Save time and get higher CTRIf I can promise you  that you can save a lot of time and you will get hight CTR in your Google Adwords – what would you say?

When you are running an Adword campaign you are problerly checking your keywords at least every week (maybe every day if you are curious as me), deleting the inefficiency keywords, – the bids to get on the first page. There can be a lot of work with Google Adwords.

But did you know you can use automated rules? You have had the possibilites for around 1 year now I think. So let me show you what you can do with it.

Google Adwords automated rules started testing around December of 2010. And in February of 2011 it became available on all accounts. The feature really is that it let the user do some frequently repeated tasks without manual adjustment. You can do some advance rules, such as excluding specific keywords, apply rules to multiple campaigns (I love that).

So how can it give you a higher CTR then you can do manual? I tell you why. Its really is an amazing tool. And you can run 24/7 /365 without you using a lot of time and energy.

And at the same time give you a higher CTR because it runs all the time and now only make changes when you have time to make them – right?


Here is what you are should do

1) Go to your account and click on the Automate button. You can find the automate button on the campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords tabs. The menu options is different depending on your location.

2) Select the type of automate rule you would like to run. Check it out here


Automated Rules Options

Keyword Level

Ad Level

Ad Group Level

Campaign Level

Change max CPC bids

Pause ads

Change ad group default max CPC

Change daily budget

Raise bids to first page CPC

Enable ads

Pause ad groups

Pause campaigns

Pause keywords

Enable ad groups

Enable campaigns

Enable keywords


3) Next you will select the parameter or criteria for your rule

4) Remember to check out the preview of the criteria. This will help you to make sure you have set it up correctly.

5) Manage your rules and keep track of all your changes..

6) Remember only 10 rules can be created per user per account.

7) You are all done 🙂  Easy right


Best practice…

I have been collecting some of the best practice automated rules. Ready? Don’t forget your coffee – it might get cold.

1) Setting up ads to run on specific times like weekends, promotion evens, seasons or holidays)

2) Setting up specific ads to turn on of off for promotional or other events.

3) Turn on or off ads, keywords or campaigns with very low CTR or with a high cost per conversion

4) Automatically bids that will adjust your bids until a keyword reaches a target position or match the target cost per conversion

5) Adjust your bids at different times during the day, week or year

6) Automatically incresing your budget for your effective campaigns

7) Make different budget for specific time of the week or year

8) Putting your campaings on pause when you hit a specific number of clicks


I hope this can give you some good ideas for how you can make some automated rules for your Google Adwords.

All the best to you as always.




facebook logo

People have asked me about Facebook. Almost every company has a Facebook page theses days. But how do you best use it for marketing? Well here is some guidelines for you all. Use them and it will work for you.


1. The name of the Facebook page title
It’s very important to get the right name of your Facebook page. If you choose a name like – cheap cars – some people would think of you as a spammer – and less people will want to share it with their friends. Also Facebook has recently been disabling updates for generically named pages. Therefor – use your company name as the name of the website. And stick to it


2. Select the best URL (Facebook username)
Facebook is showing your pages’s URL like this – You can select a username at This is a very important SEO opportunity on Facebook so use this.

So it here you will use your keyword – or combine your name and your keyword. If you are selling used cars – your Facebook address could be Facebook has blacklisted some generic user names but there are a lot of possibilities.

By the way – your Facebook username/URL cannot be changed ever. So be careful when you pick it. And – you will need at least 100 fans before you can select a username. Do you have less than 100 fans you will have to wait.


3. About text box
Use the about text box to write keyword dense text near the top of your page.
You have a 250 character limit, so choose your words wisely. Search engines love keywords close to the top of your page.


4. Info tab
You can use the info tab to write much more about your company. And of course remember to use your keywords, text and links. Address, city, State, and Zip code are important for local searches. Company overview, mission and products are important for product searches. Include your website address. Also remember to pick the right category of your business.


5. Create extra boxes and tabs
Facebook allows page owners to create extra boxes and tabs where you can write any kind of static content – text, images and links. This can be a great way to boost the content density score of your page. Use them 🙂

You can use the Static FBML application to create more boxes or tabs to your Wall. Look up Static FBML application on Facebook.


6. Status updates with links
Google loves pages that link to relevant sites. So when you post a link to your website in a Facebook update – Google will love that. And when Google loves it we all do … right?

Remember you can write the URL link in the text – or you can attach the link.


7. Add photos with captions, events with descriptions, and a discussion forum
When you add photos in your use verbose and keyword dense descriptions. So take your extra time (1 min. to include text and keywords in the description field that you want to rank for.

When you are making events – yes again – make a description of it using your keywords.
And make a discussion forum for your page.


8. Inbound links and more fans
Use your normal website to get more links to your Facebook page. You can try to use the – Find us on Facebook – badge.
It’s pretty simple right? The more fans or likes – the more links to your Facebook page. The more links the higher ranking. It all works together.

So yes – you have to take your SEO glasses on when you are working with Facebook.

All the best to you all…


Did you know that you can get a FREE advertising on Google. Yes you can. But many small business owners and shop owners are not aware of the possibilities. Get traffic, leads and customers in your shop NOW and FREE.

Google has been trying to increase their value of their local searches and their mapping application. Thats why they have made a very simple way for you – if you have a local shop – to tell them about your information about your business. And the really cool thing for you is – that they are putting some of this information into their main search engine. So what is this all about then? In short – you get free advertizing on Google – yes yes yes yes. This can help you to get more traffic, get leads and customers in your shop… so go and sign up for it NOW.

According to Google 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Be there when they’re looking for you with Google Places for business – a free local platform from Google. So let me tell you a little about how it works and why you should use it TODAY. Don’t miss out the business opportunities. So you have a little shop on Manhatten selling coffee.

Go to and write “coffee manhatten new york” in the searchbar. You will see this…

















Amazing right?  The customers can you see where your shop is placed. They can see a short text about your shop.

If you click on the shop to the left. You will see a popup with the shop on the map.
















But the customers don’t have to go to Google Maps to check out the local business or shops. The results are included in the general search results.

Let me show you the generel result for the search “Coffee Manhattan New York” in

















So you see your local searches are very very visible for the customers even in the general searches.


Claim you listing NOW

If you have been in business for awhile or if you have had different shops, you might be listing in more then one list. Multiple adress and different phone numbers can lower your rank in the local listing. So sign into your Google account and claim the listing. You will need to require verification  by phone and you can fix wrong information.

And remember to add all your great text that will make your listing stand out 🙂



After your have claimed your local listing – you will have to make sure that it will show for the keywords that make sense for your shop. So select the appropriated categories or make your own. This is a huge part of SEO for your local listing.

You will have to pick one category that is provided by Google. But you are in control of the rest. So if you are selling coffee on Manhattan. Make a categories like “coffee for sale” or “Irish coffee”


Use of keywords

When you are writing the business description – it should contain your keywords as well as your marketing text. Make your description unique and use your keywords in a natural way.


PS PS… I was just told that in order to effectively optimize for local buisness – you have to add your place/lacation along with your keywords in the description as well as in the categories..  well I still learn too 🙂

So if your shop or local shop is not on Google local listing – you gotta do that now. Get the traffic going, the leads and the customers to your shop. Today. Good luck.




buybacklinksGetting thoses damm backlinks…

Okay I admit it – getting theses backlinks kan be very very very anonning and frustative. Why dont we have a program to click on – and then we have 10.000 backlinks… hmmm

Maybe the most important single issue in SEO is backlinks. Links are making up around 50 precent of the ranking. So no excuses – are you ready for this? 1-2-3 here we go…
And by the way – there is no easy way folks. Sorry for that 🙂

I will tell you and show you different things you can do to get thoses damm backlinks.


  1. Start a blog. You problerly know much more about your produkt then your viewers and customers. Post regularly and be sure its great content. Sorry folks I told you – no easy way righ
  2. From your blog you gotta link to other blogs. Thats the way to be noticed on the internet. Be active.
  3. You can get your blog listed in some of the best blog directories ( In the end its about getting attention out there.
  4. Be active on other blogs. When other bloggers are reading your article and post some of them will link to your blog.
  5. If you link to other blogs remember to write a mail to them telling them – some of them will link back to your blog.
  6. Remember to tag your posts. It will help some of the seach engine to notice what its all about

Free linking

  1. Get onto Google Groups ( seach for your service og produkt and answer some quastions – and yes remember to answer with links to your website.
  2. Do the same with Yahoo! Answers ( Again remember the links every time you post an answer.
  3. Do you know the Squidoo page ( Set up a topical page and link to expert documents and useful tools. And yes remember to create a link back to your site.
  4. I love number 4 here – if you have a good advice or another free website to use pls send the link back to me and I will update this post. Thx
  5. Remember to go to Wikipedia ( and write about your company. You can also go to other artikles that is relatate to your industry and company and try to make links to your website from there too. If you are in the Energy business go to seach the organisations your companies are involved with and try to make links to your company from there.
  6. Put up an artikel on your website and submit your story to Digg ( with links back to the story on your website.

Wow folks… I havent even got started yet. Grab some coffee. Ready? 1-2-3 ….. lol

Pay Per Click

  1. When you use PPC like Google Adwords you will get peoples attention. Some of the people would never had visit your site without the add. So grab the attention, maybe try to make them sign up for a newsletter. Maybe some of them will link back to your site or blog. YES YES YES I know… I really dont like PPC so much – but sometimes it can be usefull – right?

Freebies and giveaways – Contests

  1. In my younger days (yes I have been younger) I didnt like contests. But now I love them – and why? Because they works. A good 200 or 300 dollars prize can generate thousands of links. Make your contest so people will share your link – use a Facebook contest or …
  2. Make yourself an expert by providing a lot of tools for your customers. They will return to you when they need a link. Some will link to your page because they wanna show everybody where to find the good tools. (oh boy I need to do that too on this blog).
  3. Tell your viewers that if the give you some feedback they will get something. Maybe a whitepaper … or a 7 steps to ….. book.

Do you want me to stop now? No? Okay … the coffee is still hot?


  1. We are all listlovers. No no no not all – I know. But most people love lists. So build a top 7 list, or top 10 list or 100 ways to…. People love to list to thoses. (hmm should I have made this as a huge list? – damm when will I ever learn)
  2. Build a 99 or a 101 list
  3. Build a list with 10 myths for your category
  4. Get a guru or expert to show your authority

Local links and business links

  1. Get link from your local chamber of commerce
  2. Find relevant city and state govermental site where you can submit your link
  3. Sometimes the local library has a useful web site
  4. Check if your business parnters wanna put a link on their website to your site

Sorry folks now its time for the coffee… but there are plenty more posibilities regarding getting links back to your site. So the next article will continue this article.


secretSo you wonder how Google calculates its ranking right?

Well here it is – it’s for you – and the best part is that it’s FREE.

Well I have to be honest to you – I don’t have it from Google. The percent is taken from a 72 SEOs surveyed for SEO moz’s biennial search ranking factors. But it’s getting very close to the real thing.

So lets run through the algorithm because it’s so very important to everything we are going to do with SEO.

First of all did you see that “Link Popularity of the specific page” and “Anchor Text of External Links to the Page” together makes up for around 42 percent of the ranking. Yes you read it right. That’s why link building is so important.

That’s why all the SEO people keep running around shouting about getting links to your page. And that’s why we will pay high attention on links and getting those backlinks. I will tell you much more about what to do later on.

Google Algorithme, Google Ranking

How Google calculates the ranking of websites

And did you also see the growing importance of social media. The links coming from social media are very important for the ranking. Here its over 5 percent. And that is also links. So over half of the ranking on Google is about links


On page keywords usages

Another interesting thing is the onpage keywords usages are only 15 percent of the ranking. So no matter how much effort you are doing to write your keywords into the text, make the picture tag making extra pages with the keyword – it only counts for 15 percent.

Of course 15 percent is a lot too – and if your keywords is not on the page you will have a problem. So we still have to work with the on page keywords.


Traffic and CTR data

And yes – traffic is important. Websites with a lot of traffic must be more important than websites without or with less traffic.

And the CTR (click through rate) it’s important. How many times are your website shown in searches compared to how many time people are clicking on your link.

That’s why you have to work with the meta description even though its not really important in the ranking – but make people curious so they just have to click on your link.

Well.. Now its time for some coffee..


twitterWell I will tell you about a strategy that works. A strategy that will give you traffic.

This is all about how to get Twitter followers and targeted traffic from Twitter.

It’s no good just to have a Twitter account and maybe post something from time to time. You will need this – A Twitter Strategy.

Okay …. I will stop writing about what I am going to write about … and get to the point…. Are you ready? Okay here we go…


First of all.. Why do you need Twitter?

First of all it can give you maybe the largest referral traffic source.

Your competitors – I am sure – are already using it. So if you are not using it you are behind already.

But it can also potentially help you to get higher ranking in Google and Bing for the regular organic searches – yes its true 🙂


First thing first… How to get followers

You will need to get not only traffic – but you also need to get the right kind of traffic. Relevant traffic.

The best way to get followers is to follow the same kind of people. So type in your keywords and check out the people and start to follow them.

Take another keyword and do the same again.

After you have done this with some of your interest and keywords – check out your competitors. Who do they follow? Then start to follow your competitors followers too.

Very easy right?


But but but but ….

There’s always a but – lol. The maximum amount of followers you can follow is 2000.When you get to 2000. You will have to wait until your followers also reaches 2000.

After that you can get 10 percent higher . That’s it 2200 – and then wait again until your followers reach 2200.

There is no limit of maximum number of Twitter followers, who can follow you.

So when you reach 2000 you will have to unfollow the people that don’t follow you back !! This way you get the relevant traffic.


So here is a working plan for you

One of the most important things in the Twitter strategy is to do it the professional way. So… The first week you will add about 300-400 every day. But in the weekend you will remove those people that don’t follow you back.

Just to add people is easy – but it’s important you remove the people that don’t follow you back.

There are some tools you can use – check out TweetAdder. With this program you can use to unfollow, but you can also use to schedule your tweets, search for potential followers and a lot more. Try it 🙂


Next step in your Twitter strategy is to get more accounts

This way you can get 5 times as many followers then just with one account. So do it.

If you are selling used cars – you can have an account about used cars, one about cars, one about ford cars, one about Toyota etc..

Now its time to tweet

If you have been on Twitter you know the problem – how to get noticed. There are so so so many tweets out there right?

Okay a good strategy is to tweet in blocks. So every time you are going to tweet make 4 tweets. Your first 3 tweets can be quotes from experts, ideas, news – but in the last of the 4 tweets you make a link to your own blog.

Because its the last one – its the one that people will see first.

Do yourself a favour – dont just do a tweet – have a twitter strategy – and you will get your traffic.



We spend more and more time on the internet. If you have a business you also know that its important what people are saying about you. In the “good old days” we should care about the words of mouth.

Today the words of mouth is must more important. The words of mouth is now online. With the social media – people can start a rumor about you or your business. The rumor can be both good or bad.

So the bottom line is that we have to check what people are saying about us – right?  Let me take you on a trip on the internet – and show you 10 free tools that can help you to monitor your online reputation… Here are 6 free software you can use. Enjoy.


Google Alert
The Google Alert will automatically notifies you when there are new content from news, web, blogs, video and/or discussion groups matches your set of search terms. The notification can be sent to you by email, as a web feed or to be displayed on your iGoogle page.
You decide the frequency of checks for new results. You can choose between “once a day”, “once a week” or “as it happens”.
Great Tool – I just made an alert for “SeoCustomer”.


googlealert e










This is one of the most popular search engines of blogs. The conversation can be monitored because millions of blogs are indexed on a real time basis. So go to Technorati and subscibe to a RSS feed and check out if somebody its talking negative about you or your company.


technorati e



















Do forget Twitter. One of the biggest social networks on the internet. Twitter is a must like Facebook and Google+. You can search this site or subscribe their RSS feed to monitor what people are saying about you or your company.

twitter e


















Here you can check what people are saying about you on a real time basis. You really have to check this tool out. Awesome. Its also has a RSS feed. I love this one.


socialmention e


















SamePoint analyses millions of conversation in the social media, and it will let you know if the tone of the conversation is either negative or positive. Its headquartered in New York, NY. The social media sources includes Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and internet Forum.

The awesome part it is that it includes sentiment, and analyzing if the comment is positive or negative based on natural language processing.
Samepoint is an early mover in the real/time data and metrics. And yes its free.


samepoint e















If you ever had been to a website with great content but for some reason lacked something very basic like an RSS feed? Well I have. Page2Rss is a Chrome extension that will allow you to monitor web pages without a RSS feed.


















Social media is getting more and more important. And the word of mouth out there is important for your business. So get you free software and check it out.

Enjoy your day




MonkeyYou got an ide for a business on the website but you are not sure what to call it?

Well the name of your homepage is very importent for Google and the other seach engines. You wanna get a high ranking on your main keywords and the name of the website tells Google and the other seach engines what is importent to you.

In other words – if you wanna get high on the word “SEO” you better be sure that this word is in your name too. But I tell you there is a big competecen for that word. So another way to find your name for your business and your website is to choose 2 or 3 main words.

Then go to Add your 2 or 3 keywords and check out the different combinations that are available :)… Yes I know… its REALLY AWESOME. Try it.

I got my name for this website this way. Let me know if it works for you too.



toolsHere I will collect the most awesome tools you can use to optimize your webesite.

So PLEASE HELP.. tell about the tools in your comments and I will slowly build this page better and better.







Page checker (Free) – Search engine optimization tool for checking the current PageRank from (multiple) sites. (Free) – also a PageRank checker, fast and easy

Do you wanna check if Google has indexed your pages – well here is the tool


Keywords (Free) Keyword Density Checker – really awesome tool

Google Keywords Tools (Free )If you only wanna use one tool. Then its this one. Write a keyword, get ideas, check traffic estimates. There are 2 kind of people in this world – those who love Google Keywords Tools and those who are lying. (Free) Really cool site with an awesome Keyword Density analyzer. Great tool. Try it…. (Free) Extract keywords from any website and create a list of single, double, and triple word keyphrases. (Free) Check a website’s search engine position for multiple keywords.


Links (Free) Wanna check your backlinks, their PR, the score.Great tool (Free) How popular are your site and you can also compare it with 2 other sites.


Social Media (Free) Amazingly fast tool. Analyzes everything from Alexa to Technorati to Compete. (Free) This tool finds you all the backlinks from Twitter to your site. Amazingly quick. (Free) Where are your site mentioned in the social media. Information is gathered from Google blog search, Twitter, Friend Feed, Youtube, Myspace, Flickr, Yahoo Answers, Digg, Delicious, Furl and Reddit.


SEO reports – this program will give tell you excatly what to do to get on the first page on a seach engine. Awesome report (but not free).


googlelogoGoogle is constantly making changes and evolving its algorithm. So a challenge for all working with SEO is to keep up with Google. Let me tell you what happened in January. The biggest change was the “search plus your world” so you will have to take Google+ much more serious now.

But there have been other changes too that will affect your search ranking on Google. Let me give you a short summaries of the other changes here.

Improve detection of recurrent event pages
. Google made several improvement to how they determine the date of a document. Google wanna show fresher and more timely results, specially for pages discussing recurring events.Fresher results – Google made several adjustments to the freshness algorithm that was first released in November. Google want to show the user the freshest, most relevant results.

Auto-complete spelling corrections and better spelling full-page replacement. Google are trying to improve its corrections used in auto-complete. So when I am searching for SeoCustomer Google will show me the results for “Seo Customer”, because Google is sure I am spelling it wrong. Most of the time its a great thing. So Google will automatic show the results for what Google things is the right search.

High-quality sites algorithm improvements with Panda updates. Google is still trying to improve its Panda update that is launched in 2011. So again this is a way to show fresher content.

Cross-language refinements. Google will do a better attempt to auto-detect the language of the original display language. If a user is typing a query in Danish he or she might see Danish query refinements, even if the user language is set to Danish.

English on Google Saudi Arabia. Now the users in Saudi Arabia can more easily choose an English interface to search on


Ready for more ? I will just get me another cup of coffee here.

Okay back..


Imporved image search quality. This is a smaller improvement to Google’s image search ranking algorithm. This improvement will help high-quality landing pages to get higher in images searches.
So remember to tag your pictures with your relevant keywords – right?

More relevant related searches. When you are making a search on Google you will see a section called “Searches related to” at the bottom of the screen. Google has now updates its algorithm for showing more relevant website to the user.


So as you can see Google is focusing a lot of its attention on freshness. So why not make sure you get comments on your page and remember the product reviews from your customer.

And you did read my post about Google+… maybe the biggest change in the history of Google?

Please add me to your Google+ circles. And did you get the free Complete SeoCustomer Guide 2011 with a lot of tips on SEO, SEM, Link Buidling and Social Media Traffic.


Have a great day out there… and as always wishing you all the best