, Henrik


fb marketing infographic




























Creating an integrated marketing campaign

When we are going to create an integrated marketing campaign we are going to use both online and offline elements.

Be sure you start by identifying your customers need, what kind of solution do you have and how are you different than your competitors?

Use your social platform, your e-marketing, online but also print. I would like to show you this infographic for an Integrated Marketing Campaign to give you some ideas.

If you click on it you can see it larger.































Embed Code

Here’s the embed code which you can copy and paste into your website or blog to show this infographic:

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winnerIf you have been doing Google Adwords or other PPC ads, you know that you have to test your ads so you can get the right winner. 

But are you sure you have the right winner? Which metric should you use?

Before starting we will have to sure we have enough data to declare a winner. So I will go to

This is a A/B test calculator.

Really awesome if you have a split test with 2 ads.

I have made this example to show you how to declare a winner of the split test. I have 5 ads competing against each other.


Impressions first

When creating an ad – you are also creating a keyword. When somebody searches for your keyword, your ad can be displayed.

So you will have to have the right keywords. With no impression you will have  no display and therefor no sale.

So your measurement should always start with the impressions.

In my example here the ads all got 10.810 impressions.



Clicks and cost

Next measurement is the clicks. How many people are actually clicking on your ads? In my example ad 1 got 536 clicks, but ad 4 is leading with 1063 clicks.

You are only paying when somebody is clicking on your ad – so you will have to check out your costs too. Ad 2 is the ad with the lowest cost (182 dollars).

With cost and clicks you have now the possibility to calculate the CTR (Click Through Rate) and the CV (Conversion Rate).

But now you will have a problem. If you are using the Conversion Rate what about the impressions, the click through rate or the average sale amount?

What is the best scenario – to have a high CTR and a low CR? Or a low CR and a high CTR? Or maybe a mid-range CTR and a mid-range CR? You see the problem? Which ad is the winner?

The ad with the highest CTR is ad 4 with 9.83 percent. So maybe ad 4 is the winner. The ad with the highest CV is ad 2 with 10.95 percent. Well ad 2 might be the winner too.


Conversions – lets get some sale

We are not really interested in impressions or clicks right?

I would rather get some sale – so we have to find out how many sales or conversions we get from our ads.

In my example ad 4 get 62 sale and ad 3 is only getting 38 sales. So now we can calculate the Cost Per Acquisition. The winner in my example is ad 2 – because we want the ad with the lowest cost.

So maybe ad 2 is the winner?

When using the cost per acquisition you don’t take into account the volume (that’s the impressions and clicks) or your average sale amount.

We will have to use a metric that incorporates your CTR, your costs, your conversions and the average sales amounts into one metric.

So I will like to introduce you to Profit Per Impression (PPI).


Profit Per Impression (PPI) – a much better metric

To use the PPI you will need to calculate your revenue and your profit.

Revenue can be a little difficult to calculate if you are selling a lot of different products. My revenue is highest at ad 5 with 784 dollars.

Profit is your revenue – cost. In my example I get the highest profit using ad 1 with 438 dollars.

Now you can calculate your PPI. You just divide your profit with your impressions.

With ad 1 I get the highest profit per impression with 0.041 dollars. So ad 1 is my winner.


Well what about the Quality Score? 

We just found out that ad 1 is the winner – but you will have to think of the Quality Score too (if you are working with Google Adwords).

“Quality Score is an estimate of how relevant your ads, keywords, and landing page are to a person seeing your ad. Having a high Quality Score means that our systems think your ad, keyword, and landing page are all relevant and useful to someone looking at your ad.

Having a low Quality Score, on the other hand, means that your ads, keywords, and landing page probably aren’t as relevant and useful to someone looking at your ad” (taken from Google Adwords).

If you pick an ad with an overall low CTR – it will hurt your Quality Score. A lower quality score will give you a lower average position of your ad, and a higher CPC.

So if you have 2 ads with almost the same PPI, you should pick the one with the highest CTR.

Well I will still pick ad number 1 in my example here. If you are in doubt you can make a test between the 2 last ads.



Always do  a split test with your ads and be sure you use the right metrics.

First of all be sure you have enough data. Without enough data you might pick the wrong winner.

Next time go and use the PPI metric to get your winner.


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