12 ways to get subscribers to your blog

We all want traffic to our blog right? More traffic means more page views, more visitors, higher ranking. Higher ranking means more traffic.

If you are selling something higher traffic means more sale… Okay you get the idea – I better stop now… I need more subscribers too. So I better listen to myself too lol.

1) Remember to tell people to subscribe. Make it easy for people to find your subscribe button. Many people don’t have much time to browse your website so it’s important that your readers know that there is a way to subscribe to your blog – and then you will be amazed to see he results.

2) Placement.
Place your subscribe icon where its very visible. Don’t make people scroll down the page. It should stay at the top.

3) Write great content. If you focus on writing great useful content you will get subscribers 🙂

4) Action. Make a call for action. Tell them to subscribe now before its too late. Before you are closing your e-mail free entering. A strong call for action.

5) Why. Tell the people why you want them to sign up. What will they gain. Will they get the news before other people. Free testing. Free PDF of the articles. A free giveaway to people that sign up – will do wonders for you.

6) Get traffic. Oh yes. You will get a lot of traffic to your site. The more traffic the more people will sign up on your mailing list.

7) Big is beautiful. Or size matters. Lol. Make the icon you what people to sign up for biggest. So if you are mostly interested in getting people to like your Facebook page make that icon biggest. If you want people to sign up for your mailing list make that one biggest. Don’t be afraid to use graphics to get peoples attention. It’s not all a matter of great design. It’s a matter of getting people to sign up.

8) Make it easy. Make it easy for people to sign up. No matter if people are on the front page or reading your latest article – make it easy for them to sign up.

9) Have a dedicated subscription page and focus your promotion on that page. Instead, use your internal linking. That will lower your bounce rate too.

10) Use the Elvis trick. If you have 50.000 subscribers tell people that 50.000 subscribers can’t be wrong. If you have 1.000 saying the same. Make it visible that people like to subscribe and that they get value from you.

11) Use your normal email effectively. When you are writing an email to somebody – remember to say “PS – you can subscribe to my blog here seocustomer.com/mailinglist” or whatever your sign up page is called.

12) Use your social media. Remember to tell your Facebook likes and you Linkedin friends that they can sign up for your newsletter. Use all your contacts.

Pyha… I have to get my mail list going now I can see. One more cup of coffee and then I will do a mailing list too. Doing this week I will make a subscribe list for SeoCustomer.com so come back and check it out later on 🙂