Now easy guys – don’t be to shocked.


Okay maybe you are like me. Maybe you have a website or a blog. Like me you are writing an article and really love your stuff – right?

But .. now what. How do you tell people around the world that you have just made this amazing text.

Well I will tell you what I am doing. (and by the way I will keep this article updated – so if you have any good ideas for me let me know :))

But remember writing your article is just half the job. If nobody is reading your post its not so funny – right?


Writing the post

Write something awesome. Something interesting. I am using It gives me a great headline. Something that will make the people curious (I hope).


Tell the world

Okay first use the social media. I am using groups that are interesting in SEO on So join some groups on LinkedIn.

Then I go to twitter. Post you article on Let people know you have made a new post. Of course you have to get a lot of followers and get into some lists. Go to my article about the piratical stuff called “Lets get practical – no more talk” where you can get some good advice.

Also remember Facebook.

By the way I hope you have a share bar on your blog or post. If you don’t have that – make it NOW.

Do you know other social groups then use them to tell about your new post 🙂


Article Marketing

Submit your article to directories like E-zine Articles and Go Articles I will do a longer post about Article marketing later on. Its a great way to get your messages out and to get backlinks 🙂

I have found this list – please let me know if you know other great directories. Thx. Choose the ones you like. But get your post out 🙂 Don’t spend all your energy submitting to directories – but pick out 4 or 5 of them and send your article to them. Remember to send to both do follow direcctories and no follow directories.

Do follow directories: ‪ ‪ ‪ ‪ ‪ ‪ ‪ ‪ ‪ ‪ ‪
No follow directories: ‪ ‪ ‪

That should give you work for an hour or two 🙂 But again don’t spend all your time on directories. In the good old days (read 3 years ago) it was a little more important then now. But on the other hand don’t forget to do it – right?


Guest Blogging

Go to other websites like yours. Make comments. Get into some discussion about your tropic. Remember to link back to your article where it is relevant.


Guys I need help here… Give me some advices did I forget something? If you know any good directoriees for article submissions let me know – thx..

Wishing you a great day.

Best regards Henrik

7 reasons for social media or …… what to tell your boss

Perhaps you know the situation?

You want your company to use facebook or twitter, but the CEO or marketing manager thinks that social media is a waste of time.

“Why should we waste time and money on Facebook? We don’t have time to keep up with what customers are saying. We do not have time to respond to blogs.”

Hmmm .. I’ve heard this many times.

Let me tell you a secret – which is not really a secret. Social media is here to stay. And you might as well start to use them. Remember when marketers thought about the internet in the 90s –  just something for IT freaks? .

And here is another secret – within very very short time, the website as we know it today is gone. Users will have the rights to comment on what they read and see. This is like going from print to web.

eMarketer expects in 2010 that BtB industry spending will increase by 60 percent. Okay – your bossis still screaming ?

Well here are 7 good reasons for companies to be on social media.

  1. We all want to involve our customer in our company and products. To involve customers we have to get a dialogue with the customer right? Could you imagine that you involve yourself privately with someone with an one-way dialogue? No. Involvement requires dialogue. Social media is dialogue.
  2. “We do not have time to read what it says on our blog and Facebook”. Wow – I’ll tell you a secret. Those who write to you on your blog are either customers or potential customers. They have taken their time to write to you. Don’t you have the time for customers?
  3. Maybe they write negative things about your company and you don’t know what to do about that. Well whether you have a blog or your customers may comment on your pages – they will write about you. Maybe on their private blogs or Facebook. When customers comment on your page you can enter into dialogue with customers and heard some negative things too. But hey – the customers can actually point out important problems which must be addressed.
  4. The cost to get started with social media is low. It is free to open a Facebook page, a twitter account, etc. The biggest cost is the time consumption afterwards.
  5. Most companies writes in their strategy that they wanna be  leading, innovative, dynamic – well now is your chance there.
  6. Social media is a whole new channel in your marketing portfolio. And yes you need it –  some of your competitors are using it so you will have to use it too – or loose customers to your competitors.
  7. You can dramatically increase traffic on your website using social media. The importents of links are very very high in seaches such as Google. With social media you can spread your links out and get many backlinks to your website. Your boss knows that traffic is money?

Social media is not only Facebook and twitter. Social media could be..

Microblogging (Twitter)
Photo sharing (Flickr)
Video sharing (YouTube)
Social bookmarking (Digg)
Wikis (Wikipedia)
Podcasts (iTunes)
Social communities (Facebook, MySpace)

So kick your boss in the ass and lets get this going ..


landingOkay this time I will tell you something really awesome. I will show you have you can boost your conversion rate using dynamic keywords insertion. Hope you have a cup of coffee – cause you have to read this really carefully.

If you are doing pay per click like Google Adwords. You are maybe aware that you can use keyword insertion in your ad. You can read more about it in this article here. Keyword insertion in a Google AdWords has really helped me when I do AdWords. It will boost your click through rate on your ads.


Let me give you an example of a Google AdWords with dynamic keywords insertion.

Here is how your ad could look like

  • Headline:   {Keyword: Used cars} – Quality
  • Description line 1:  Buy our super {keyword: Used cars}
  • Description line 2:  5 free car checks

Notice that use of the {KeyWord: Default} in the Headline and Description line 1. So the user who are searching for used cars will see the headline exactly matching his or her search. In the second line he will see the search term in bold. He will think that this ad will get him to the page he is looking for. This is why it works.

So if somebody is searching for “used cars” the ad will look like this:

  • Used cars – Quality
  • Buy our super Used cars
  • 5 free car checks

If somebody is searching for “used blue cars” the ad will look like this (you have different keywords for the same ad)

  • Used blue cars – Quality
  • Buy our super Used blue cars
  • 5 Free car checks

This is the best kept secret of Google AdWords.


Now we will go a step further

Take the dynamic keyword insertion beyond the ad.

Now this is what this article here is all about. Use your dynamic keyword insertion on your landing page too.

So if your customer is searching for “used cars” he will see “Used Cars” as the headline on your landing page. If your customer is searching for “used blue cars” he will see used blue cars as the headline.

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Well I know you could create a different landing page for each keyword you have, as well as a separate ad and ad group. But if I have 100 keywords I think I will use this technique.


The Benefits with this technique

You will have more benefits using dynamic keywords insertion on your landing pages.

First of all it will make your page much more compelling. Your customer will see your page customized just for him. So if you want a quicker conversion rate improvement – dynamic keyword insertion is one way to get it.

The second benefit is that it will improve your quality score. When you have the same keyword as the headline on the landing page as in the Google Adwords your quality score will improve. I have seen examples where the quality score jumped from 5 to 7 on every keyword in their ad group.


So how do you do it

In order to use dynamic keyword insertion on your landing page, you will just need to make one change on your Google Adwords text ad.

The change is made in your destination URL. If your display URL is:{KeyWord:Blue-Car}

And your destination URL is:

Now change the destination URL to{keyword}

This “?kw={keyword}” code passes whatever search keyword was used to enter your landing page.

Now on your landing page, simply place “<? echo $_GET[‘kw’] ?>” wherever you want to keyword to be placed.

There is more than one way to do all this. And your landing page would need to allow PHP. So check out how you can make it work. It’s really worth checking out.

Play around with this until it works for you. You will be amazed with the result.


Wishing you all a great day out there. And remember to get the free Complete SeoCustomer Guide 2011.



googlealertsGoogle Alerts is maybe one of the easiest strategy to use for your link building. Google Alert tells you when somebody write about  your product or maybe your website.

It will give you opportunities for possible link acquistions though your email.  And we all know that Google will love backlinks if they are related to your subject – and Google will give your site higher rank.

So if somebody is mention your product on a website  – you will get an alert – then send a email to the website asking them to please link to your website (if they are not using a hyperlink).  Yes I know this sound very simple – and yes it is. But why make it difficult 🙂

You can set up a Google Alert for almost everything and get a mail when it triggers your alert.

The Google Alert will automatically notifies you when there are new content from news, web, blogs, video and/or discussion groups matches your set of search terms. The notification can be sent to you by email, as a web feed or to be displayed on your iGoogle page.

You decide the frequency of checks for new results. You can choose between “once a day”, “once a week” or “as it happens”.


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Have a great day all…. gonna get my coffee now and the sun is shining.





People has asked me – how do I make the perfect optimized page. How do I write for web?

How do we put it all together. Well lets take it step by step. Then its not so difficelt.

Remember I love to hear your comments on this 🙂


HTML head Tags

the title. One of the most important elements on a page. Of couse your keywords has to be in the title. But also remember to the keywords as the number 1 or mabye 2 word in the title.

Meta description. The meta description is not used by the major seach engines. But the better you make the description the higher the click though rate you get. And high click though rate witl get you higher in searches.

Meta keywords. Yahoo used this in the good old days. But now Bing is doing the Yahoo seaches. So dont waste your time with the meta keywords. Well it will not hurt you – but it will not help you either.



Keyword location. The closer the kewyords are to the domain name, the better. That means if you site is called are much better then Get my point?

Length. Its seams that shorter URLs performs better then the longer ones.
Hyphens are much better then underscores. But remember that are better then

Okay that was the HTML head tags and the URL. Ready for more? Okay grab your coffee and get readyf for the


Body tags

How many time can you write the keyword on a page with Google think you are a spammer. Well – try with 2 – 3 times on a short page and 4 – 6 times on a long page. Dont be to aggressiv when you write 🙂

The keyword density. The fewer words you are using compared to you keyword the higher is your keyword density. But again dont be to agressiv.

Variation. Remember to use your keywords in different variations. Dont just say cars – if cars is your keyword. Write cheap cars, fast cars, quality cars and so on.

H1 headline. Yes you should write your keyword in the H1 headline. And if your headline is short or relative short your will get a higher keyword density in your H1 headline.
H2 to H4 have lower importents then H1 – so try to make your keywords as high in the headline ranking as posibel.

Image tag.Remember to tag your images. Evidence has shown that this is a very important for the search engines.

Image filenames. Use your keywords in the filenames of your images.
Bold. Bold text show the seach engines (and the reader) what you want them to remember. So remember to bold your keywords (not all of them of course).

Italic. It seems that italic has a higher correlation with high ranking than bold – so remember to use this tool.

Internal link anchors. When you like to other pages in your own website use your keyword in the anchor text.

Pyhaa… this perfect text will be longer then I first thought. Lol. But well we have to make it perfect right?


Internal links and the site architecture

Your main keyword should be as close as possibly to yourhomepage.  Meaning as few clicks as posibel to get there. So are you selling used cars – dont do do instead

If a page is important for your keyword rank, you will have to link from as many pages as possible on your site to this page.

Remember that Google only counts the first link to a page that Google see in HTML.


Page Architecture

regarding the keyword location – you should put the keyword in the first few words. Of a pages text content.

Well show me you are aline – hit me a comment 🙂 Did I forget something?

Yours Henrik

I will tell you a secret. Search engines don’t really like blogs. I will tell you why and what you can do about it.

When you have a blog you are writing a lot of post about your subject – your main keyword. Maybe your subject is “used cars”. So one day you write about the prices of used cars. The next day you write about used cars from different countries. And suddenly you have maybe 20 articles about “used cars”.

Every time you you make a new post, you will tell about it in your social networks, your bookmarking sites, your groups. And some people might love your article and link to it. So that’s is all good.

bloggerThe problem is that the next day you have a new article, new people love it, and new people will link to your new post.

So here is the problem. Suddenly you main keyword for your site – “used cars” – is not linking to one page. But to maybe all your 20 articles. so you might get 10 incoming links to each of your post – instead of getting 200 incoming links to one page.

Google will love your page if it knew you had 200 incoming links – and rank it very high, but instead you have 20 posts each with 10 incoming links each. You follow me?


Repeating visitors or getting found on Google
If you have repeating visitors to your site – they will love that you have 20 fresh new contents on your blog. They might get an email about your news, or maybe they have your RSS feed.

But the visitors from Google or other search engines will not find you. So that is basically why it’s so difficelt for a blogger to get high ranking in Google.


The solution
So we have to create something that the search engines really like. So you are going to  make a “Content Page” that Google will love. The search engines loves the more stable content pages. So make a general page, where you can write something generel about your subject, and remember to have links to your posts from this page.

So now you will have a stable content pages with comment from people so it keeps fresh too – and Google loves that too by the way.

Your visitors will also love your content pages, because they will know that they can find your content and posts from this page. I have just made my SEO content page. I will do more text on the content page. But well it’s a start – right?


So if you have a blog remember to make sure you have a stable page that the search engines love. And get the traffic you deserve.


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Remember to grab my Free SeoCustomer Guide 2011. A 100+ pages full of tips and tricks for your SEO.


Enjoy your day 🙂




Do you think its an invitation for a party? Oh no. Google has just confirmed a brand new Panda update. Google announcing 40 search updates. So a lot of things are going on at Google.

The lastest Panda update is making the search ranking more accurate and sensitive to recent changes on the web. So its still great with fresh content. It was the same with the Panda 3.2 update. I hope you all make people comment on your pages – right?

coffeBut I will tell a little about local search ranking. Google has done some improvements to ranking for local search results. (launch code-name “Venice”). This improvement improves the triggering of Local Universal results by relying more on the ranking of our main search results as a signal.

You can read and listen about how local search ranking works on Google’s blog her.

Google are telling that they use – Relevance, Prominence and Distance for their local search ranking.

If you have a business you can’t do much about the distance factor. Its all relative to the geographical place of the searchers. Regarding relevance you can only do very little. You must of course use your main keywords on your website and online profiles and remember to select the right business categories. Read my article about Free advertising on Google here.

So now what about prominence? The question is how is Google measuring this. When Foursqure was getting hot – both Facebook and Google started to use the same kind of check-in. Google is constantly chasing signals from the users to find the most relevant websites for its users and check-in is surdenly a factor where the users and tell a different. In 2009 Google rolled-out their check-in service Latitude. And they continued to imitate Foursquare. And Google has a lot of bots that it uses for spying pages – so they can also very easy get the number of check-ins from both Foursquare and Facebook.

But its still a secret from Google if Check-in is a local search ranking factor. But if I was a local business owner I would certainly get everybody to check in at my place. Why not give a dime in discount if people check-in at your coffeshop?

Wishing you all the best…