How You Can Check Plagiarism In An Article?

Author Bio: The article is written by Lisa Britne, the marketing manager for Classic PDF Editor, which specializes as PDFconversion and PDF Editing features.


Plagiarism a common Practice
Nowadays, Plagiarism has become very common. In order to save time and gain marks, people (students) do plagiarism.

After doing plagiarism, for the time being students feel relax that their task has been done/submitted. But in a longer run, these students actually deceive themselves.

At first students feel proud that they have copied someone’s task or project but later on it cost them so much. Secondly, so many plagiarism checking tools have been launched in the market.

So, you cannot easily do plagiarism. But here in this article, we will mainly stress about, how to check plagiarism or how to find plagiarism?


Different Tools to detect Plagiarism
Most of the plagiarists depend upon the ambiguity and the immensity of the internet, so that they may hide their activities.

Though, morally they know that, they were doing wrong and show boldness at that time. But still they are much confident that no one can learn/judge about their misuse of the work. But the plagiarists are totally wrong; they do not know that there has been a rapid change in the science and technology from the last one decade.

Their plagiarism can easily be detected by the help of different tools. Though, internet has become very fast but it is very well indexed that, you can easily spot the plagiarized content.


How Google Searches can help you?
As a writer, if you are looking for copycats then Google perhaps can be your best friend. Google has an enormous database of sites. Google can search almost every kind of document (including Doc and PDF). By the help of it, you can easily track down the infringements.

In order to make a successful Google search, never use a title of your work. Because, it is a common practice that many plagiarists only change the title of your task but the rest of the body/content remains same.


Statistically Improbable Phrase (SIP)
The best way of checking the plagiarism is to search “statistically improbable phrase” (SIP) in your task. A good SIP ranges between 6-12 words. It is totally unique to your work.

First, you should try to put SIP in quotes. If no matches found in that case, then go for without the quotes to extend your search.

If your work is posted online and no search works then it means Google has not indexed your site properly. In that case, you should wait for some days and try again later on. But in case, if the result is shown, then your task is to look closely at each individual link that does not belong to your site (from somewhere else). By checking each and every link, first make sure it that, this is your task.

So at the end, I will conclude in that way that Plagiarism can be easily detected by the help of some powerful tools.

There are so many free tools; by using them you can check the plagiarism of the content. Plagiarism Checker is one of them. It checks all the possible plagiarism and returns you the result.





























Author Bio: The article is written by Lisa Britne, the marketing manager for Classic PDF Editor, which specializes as PDFconversion and PDF Editing features.



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