When we are talking about PPC (Pay Per Click) ads, we are often talking about Google only – Google Adwords. But PPC is much more than Google Adwords. When should you use Bing or Facebook PPC ads?

In the end we have to figure out where we get the highest ROI. You will have to check out the positive and negative things about each media. So let me show you some pros and cons of each channel.


Google PPC Ads



















Advantages of Google Adwords PPC ads:

  • Reach. You will reach about 80% of the internet users. So do you have to reach as many people as possible Google Adwords might be a great idea. The audience is much larger compared to Bing. Google Adwords are also shown on other major and strategic search engines and websites that collaborate with Google. So you can use Google as a multiple channels with search, display and banner etc. You can target PC, tablets, mobile, video etc.
  • Cost. You have full control over your costs. Google makes it easy for companies to control their cost. Companies will only pay when users get to their website. There is no minimum cost for the usage and you decide how much you want to spend. You will pay between 1 cent and 100 dollars per click.Google has a built/in conversion and revenue tracking code – awesome. A lot of great statistics where you can check location, site links, mobile click to call to improve your click through rate.
  • Timing. Timing is everything. When a customer is looking for something special on Google – like “big blue cars” – your ad will only show up if you what it to.
  • Flexible. You can get started right away within 15 minutes. And you can change the ad whenever you want to. You can also target the ad to a specific geographical location and languages. But you can also target device or time of day you want the ad to be shown.


Disadvantages of using Google Adwords ads

  • Every click counts. You will have to pay every click on your website – even though you don’t make a sale. Google Adwords becomes increasingly competitive as more and more advertisers join it. Depending on the competition the PPC and be very expensive. The CTR is low on the display network.
  • Payment. If you don’t pay on time Google will remove your ad (well fair enough right?).
  • Statistic. How high is your click rates compared to your competitors? You don’t know the competitors CTR and Google will not tell you.
  • Copy space. You will only have 25 characters in the headline and 70 characters for the rest. So choose your words wisely.


Facebook PPC ads

You can pay for your Facebook ads in 2 ways. PPC with a minimum bid of 1 cent for every click you will receive. Another method is CPM (Cost Per Mille) with a minimum bid of 2 cents for every 1,000 clicks you will receive.



















Advantages of Facebook PPC ads:

  • Generally lower cost per click (CPC) than Google Adwords
  • Great for creating brand awareness – branding
  • Large audience – there are now 845 million accounts on Facebook (that’s 12 percent of all people in the world!).
  • Targeting. One of the biggest advances is the targeting possibilities. You can target by gender, marital status, location, age, interests/hobbies, likes etc. Awesome.
  • Locale targeting (I haven’t seen this in other countries – give me a comment if you have, thx) – you can use Facebook as a local marketing. Only show the ad for people living in a specific postcode.
  • Expose time. Users are more likely to stay on Facebook for a longer time than on Bing or Google. So the user will be exposed to your ad for a longer time.
  • Images. You can use imagines which can make it more likely that users are paying attention to your ad.
  • Characters. You have 135 characters – much more than Google Adwords.


Disadvantages of using Facebook ads:

  • Space. Not much space on Facebook to show ads.
  • Niche markets. The PPC cost for very specific niche markets can be very high.
  • Low click-through-rate (CTR) for eCommenrce compared to Google Adwords – People are using Facebook to talk and socialize with their friends and are not thinking of buying anything.
  • Weird, irrelevant ads – many irrelevant ads, free giveaways, reward programs etc. which give the ads less relevance when the consumer is viewer the ads.


Bing PPC ads

Bing was formerly MSN – but Yahoo and MSN joined their forces and made Bing. So when you are using Bing you are using the combined technologies and resources of Yahoo and MSN.
















Advantages of Bing PPC ads:

  • Easy to sign up. Just got to http://advertising.microsoft.com.
  • Import your Yahoo or Google ads. This is really awesome. You can import your ads using the ad center. So you don’t have to duplicate efforts. So you should make a test using Bing and compare it to Google.
  • Targeting. You can target your ads to specific demographics. So if you are selling “used cars”. One of your ads can be made for singles. Another ad can be made for a local dealer. A third can reach pregnant women (hmm I don’t know if they need a specific used car?)
  • Ad center. Like Google Adwords the ad center is very easy to use. You have access to performance statistics.
  • Keyword bidding is often less expensive than Google Adwords or Facebook.
  • CTR and conversion tends to be higher on Bing


Disadvantages of using Bing ads:

  • In many ways Bing looks like Google Adwords
  • Volume. The biggest disadvantage is volume. Bing has a much smaller audience than Google or Facebook.
  • No built-in revenue tracking feature


You will have to know everything about your product/brand and your buyers – when you are choosing the right channel. And you should also consider a combination of the channels.

Maybe Facebook PPC Ads could be considered as an accompaniment to the Google Adwords instead of a replacement.

But like in Social Media you sometimes have to use several channels. So you own it to yourself to test other media than just Google Adwords. Make a pre-campaign and check out your ROI.

You will have to know and understand your customers and your market. Good luck with it.


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When you are looking for a way to find your keywords for your SEO or for your PPC – you have a lot of free tools you can use for your research.

If you are searching for “used cars” you can get information about how many people are conducting a search for that special word or words. Use free tools like Google Keyword Tool. Or you can use WordTracker.

You will get the information about how many times a phrase is searched for, and  information about words or phrases that are very close to your target keyword. So in our example you will maybe get information about “blue cars” or “new cars”

But with Google Trends you can go much further. First of all it will show you how popular the keyword is over time, showing if your keywords popularity is rising, falling or staying steady.

So let’s say you are not sure if you want to do SEO for the term “blue cars” or “black cars”. Go to the search” and you will see this picture. Don’t write the quote marks, you just write the phrases with a comma between the search phrases. You can compare up to 5 different words or phrases.

blue or black cars cut


















So the “black cars” phrase is very steady and the “blue cars” phrase is rising and falling but is always higher than the phrase black cars.

Google Trends is also a very quick way to get information about singular or plural version of your searched keyword or phrase. Here I will compare “blue car” or “blue cars”.


blue car and cars


















Here you can see that there will be much more traffic for the word car than for the word cars.

















To the right you will see the volume of news stories related to your keyword. Below you can see the result from selected cities, selected world regions and by selected world languages.


Google Trend can’t tell you everything

Use Google Tend as a keyword tool. But you will need more research. Google Trend can’t tell you how many times a keyword has been searched. You can compare two or more graphs but not the actual number of searches.

Even though you found the most popular keyword or phrase it doesn’t tell you how competitive the market for that keyword is.

Maybe you will have no change at all to get into top10 for the phrase “Blue Cars” but you will have a great change for the phrase “Black cars” even though the popularity is much lower. And therefor you can get more traffic from that phrase.


Use Google Trend as an inspiration

Start using Google Trend and get inspired. And when you have found a word or two you will need to go to tools like Google Keyword Tool. But Google Trend is a great tool.

And yes.. It’s FREE.


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chainI have some good news for you guys out there.

Building backlinks can be a very time consuming process. You will have to search for relevant tropic, contact the sit site owner, maybe do some guest blogging, article marketing or do some commenting on blogs.

The good news is that I have found some high quality and authoritative websites for you. So no more talk – let’s start doing some serious backlink building – fast, easy, free and instant.

I think it will take you around 1 day to build your profiles on theses sites. But it will give you a lot of juice for the future.

When I talk about dofollow/nofollow remember that it’s Google codes. Not all the search engines are using these codes. Some of the search engines following all links 🙂



  • PR6
  • Nofollow/Dofollow and trust and authority
  • After you have made your profile, you can email About.us and request a dofollow. I have just made the request for a dofollow. So I hope they work fast. Gains PageRank when backlinks are built to link to it.


  • PR8
  • Dofollow and trust and authority
  • Search your domain name through Alexa and build a backlink to direct crawlers to your site’s info page in Alexa


  • PR8
  • Nofollow but pass trust and authority
  • Write your company profile page – and you are done here. I still need to do my company profile page for SeoCustomer


  • PR9
  • Dofollow and trust and authority
  • We all know YouTube. I still need to do some video.


  • PR8
  • Dofollow and trust and authority
  • Squidoo is a community website that allows users to create pages (called lenses) for subjects of interest. Squidoo had 1.5 million hand-built lenses as of October 2010. Write a page and include your link with anchor text to your website (use the bio section)


  • PR9
  • Nofollow but trust and authority
  • We all know Twitter – 500 million accounts. You can gain high PageRank if external links are built for it. So link to your twitter profile page.

Facebook Fanpage

  • PR10
  • Nofollow but pass trust and authority to your website
  • Facebook has 845 million accounts (that’s 12 percent of all people in the world!!!). Make some external links that points to your Fanpage and you will see that it will quickly show up in the search ranking.


  • PR8
  • Nofollow but pass trust and authority and traffic Help you to get traffic to your site.
  • Just submit a new page and you will see people clicking on your website in 10 Sec. (I love this one)


  • PR8
  • Nofollow but trust and authority and traffic
  • A little like StumbleUpon.

If you know anymore site which can be used as dofollow/Nofollow with a high PageRank please let me know and I will include them in the list.

And by the way – remember to check out this page too… More backlinks – easy, free and instant. Link Building the Smart Way.


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googleanalyticAre you using Google Analytic – well if you are not – you should start using it. It’s free and it will give you tons of information about your website.

Check it out here Google Analytic.

You can check it out here… You can’t really do SEO without knowing something about your visitors right?

Let me show you a simple but effective trick where you can use the information from your Google Analytic to grow your traffic.


1. Step – Find the keywords you are already ranking for
This is what you are going to do.

We will first find out what people are searching for in the organic Google searches to find your website.

Go to Google Analytic – Dashboard – Traffic Sources – Sources – All Traffic. In the right window click on “Google / Organic”. In the next window you are going to click on “Source/Medium” and pick “Traffic Sources” and pick “keywords”.

So now you know what people have written in Google search to find your website. This will be your top-ranking keywords that you got right now.


2. Step – find your website’s ranking position
Now we are going to check your keywords position. So go to Google and write you’re the first keyword you just found.

This can be a little tricky – because if you have a new or relatively new site, you might discover that your website is not showing up on the first page – or maybe not the second page in the Google search results.

The point is that you have discovered a page on your website that have a high ranking for a keyword phrase. And this is what we are looking for.

It’s not so important if its showing up on page 1 or 2 (or 3…).

You can find programs which are showing you your ranking. I have found this ranking tool. This way you don’t have to check too many pages if your keyword is not showing up on the 1. or 2. page.


3. Step – building backlinks
Now the last step is to use your knowledge about your keywords and ranking. You are going to use the keyword phrase as your anchor text.

I would go back to Google and search for “SEO guest post” or “SEO blog guest post” or “SEO comments” and find relevant websites, which could be relevant for a link back to my website here. You will have to search for relevant websites to your blog or website.

Write a comment on the website you just found, or contact the site owner and ask if you could write an article with a backlink.

Then write your article with your keyword and a link (also with your keyword or keyword phrase). If you are commenting a post, again remember to mention your keyword or keyword phrase.

Now repeat this for your other main keywords. Simple right? Yeah I know – it will take some time with articles, but then start by commenting some posts.

After some weeks check out your rank position again.

Well that’s all folks – I better start commenting some articles and write some articles.


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Google Algorithme, Google Ranking

Do you know that almost 25% of the Google Ranking Algorithm is calculated by the trust and authority of your domain. 

So your next question would be – can I do something about this? And yes you can. So are you ready? It’s much more than just the age of your domain.

Google Algorithme, Google Ranking

How Google calculate the ranking of websites

Trust and the search engines

  • Domain age is very important. I am sure you know about this. And there is not a lot you can do about this. But when you are choosing your server, you should choose one with a good reputation, so you don’t have to move your site to another server after 6 months or 1 year.
  • Registration information. You can see my registration here. There is in general more trust to a public registration than a private registration. So a .Gov or .Org name will have more trust than a .Biz or .Com.
  • Physical address. Write your physical address on your site – this will also help your trust by your viewers.
  • Privacy policy. If you have any web form where you are collecting data you should have a well written privacy policy and use some secure data transfer (like SSL Certificate) and tell your viewers that you are using it. If you see my web form – you will see that it says “We respect your email privacy” and you can read more.
  • FAQ page. A FAQ page will also help you increase the trust of your site.
  • Who links to you? The search engines will check the links to your site and check where they are coming from. The principle here is that if they are coming from spammy domains, the search engines might think of you as a spammer. On the other hand if Google discovers that you have links from trusted domains such as Wikipedia, dmoz or yahoo directory or other websites with a high PageRank, Google will think your site must be trusted too. So in short – if you have a new site like me (www.SeoCustomer.com is only 6 months old) and you only have very few links to your site, and most of them are spammer links, you might get in trouble.
  • Who do you link to? It’s the same idea as a link coming to your site. If you link to spammy sites, the search engines might think of your site as a spamming site too. So be careful who you like to.


Domain Authority

This is a more straightforward concept than trust. The most important element is how many quality pages link to your website and how do they link to your website.

First let me show you this Google Authoritative from www.chrisg.com. Click on it and take a good look at it. Very informative. Use it as a reference map. I love it. Click on it to see it large.

google authority mindmap Original

Many people believe that Google has a whitelist of trusted web sites. So if you can get some inbound links from websites which are on this list, it will give you a boost in your search engine rankings.

I am not sure about this whitelist – but anyway if you get inbound links from websites with a high PageRank you will do well.


Other Link Factors

  • Theme – what is the subject of the domain that links to you – is it relevant topic for your subject?
  • Strength – is the site that links to you trusted?
  • Diversity – do you have a few varieties and diversity of domains that links to you or many
  • Age – how old are the linking domains?
  • Location – the location of the inbound links – from the content or the footer?
  • Anchor Text – Google will love a lot of different anchor text. If the different sites use the same anchor text Google will think it’s suspicious.

You can check out your backlinks, anchor text and follow or no follow at www.backlinkwatch.com. Great tool.

Okay guys… Did I forget something? Let me know…


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Let’s do some practical link building. We all know we have to do link building – but how do we start? Okay let me tell you what to do to get started. Are you ready? I hope you have some coffee in your cup? Okay – 3 2 1 go…


First thing first

Understand your own site first. Why does somebody want to link to your site. If you don’t know that, you will get into trouble very soon.

So a catchy blog post title is very important. So start going to www.linkbaitgenerator.com and get yourself a catchy title for your post.




So let’s start with the people that are already linking to you. Go to Google and type in link:domainname.com


Write down on a paper (yes I said paper lol). What kind of sites are linking to you, why do they like your posts, check out the anchor text they use, do they link to other sites too (they are your competitors).



Now it’s time for your strategy

Now its time to understand who is linking to our competitors. Who are your main competitors. Who are making backlinks to them, get their anchor texts and compare the anchor text to yours. Do you miss some catchy titles?

There are many free websites on the web that can help you checking backlinks. You can try www.backlinkwatch.com




First check out the websites that are linking to both you and your competitor – that will make your list a little shorter and more manageable.

So now you know about your own site and about your competitors’ sites. Do you still have some hot coffee in your cup? Ready for more?



Time to get the links NOW

Now go through your lists. Your competitors, your link opportunities, who is already linking to websites like yours, who else are they linking to. Make a top 10 list or top 20. Write them down on a piece of paper. Not in a word-file or excel-file. I want you to see them on your desk.

Now it’s time to do some keyword research. If you are selling used cars. To get high ranking you need to get links from websites with high PageRank, high traffic sites. I would do a search in Google and write down which sites you want links from.

You will have to think as the customer looking for something. So if you are selling used cars – what are the customer searching for?

I would think – used cars – max 3 years old cars – Ford – Toyota – blue cars – cheap cars -quality cars.

You see a lot of opportunities. To get ideas for keywords you can use Google AdWords Keyword Tool (we all love Google AdWords Keywords Tool don’t we) or maybe Wordtracker.




Now make the link building plan

Okay now you know your own site, you have to catchy titles, you know your competitors, you know your link opportunities.

I would do 1 hour a day making link building. So every day from 9 to 10 am you are going to take out your piece of paper. Go to the website you want links from. Get in contact with them and make it impossible for them not to link to you.

It can be sending them an article, writing on their blog, let the webmaster know about something you can offer to the sites customers etc..

And you will see in a month’s time you work will pay off.

This is tomorrows marketing guys 🙂


Wish you all well… Have a great day all

Best regards Henrik


Maybe you have a small business – a little consultant company, a coffee bar or you have a hairdresser shop. And you might have heard about the social media and that it is important for your marketing.  So you wanna get started. So now … what do you do?

The great thing about Social Media is that it’s almost free. But yes… you will have to spend some time here – because you will need to engage your customers.

Let me show you step by step what you can do. So as always put your favorit music on and grab a cup of coffee. I would have made a 10 step list – but I finally came up with 11 steps.


coffeeNY1) local businesses

It really is essential for you shop or local business to register you business in Google place. It is like a free advertising on Google. This is the way to get found if you have a local shop. You can read more about how to use Google place in this article here…

Google Place

But Google place is not the only local search engine place to get found. Remember to register on theses places too…

Yahoo Local


Bing Local

Ask Cities



YouTube2) Video

Did you read this article here.. How to use YouTube for SEO ?

You should use YouTube for two reasons

  1. For getting  higher ranking in the search engines
  2. Because many people would rather watch a video than reading a boring paper

Most business owners thinks of search engines like Google and maybe Yahoo or Bing. But most of the businesses on the Internet forget the 2. largest one – YouTube.

Theses days people are getting their news from Internet and not the newspapers. So instead of reading a book or a newspaper – people will take their laptop, tablet or iPhone to get their news. But reading articles online is just not enough anymore – people want entertainment.

People will rather get information from a visual video than more old fashion text. Why sit there and read boring text when you can watch a cool, exciting video?

(and no no no – don’t tell me I should have done this article in a video instead lol)


stumbleupon e
3) StumbleUpon – Diggs

Have you heard about StumbleUpon?

This social network will give you traffic 10 seconds after your have submitted a page. I am using it too.

Another site where you can submit your page is Diggs.com

Its easy to use – and will get traffic to your site. So use them 🙂





pinterest4) Pinterest

I just read that Pinterest is the 3. biggest social media network in USA. And it’s in the top 5 in referal traffic list. So you will need to make your Pinterest account.

I found this link where you can learn more about Pinterest for businesses.

By the way – I am taking my own medicin – so I am going to start Pinterest too for www.SeoCustomer.com too.



facebook logo5) Facebook (of course)

There are 845 mio. people with a Facebook account. So no matter what kind of business you got you to be there.


So go and create a Facebook page, get likes, share your stories and engage people. A great idea is to share more then just news about your shop. Share some local news too.

Ask your fellowers some quastions. Encourage engagement. Let them comment on pictures… Your ideas are just as good as my ideas.

But you have to use Facebook.



TwitterBird6) Twitter

500 mio. people has a twitter account. And yes you have to be where your potential customers are. So it’s a little like Facebook. You have to be there. No discussion.

Here you can learn about Twitter for business.






LinkedIn7) LinkedIn

LinkedIn has over 150 mio. accounts and still growing rapidly. Its a network of professionals. And as a business  you will need connections. So it is important for you to have a company profile.

And you can do much more then just a company profile on LinkedIn. Remember to add your products and build your company network.

Every time you have been talking to somebody for your business remember to ad him to your LinkedIn network.

Here is much more information about Company pages in LinkedIn.




foursquare8) Foursquare 

Registrer your business or shop at Foursquare. Some numbers about Foursquare…

  • Community: Over 15 million people worldwide
  • Over 1.5 billion check-ins, with millions more every day
  • Businesses: Over 750,000 using the Merchant Platform (more information at foursquare.com/business)

You can create your own check-in location and let people check-in at your shop, store or place. This will help you get found, it will help you in organic search engines.

So make it easy for yourself and get started on Foursquare if you haven’t done it already.


9) Blogs

Blogs will give you many opportunities. Blogs is a place where you can write to people, get response, engage people.

A lot of companies have a homepage and a blog. You should try to mix them together. So people can comment directly on your pages. Why? Because it’s a way to get people coming back to your page (higher traffic), it’s a way to get the page fresh (Google and other search engines loves fresh pages theses days).

And it’s a great way to listen to your customers and get ideas 🙂

Did you know there are 180 mio. blogs around the world. So it will be great if you read some of them, write a comment on some of the blogs, and in return get some backlinks to your website. (Link juice)


 10) Email – Newsletter

Many young people are not using e-mails anymore. So maybe e-mails is slowing dying now? But well… there is still 3.2 billions e-mails account arund the world.

And a newsletter is a great way to keep contact with people. I have a newsletter too. So remember to sign up – right here. If you sign up you also get a PDF with all the articles from 2011 and 2012 Q1 from this site.

And yes – e-mail is a social media too.


11) Google+

Last but not least remember Google+ (And I thank you Milda for reminding me) because it really is important. Do you know how many accounts there will be at the end of 2012 ….. 400 mil.

And Google search engine will be massive impact by the Google+. So yes yes yes… I should have been putting it up as the first of the list. Don’t forget Google+.

To me Google+ is important too… So put me in your cicles if you like this article (also if you don’t like this article). Add me here to your Google+

Read more about Google+ here – the biggest change in the history of Google.


Have a great day out there….



bounce rate

We all like to keep the visitors on our site or blog (yes so do I – so please STAY :)) There is an awesome tool that can help us keep track on the visitors. Some of you might know it already – it’s called “Bounce Rate”. If you are have been working with Google Analytic you probably know it. And if you haven’t Google Analytic on your site – go and get it as fast as you can.


Okay ready for the definition – taken from Google Analytic ?
Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page.

So is a high bounce rate bad? No – it doesn’t have to be. Maybe your visitors came because of a search on Google and clicked on your natural link or your Google Adwords and found what he or she was looking for. Maybe your visitors stayed 2 hours on a single page or maybe the visitor stayed only for 2 second. You can’t really tell. So it doesn’t have to be bad with a high bounce rate – BUT. (Yes I know .. There is always a but!)

Normally you would like a low bounce rate. You want your visitors to see more pages, maybe go and sign up for something or maybe buy something. And then you have to work with the bounce rate (I like the sound of the word Bounce – don’t you?)


So what is a good bounce rate?
It really depends on your line of business. Many blogs have like 80% bounce rate. So if your blog has that – don’t worry. With blogs – many visitors read a post and then move on.

In business like hotels and motels its normally with a bounce rate around 30%. The reason is that people are looking at the hotel, try to read about it, looking pictures and so on.

But – you are in trouble if the bounce rate suddenly increases or decreases dramatically. What did you change that made that happened? If one page on your site has a very high or very low bounce rate you might want to change that page, or change your other pages to get the same high bounce rate.

The bounce rate on your site depend a lot on your site architecture and industry. But let me tell you some good advices to get it lower.


How to get a lower bounce rate
Okay there’s in fact a lot you can do to lower the rate. So I will take you on a “lower-your-bounce-rate-tour”. Ready?

Yes yes yes… I will do it as a list. I am a list lover 🙂


How you write
1. Motivation. Your visitors have been curious enough to click on a link to your site in the first place. So if you can offer something else, something interesting or compelling, maybe a block of related articles or recent user comments – then he will probably stay longer on your site.

2. Content Format. Don’t write too lengthy paragraph. Instead use bullet points, a few pictures (yes I know I have to be better with that) to break up things Specific topics. Stick to your topic. If your blog is about …. Hmm… Dogs don’t write about fast cars.

3. Important information and call to action first. Get to the point, what do you want the reader to know. And remember to put a call to action near the top too.

4. Provide Relevant Content. Yes I know that sounded simple – well something things are simple right? Most people are searching on Google, found your link interested. So maybe you should work a little more on the copy :). Yes I know the old saying – content is king.

5. Language. Use the language of your target audience. I tell you guys my Danish is much better than my English. But I wonder how many of you can read Danish? You don’t write the same way if you are writing for kids or for business people right? Let a customer read your text though.

6. Update Your Content. If your text is 6 years old. Take it away or update it. Nobody wants to read old stuff on the internet.


Sites architecture
7. Search box. A search box is always great to let the visitor find other relevant pages on your site.

8. Page load time. Is your page slow at loading. Do you have too big pictures or heavy pictures. If so many people will move away.

9. Design. How is your aesthetically design. A good aesthetic design shows trust. If it looks homemade you will lose some visitors right away.

10. Clear Navigation. Don’t make it hard for people to find his way around on your website.

11. Traffic sources. Check out your sources. Sometimes people from Twitter or digg getting a much higher bounce rate than people from Google Adwords. Maybe you need new specific landing-page for some of your traffic sources (you really should try that out)

12. Pages check. Check out your different pages. Do they have a different bounce rate? What is the different content, copy, design of theses pages?

13. Test test test. Every time you change something to lower the bounce rate – remember to check out the rate. You will have to know what is working for you.


Okay that was the writing… The fun part is to higher your bounce rate – so go out and kick it 🙂

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googlelogoYou simple have to watch this Video from Google. This is a project that Google is working on right now.

And it might be ready before you know it. Here is what Google’s new Sci-Fi glasses look like.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah… I know .. you look kind of stupid with the glasses on. But they really are amazing right?

Give me a comment… does it scare you or are you excited?

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I gotta take off my glasses now and get a cup of coffee.

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Do you know about the brand new ”click-to-teleport ad extensions”?

Which this extension in your ad you can now show your customers not only the closest location – but also the location with the best conversion rate.

The other day Google Adwords did a great new update – Click-to-Teleport Ad Extensions.

This will enable searchers “Click-to-Teleport shortens the offline conversion funnel by allowing a user to teleport directly to your business location by clicking on your search ad“. Google Adwords Click-To-Teleport

This is how it looks like.















(picture from Google)


You will have 3 options for your “Click-to-Teleport Ad Extensions“

1) Optimize for closest location
2) Optimize for conversions
3) Rotate evenly

If you pick the “optimize for closest location” this will be the least disorienting one for your visitors and this will help you to maintain a local feeling.

Optimize for conversion will direct your visitors to the location where customers are most likely to convert.

If you choose ”rotate evenly” it will as the name says – rotate evenly amoung your business locations.

“Click-to-Teleport Ad Extensions“ is not the only extra link you can use in Google Adwords.


Show sitelink to your pages from your website from Google Adwords

Maybe you have seen the sitelinks when you are searching on Google.















With theses extra links to your site you can let your customers quickly see and clik to a specific page of your website. So you customers don’t have to click around.

For every click your customers have to click you will loose some of them. Some of the customers might want to see your menu, some of your customers are only interested in your phone number. Maybe some people are interested in your store location only. So give the people some different options.

Its also very easy to update your sitelinks whenever you want to. And you will keep your ads and keywords and still have your ad up-to-date for your sale.


This is how you activate and create your sitelinks

  1. sign in to your Adword account
  2. choose your campaigns tab click +New Campaign
  3. Scroll down to the “Ad extensions” section
  4. Check the box next to sitelinks – Extent my ads with links to sections of my site
  5. enter your link text and your destination URL – you can add up to 10 sitelinks per campaign
  6. Click Save and continue.

Remember to keep the link text short and precise.


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