13 Elements Your Homepage Must Have

Homepage Elements HubSpot Infographic smallIs it time to do a redesign of your homepage?

You might consider how you can make a redesign of your homepage so you can generate more leads than you do now. There are a lot of critical elements you need to incorporate into your homepage.

You need to tell your customers about their benefits from buying your product. But most of the people on the internet will only spend up to 10 second on a homepage before going to another page. So you will have to be very clear about  your design.


Make a Goal

Don’t make a homepage without a goal. Do you want to sell something? Or do you want people to sign up for your newsletter? I think around 80 percent of all the homepage I have seen don’t have any call to action.

What is the benefit for them to buy your product? What are the features of the product?

Remember you don’t have a long time to persuade your customer. Here you can read more about Call-to-Action.


13 elements your homepage must have from SeoCustomer.com


What is your keyword

Remember your audience is people – so don’t write for the SEO. But don’t forget the SEO either. So before writing your text – I would write my main keyword down on a piece of paper. Remember to use this keyword in your headline, subtext, image tag… But remember to let the text flow. Don’t overuse the word.

When I do a page I would have a main keyword but also a second keyword. So the main keyword could be “used car” but the second one could be “exclusive used cars”

But I will use maximum 2 keywords or keywords phrases on a page. Here you can read more about how to find your keywords.


Do people trust you?

Maybe the people who have found your site don’t know your company and they don’t know your product – so how can they trust you?

Well – remember to tell them that – “you are not alone”. Maybe 12.000 people have bought the product the last 5 years. Tell them.

Write down your physical address. It will show your customers that you are serious. Read more about trust here.


No standard pictures

Never use standard pictures. We all hate standard office pictures (well most of us).

Show the real faces of the people working in your company. Get an accept from some of your customers and take pictures of them. This will tell your potential customer that you are a real and they can trust your website.


Your company is your design

If people don’t know you or your company – they will only know you from the website. So if you made a cluttered website people will think that your business is messy. Can you really manage your products?

Read more about design and usability here.


Homepage as the landing page?

You should always use a specific page as the landing page – and not the homepage. But your homepage is your front door, so no matter what you do a lot of people will meet your company on your homepage.

And often the home page does a very poor job of generating leads or sales.

Your home page will get traffic from a lot of sources and from people with a lot of different goals. Somebody is looking for your phone number, somebody is looking for a job, a lot of people want to read about your products.


12 + 1 critical elements every homepage must have

I found this infographic at HubSpot. It will give you a great input to your new design.

But things are moving fast in this internet world – so I want to add one more element. Don’t forget to add the social media. Let people connect to you  and let them share your page.

Homepage Elements HubSpot Infographic


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Well … I might have to change my design soon. hmmm

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