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Followers2Being search is a key requirement of every website and blog. Every website owner wants to generate high volume business web traffic at his or her website and use each and every tip to impress the targeted visitors.

In this way, it is crucial to understand search engine dynamics to find the touch points of your esteemed customers. It will help you in bringing them at your website. There is simply no way other than better presentation, focused approach, and search engine optimization.

You are required to keep your website updated with high quality search engine optimized contents to bring the online surfers at your website, but repeat visits are more important than initial ones.

So, you should implement below given tips to drive stable and organic web traffic at your website.


Stunning Tips to Drive Stable Organic Web Traffic at Your Web Site

  • Update your Website with SEO friendly content, which should be relevant to your Meta description and page description.
  • Don’t change the URL of your website in some haste. At first, try not to change the URL or follow Google’s procedure of URL changing to avoid the ignorance of Google towards your site with the URL.
  • Using duplicate content is a crime, especially if you are targeting high search engine rankings. In case you like to mention the quote of a legend, then put the text in double commas.
  • Albeit, the flash makes the websites beautiful, yet you should say goodbye to this technology for gaining top rankings.
  • Always prefer high quality directories for the submission of your website.
  • The robots.txt should not block the particular URL that should be opened for your visitors.
  • Use intelligently created Meta keywords in your Meta description as well as in web content.
  • Try to have high value links in your website.
  • Always add a text link in the image and icon links of your website.
  • Try to give something to your visitor, even if you are running an affiliate website.
  • Don’t forget to include a site map of your website at the homepage. It helps the Google crawlers to scan the web pages properly.
  • Link schemes can be risky for your website virtual reputation.
  • Add high quality search engine friendly contents in your website to convey the meaningful information to your customers.
  • Always add page descriptions in your website.
  • Install all search engine friendly tools in your website.
  • Keep your search engine optimization strategy updated with recent search algorithms to get the best turnout.
  • Keep the content headings crispy and catchy to grab the quick and lasting attention of your targeted customers. In this way, it is also necessary to post meaningful contents in your website.
  • Take help of article marketing websites.
  • You should write quality articles and publish on the reputed article sites such as
  • Run a blog in support of your website.
  • Publish meaningful articles in your blog to keep the reader interested in visiting your blog.
  • Take help of social media platforms.
  • Create impressive social media networking profiles in support of your website.
  • Integrate all of your social media pages with your website.
  • Always test the usability of your website links.
  • Remove the dead links of your website.
  • Update your Website with new age web management functionalities to ease the tough management tasks.

By following all above bulleted tips of attracting visitors to your website, you will be able to seek the lasting interest of your targeted customers. Though, you should keep following these tips to increase your web traffic regularly.

It has been seen that website owners stop their search engine optimization activities after achieving an optimum amount of web traffic to focus on the real business of website, but it is a self-destructive approach.

Online surfers never come up to a website all of a sudden. A kind of wave touches each online surfer and the interested ones touched the wave back. This is the process of search engine optimization.

Thus, you cannot get the ceaseless cyber traffic, if you are not maintaining the flow of search engine optimization activities.


About Author –  Mike Swan is Internet Marketing Head at Markupcloud, a renowned company offering PSD to Drupal theme conversion and PSD to Joomla conversion services. Author loves to discuss on latest trends of all types of Internet Marketing.



Twitter2There are numerous social networks throughout the online world. For each of them, there is a different audience appeal and application. Every business must be able to understand the full capabilities of their social network and how to employ those abilities in order to generate a quality online presence.

Amongst the social networks, Twitter is one of the most popular social sites for business use, mostly because of its open networking abilities. Anyone can find anyone else so they can see or listen to what they have to say. And while this social site has already gained great appreciation, there is one other beneficial tool that many users overlook.

This often overlooked tool is your “favorite” function. Normally we would use this to simply save a clever quote, an important resource, or even a thread that is noted as something to remember. It proposes a simple job, to store what you enjoy, but there is another far more effective way to utilize this basic tool.

When people visit your Twitter page, they see your stream along with a background, the groups you follow, and those who follow you. But, they also see your favorites which are commonly the things you pay the most attention to. So ask yourself: what is it that you pay attention to? Shouldn’t it include the positive things people say about you as well as trending topics?

Consider that these favorites could be used as third-party testimonials. This is a great way to build a recommendation wall for your business. When people mention you or discuss you in topic, this is a great opportunity to capture a testimonial. Eventually, threads dissipate and old tweets disappear, but not if you favorite them. Favorite the people that say something positive about you- be it an article, comment, product, service, or book. When your name appears, don’t just respond to it- save it as a testimonial. Another advantage is that you can later re-tweet it or share it on other social sites like Facebook or reference them in a blog.

Twitter’s favorite function can basically be used as a testimonial resource, making it an excellent candidate for word of mouth marketing. When others talk about you, it’s stored on your wall to endorse your professionalism and capabilities. With Twitter’s open network, it is possible for anyone to see these recommendations, especially if someone is researching you for a future business prospect. You can let others speak for you because what they have to say tends to have far more influence than all the finessing you alone could manage.

There are plenty of social networks out there where an open audience discusses the things that interest them. Along with these networks are tools that can be employed to accumulate testimonials on them. Always keep your eyes and ears open and be innovative when it comes to utilizing these outlets. This opportunity shouldn’t be passed up, so put it to use today and start building your recommendation wall on Twitter.


Author: Maria Elena Duron, is CEO (chief engagement officer) of – a word of mouth marketing firm. She helps create conversation, connection, credibility, community and commerce around your brand. Maria Duron is co-founder  and moderator of #brandchat – a weekly Twitter chat focused on every aspect of branding that is recognized by Mashable as one the 15 Essential Twitter Chats for Social Media Marketers.




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Twitter is becoming an increasing important source for traffic for many websites. I get around 10 percent of my traffic from Twitter. Maybe you are showing how many followers you have on your website – but why not show a picture of all your followers? And why not make it dynamic because a lot of people will unfollow you every day and new people will start to follow you.

BigDataGoogleA common issue that most businesses face is storing and using Big Data in an appropriate manner.

Capturing and extracting the right information from data is a challenging task that needs to be pre-planned. That’s why companies try their level best to get things in order in relation to big data.


What is Big Data exactly?

In layman terms, it refers to gigantic data sets that are analyzed by companies to make better decisions. Why is Big Data an important issue in today’s world?

  • Social media platforms generate a lot of data that falls into the public domain. Millions of social network users have a lot of information that can be used by companies to understand customer requirements. Big Data collected from such a source can prove to be highly useful in the near future.
  • Institutional data has slowly become more accessible to companies. This transparency has given Big Data a huge boost. A lot of companies are beginning to understand the need for openness and this will only result in more data that can be processed for better information.
  • Nowadays a lot of people are turning towards cloud storage. This migration has helped increase the amount of data that is stored “offshore”. Cloud storage management plays a huge role in Big Data assessment.


Google and Big Data

As we all know, Google is the largest search engine online and the company is no stranger to big data. In fact, Google has reached such staggering heights because it has been analyzing Big Data for years. This has resulted in helping users with the right kind of information whenever required.

As a company, you need to take a leaf out of Google’s book and consider Big Data to be the next big thing.


How to use big data

Search engine algorithms use Big Data in order to bring up relevant results. This means you need to go back to the basics in order to gain exposure now. Fresh content is what the search engines are looking for.

You might think that your company is not massive enough to handle big data. Giants like Google, Amazon, etc. can afford to do so. However, this kind of an attitude will leave you behind. Imagine analyzing your data and coming out with information about customers that you didn’t know in the past. Big Data is a virtual gold mine just waiting to be discovered.


Discovering micro-markets

Organizations selling products and services can benefit a lot from big data. By sifting through and combining various data sets, these companies can now formulate strategies based on the information they’ve extracted. The next question is: are you prepared to make a decision based on such data?

Traditional forms of selling models involved making decisions based on historical or current performance. However, by changing this attitude, your company will be able to tap into markets that were undiscovered in the past.


Analyzing Big Data properly

Companies might be looking at Big Data with a lot of interest, but their employees might not have the skills to make sense of so much unstructured information. Mathematical reasoning and a will to experiment are what you need in your organization. This will help in the proper analysis of big data.

Since employees will be dealing with large data sets, they must be able to see the bigger picture. Making the right connections is what data literacy is all about. If you hire employees who have such skills, then your company will surely handle the Big Data wave in the right manner. Proper training of the right individuals could also make a crucial difference.


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Legimate Link BuildingToday, SEO of any standard seems to be incomplete without the integration or the interference of Social Media. Social Media when integrated with your other promotional activities does a world of good to your blog’s goal.

There are many ways you can use different Social Media networks to promote your website. One among them is link building. The following are the list of social media sites you can use for passing link authority apart from usual community benefits.  While some help you build huge traffic, the others help you gain value through its authority.



Mixx helps you pass authority easily. The social media site can be used to good effect to rank high in the Search Engine Results Page. Being a growing community, Mixx makes it easy to interact and promote websites. For a startup blog or website, Mixx is just a great tool.



Digg provides authority from the stories submitted. Being a popular social network medium today, Digg has all the strength it takes to promote your blog. Adhering to the terms and conditions on the official Digg website will help you promote your website better.



LinkedIn needs no introduction and is certainly one of the best places to promote your website. The social website has some fascinating features, which you would not find in any social media network. By featuring pictures and videos, LinkedIn helps in indexing links and passing authority.



Hugg, like Digg, focuses on a variety of environmental issues. It is capable of passing authority and crawling. So Hugg is yet another tool in your list. Use Hugg to good effect and you will see your page ranking rise in no time. Some social media tools are silent achievers. Hugg is one of them.


Indian Pad

As the name suggests, the above mentioned site is the most popular websites targeting the Indian community. Here, links are indexed, easy to crawl and pass the authority. Indian Pad popular features News from different categories and Technology.


Mister Wong

Mister Wong is a favorite social network to many. It’s a social bookmarking site that is ranked no 6 and it invites do follow links.



Yet another social bookmarking site with high page rank. Backflip allows links that can be crawled and also helps in passing authority to your target site.



Swikis a clean and trustable social bookmarking site with a high page rank. The back links gained from these pages are authoritative. This community is open for developers and programming enthusiasts.


Mylink Vault

 Mylink Vault features user-friendly tools and clean interface to provide your site better online visibility.


When do these social networks come into play?

The above mentioned social media networks are extremely useful, especially when you are a starter and when you use them in the right way. Try these tips to help yourself with your social media activities.


1. Keep track of what people comment on your competitor’s blog

By keeping track of what people comment on your competitor’s blog, you will be able to determine what works best. You can also learn new ways to promote your blog or know what people are interested in. This will also give you an insight on which of your products is popular among online buyers.


2. Keeping in touch with people keeps you active all the time

Being a member of a common social media platform can help you in keeping yourself updated all the time. Information and News, which otherwise could have been unknown to you, may be gathered when keeping in touch with people with similar interests.

As you see, social media integration just cannot be ignored if you are going to succeed in your online business.


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AuthorMost webmasters around the world would accept that the whole process of search engine optimization (SEO) is largely skewed towards complying with Google and its web policies.

This is primarily due to the fact that Google has become a supreme power that rules the web, prevailing from search listings to online advertising services, and many more.

Every action that Google executes reverberates across the online world, which is a testament to its dominance in the space. But one cannot undermine the fact that Google’s actions are taken with only two things in consideration, to appease its loyal user base and cement its stature as a quality service provider.


A recent development from Google is its ‘Authorship’ identity, which according to it enhances writer identity and minimizes spam activities.

In the SEO arena, the manner in which Google has created and sustained author tags in HTML and its usage has generated a lot of popularity and interest in the writers circle, mainly because it permits them to tag their work thereby providing insights to the reader about the writer and also reflecting legitimate work.

In today’s age of the paramount importance of the internet branding business, content development is at the forefront of all the activities conducted in a web-oriented business.

When a writer is instrumental in creating blogs or any other form of web content, author tags is an assured route to gaining acknowledgement and credibility in this revolutionary internet marketing trend.

Google is playing a crucial role here as it permits authors to associate their online content to their profile on Google Plus.

Your badge can include your particulars such as your name and preferably also a picture of yourself. Details such as these enable an element of authenticity, connection and readability with the writer and his content.

Also if someone is particularly interested in your kind of writing you could get added to their circle on Google+. This will enable them to simply read more of your work no matter where they have been sighted and also serve as a positive personal branding mechanism.

This complete sequence can osculate into an incontestable medium for SEO.


The purpose of author tags

The entire purpose of author tags is that the work that you have done which is all over the internet now has a profile, thereby enabling global visibility.

So even if you are a writer that does not write very often, you could still include the tag to your name within the content. For the few or many who wonder how to include these tags on your content is in reality a relatively simple process.

Once a writer is done writing on any topic that excites them, they can add then include their unique attributes in a link that will be redirected to their profile. Some of the primitive writing that you may have done also gets the author tag.

Content authentication has been a service that creative writers and authors alike have been longing for. In the age that we are in anyone is capable of falsely claiming that a particular article is their original piece of work and some of the stalwarts in journalism have indulged in such acts, leave alone the ones striving to carve a unique identity by penning their thoughts and views.

Given this crude reality, this new rage called an author tag serves to authenticate your work, build your individual brand, enhance your reputation online and help you penetrate global markets.

This new phenomenon that continues to cause ripples is easy to establish and with Google backing it, you can be rest assured!!




Andrea Walters, a freelance writer for – The Lowest-Priced Satellite TV in America. Click here


GuestPostingGain more weight from the search engines. SEO has changed a lot in the past year due to the updates the big G has rolled out, but other links from blogs or websites that are relevant to yours still does gain a lot of weight from search engines and is still liked by them. Make sure you gain links from different C-class IP’s rather than all from the same server to mix it up a little bit.

Gets a lot more traffic from a range of sites. One of the major benefits of guest posting is to gain free flows of traffic from all of the websites you have managed to get your link on. If the readers like what you have wrote they will follow your link in the bio or article itself. Of course this will only happen if your content is engaging and very informative.

Obtain more followers via Social Media. Neally every website has a form of social media on it so readers can easily forward it onto friends and share out the information they are reading. The article you write for website’s will be shared out and passed on via social media platforms, only if your article is interesting of course!

Build a network of people. Lots of bloggers do not bother with this and see other bloggers within their niche as enemies and just competition. Experienced bloggers have a much different perspective and actually befriend those within their own niche, this can be for guest posting reasons and has been known to go even further for some and turn into very prospective business relationships.

Build subscribers. Use the power of guest posting to create masses of prospectors on your Email list and send them updates of products and services.

Don’t hide your social interests. Displaying social proof that you are trying to build a community as well as an informative website is a great thing as social media is becoming more and more common on the internet and people like to interact and talk to each other.

7 Allow readers to hear a different voice. Get rid of the mindset of guest posters stealing your traffic! sometimes it is great for your readers to hear another voice or a second opinion. I mean let’s face it, if the website is all the same person and the same voice it basically becomes a digital book!

Become an authority. You want to become very knowledgeable within your niche, become the place where people go for answers to their questions. Guest posting allows you to do this by sharing your knowledge on other’s websites and building your authority.

Gain relevant, free, unique content. Weather you are busy one weekend or would like to take a 2 week vacation, why not grab a few guest posts and schedule them for automatic posting? You will still capture your readers interests and be giving your blog fresh content.

Increase your income. As a publisher you can increase your income by offering affiliate products, adsense banners on your blog from Google or charge for guest posting (Last ones not very good). A lot of bloggers use this stream of income to pay for the hosting, domain name and running costs of the website.


Author: Jeremy owns a Birmingham SEO company and shares his interests in the SEO field online with others.


BigDataBig data is defined as a collection of data sets created by users and machines alike. These data sets are not only created by users, but also by satellites, GPS, sensors, automated response and many more.

All this data is aggregated as one to form a data set. The size of these data sets can only be measured in quintillion bytes. The challenge that big data presents IT organizations with is that it becomes hard for managed data centers to organize, sort and manage these large boulders of data.

On the flip side, they also present organizations with a lot of unexplored business opportunities.


Big Data is the trend

Big Data is the trend in IT these days that’s making quite a thunder. It is undoubtedly one of those rare mushrooming technologies that encompass not only the scope but also the intricacy.

All around us there seems to be a data flood of sorts and at the nucleus of it all is Big Data. Anyone who is anyhow associated with any avenue of IT is trying to analyze this big one.

To put it in comprehensible terms Big Data is an assimilation of humongous data listings, tables and information that is highly complex in nature and it is this multiformity that makes it a tedious task for data management tools to derive at a logical conclusion.

Google deals with many layers in their varied centres that collect data, and needless to say there are a host of things that can probably head the wrong way.

There could be a sudden machine meltdown, a router collapse, a hard drive malfunction or any other unexplained breakdown and therefore it becomes imperative that the software employed should spell allegiance and dependability.

The hardware fallout in the form of lethargic machinery, loss of information and so on can be dealt with by replication.


Two mechanisms

Google mainly employs two mechanisms to withstand latency, namely cross request and within request adaptation.

The former scrutinizes behavior that occurred recently thereby manipulating future appeals, whereas the latter mechanism deals with the uninclined subsystems in purview.

It was in the year 2004 that Google released a white paper titled Map Reduce, which was deemed to be a programming pattern that helps process large data clusters. Over the years, Google has shrewdly equipped itself with advanced programs and patterns to manage future surge in big data.

For Google to be able to efficiently handle the voluminous amount of information or data, they employ many services, namely Big Table, Map Reduce and Cluster Scheduling System.

These services that Google uses helps them to resolve varied issues, however they carry the risk of bringing to the fore many cross cluster problems. Google has therefore armed itself with what they have constructed to be called a “Spanner”.

This is a storage mechanism for large volumes of data and this prevails across all of their data centres. The ‘spanner’ has been uniquely designed in a way that aids continuous duplication across all the data centres.

Dapper is a tool used by Google to enable them to supervise on a continuous basis as well as debug. Each server that is up and running aids monitoring, debugging and online profiling.


Deep Learning

In recent times, Google has been doing some work on providing a foundation for deep learning. Deep Learning is a branch of algorithms that automates deriving substantial sense from raw data.

It picks information from both marked and unmarked data and contains many Central Processing Units.

The adventurous phenomenon called the Big Data is revolutionizing the data is talked about and handled. Companies are going to great lengths and breaths to collate, interpret and store the massive volumes and Google as a forerunner is doing a rather amazing job at handling their big data.


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