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Wow.. I get a chance now to talk about myself.
The last 3 years I was living in New York City (Well it was New Jersey). Now I am back in Denmark. So if you think there are a lot of wrong spelling its because Danish is my first language. 
My passion is search engine optimization. I love everything with marketing and the Internet. I have education in marketing and Internet from Denmark and from New York University. I have a bachelor and master in marketing. I have an education and have been working as a professional desktopper.
At New York University I was studying Internet Marketing Strategies, Digital Strategy Strategies, Advanced Search Engine Marketing Strategies, Google Advertising Professional (GAP) certification (Google AdWords) and Analyzing Consumer Behavior.
I have been working with big Danish companies with Google AdWords and SEO. And I just love SEO. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog (You can read some site info at Alexa).
All the best to you… You can also reach me at email – henrikseocustomer@gmail.com.
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Yours Henrik

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