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10 Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

When you’re looking for a platform to use for your blog or website, WordPress is going to be one the first options that you’ll see. Many people, myself included, will tell you that it’s also the best choice for both beginners and veteran users. It’s the perfect balance between user-friendly interface and accessibility for advanced users.


How to Create a Monstrously Successful Blog

At this point, it probably seems like every business and random person you’ve ever met has a blog. There’s a good reason for this: blog posts dramatically raise a website’s SEO profile, and they make it much easier to be quickly indexed by Google. However, simply having a blog isn’t enough to guarantee solid results. Fortunately, there are a few proven steps you can take to create a blog that is monstrously successful.

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10 SEO Tools You Must use in 2016

Improving on SEO practices is something that most businesses constantly work on. The data returned from SEO-rich content displays what consumers enjoy viewing and what does not keep their attention. The content must be engaging and it must start with a headline that makes them want to read the content presented. Using these tools, your brand’s SEO performance will help meet company growth and sales goals.